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What are the best free WiFi network managers and programs for Windows PC? List 2022

Today, one of the biggest concerns of Internet users, is to be a victim of all those intruders who access your WiFi connection and steal your bandwidth. Therefore, they proceed to look for optimal solutions that allow them avoid this type of inconvenience and from which they can ensure that no third party steals their Internet, without any permission.

For which, the famous programs or tools that allow easily manage and administer WiFi networks. Thus, through them, it will be very easy to monitor, limit and even block the traffic of a certain network both at the user level and also at the application or protocol level. They are even ideal to know if the signal has a lot of interference, if the provider is not providing the promised bandwidth and of course, to check that someone else is stealing your Internet.

So, in order for you to have full control of all the characteristics of your network, including its access codes; it is valuable to know what are the best alternatives for it. Reason why, below, we will specify several of the programs available to manage your WiFi networks from a Windows computer, free of charge.

List of the best programs to detect and manage free WiFi networks in Windows

Just as they allow you monitor and manage WiFi networks from your computer, this type of tools and / or programs are ideal for easily control all aspects of your network, such as MAC addresses, SSID, passwords, speed and all the information that is transported through it. Which, will result a signal of optimum quality and free from intrusion.

Therefore, if you want to surf the net at the highest possible speed and with all the peace of mind you deserve, even discover other powerful WiFi networks; We recommend making use of any of the following solutions of interest for your Windows PC, from now on:

Virtual WiFi Router

If, on the other hand, what you prefer is to manage your WiFi network in order to share your connection with other devices easily, this program is the one that you must install on your PC. Which offers you the simplicity of transform your computer into a WiFi access point for other devices that are nearby. Which means that when you get this tool, your PC will operate as a hotspot in charge of distributing the signal as a WiFi network.

Now, among its most important characteristics, we emphasize that it has easy configuration, handles low resource consumption, provides encryption of transmitted data and records activity. Regarding its configuration, it is appropriate to indicate that you will only have to select the modem through which the connection will be shared and voila. It should be noted that, for this you have to have a wireless network card, as well as activating the Sharing function and modifying the properties.

Download Virtual WiFi Router for Windows

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer

This is a program that is only available for Windows 10 and it stands out for having the competence to monitor all the frequencies of your WiFi network and with it, improve and extend the signal significantly. In addition to that, it also performs analysis of your WiFi network for discover its status and even locate the best frequency to transmit the signal.

Taking into account that, one of the biggest conflicts of WiFi connections are based on that parameter, but WiFi Analyzer it allows you access the router and change it easily.

Regarding its operation, once you install the software and enter it, you must choose the region where you are (generally allows you to select the continent). After that, you have to configure what you want and, especially, access its section called “Analyze” to see the free and busy frequencies. Further, from the “Networks” tab, you will be able to know which is the best network to which you have access and optimize your connection quickly.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Baidu WiFi Hotspot

It is a tool that offers you the possibility of transform your PC into a wireless router instantly, so that it works as an Internet access point from which to connect any mobile device you want. In other words, if you do not have a WiFi network and you only have a cable Internet connection, this program It can be very helpful to provide Internet to your smartphones or tablets.

So, for the tool to work properly, it is essential that your computer has a WiFi adapter (in USB format, for example). Thus, once detected, the connection point to which you can link several devices at the same time will be established. Whereas, from the control panel, you can see which are all the connected equipment and even create a black list or block them, if you think it is necessary.

Download Baidu WiFi Hotspot for Windows

WIFI Auditor

WIFI Auditor

Another of the best solutions to manage WiFi networks for free in Windows is WIFI Auditor, which basically works as an ideal tool for discover active WiFi networks, extract their access codes and with this mechanism, it provides you with an Internet connection. Therefore, it is not an alternative to protect your WiFi network, but rather it allows you to connect to others easily, in case you need it.

For its part, this software is responsible for analyzing these WiFi networks before connecting, to know their reliability first. Thanks to this, it stands out for being a simple program to use, apart from offering the possibility of set the connection automatically and also allows enter passwords manually. It is worth noting that it is a tool developed in Java and, therefore, it is essential to have Java installed on the computer so that it works smoothly.

Download WIFI Auditor for Windows


A distribution that has all kinds of tools that are dedicated to auditing the security and reliability of wireless networks, in general terms. In this sense, Wifislax64 has everything you need to work in a Wireless environment and, in addition to that, it provides an optimal solution to those security professionals, through a package of utilities with which the security level can be specified. of a network, easily.

Now, highlighting its most important particularities, we mention that it offers the possibility of carry out auditing actions, as well as maintenance and repair of WiFi networks. Thanks to this, it has been classified as a qualified alternative to optimize the security of Wireless environments at no cost.

Router keygen

Router keygen

In case that due to your bad memory you have forgotten the key of your WiFi network, you can recover it from this software for Windows. Because, holds a long list of routers it supports and thus, it is an excellent solution for numerous users worldwide. In that sense, the program has the ability to calculate the keys of the most common routers, by default.

Logra automatically scan WiFi networks to find available ones and quickly crack password. Therefore, it is worth noting that this tool divides the results into three groups of networks according to your router: “supported”, “probably not supported” and “not supported”; so it proceeds to calculate the key. Among other features, issues automatic wireless network scanning and provides the ability to discover the password manually by entering the network name and Mac address.



When you get the key of any WiFi network you need to access, you will most likely forget it quickly and, because of that, it will be very difficult for you to connect to them later. But, to solve this dilemma, it is advisable to use WirelessKeyView because it is a tool that is able to save the keys of the WiFi networks you enter and, luckily, you do not forget them.

In that sense, by installing this program, you will have quick access to these networks, taking into account that the same program will be in charge of recognize those passwords and save them for a later time. Thus, it presents the particularity of decrypting the access keys to the WiFi networks in which you usually enter and exports all the stored information in various formats (HTML, XML or TXT), plus makes copies of these keys through the clipboard.

Regarding the necessary requirements to be able to use this software, we highlight that they are the following: have a program compatible with ZIP files and understand that the program is safe. Since, if you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, it is likely that it will detect it as attacking software, but it’s not really like that (WirelessKeyView is harmless).

Download WirelessKeyView for Windows

WiFi HotSpot Creator

WiFi HotSpot Creator

If you want to share your Internet connection in a simple way, this is another of the most recommended programs for it. In other words, once you download and install it on your Windows PC, you can expand your wireless network connection without any price.

Therefore, it will emit the required signal for your mobile, tablet or eReader to connect to the network. For its part, the operation of WiFi HotSpot Creator is really simple, since the same software takes care of convert a wireless signal receiving card into a signal emitter.

Which means, it transforms the computer into a wireless signal router, basically. Therefore, once you access the program, simply select a name and password for the signal in play, choose the card from which this signal will be transmitted to have everything configured and ready. Thus, without the need to spend money on a new router, you will enjoy an optimal wireless signal in your home. But of course the computer requires a wireless connection card to successfully send the signal.

Download WiFi HotSpot Creator for Windows

SWifi Keygen

SWifi Keygen

To end this list, we emphasize this program, which consists of a tool with the competence of generate appropriate password dictionaries to be able to access WiFi networks anywhere. Then, once you enter the software and enter certain data based on the network you want to enter, the same tool will take care of producing a dictionary of possible valid passwords for that network.

With regard to the data to be entered from the WiFi network, they refer to the MAC address of the router through which you want to access. Once you provide that information, it will be essential that you have additional software compatible with files compressed in ZIP format, since SWifi Keygen will show the results of those passwords in a text file, in which all the alternatives to be used will be stored.

For its part, even if you suppose that, by such operation, this program may violate certain rules, in reality, the use of SWifi Keygen does not involve any risk. Since, in no case, it will authorize the intrusion into those foreign networks whose access is not authorized in any way.

Download SWifi Keygen for Windows

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