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What are the best Google Slides templates and presentations to make slides like a pro? 2022 list

What are the best Google Slides templates and presentations to make slides like a pro? 2020 list

When it comes to making presentation slides, many users usually adapt to the few options provided by the platform, in this case Google Slides.

But if we investigate a little we can find that on the Internet there are too many tools that allow us to expand the graphic quality of our presentations, and also save a little time in creating them.


This is a very complete article in which we have highlighted a large number of templates compatible with this software. They are undoubtedly instruments that will greatly improve the experience and perception you have of this powerful application.

What are the templates in Google Slides and what can we do with them ?

google slides

The templates in Google Slides are nothing more than premade documents, which means that when we open them they already bring us an established structure, so all we have to do is incorporate the information we want.

These are very useful because allow us to get straight to the point when it comes to preparing a topic for a conversation. Avoiding so that we fall into trivialities and perfectionisms that take away our time when preparing them.

Each template as structured works for a suitable type of themes and varied environments.

List of the best templates and presentations for Google Slides online sorted by styles

According to the styles we have established, here are the most creative, modern, professional, and formal slides that can be obtained on the web.

Choose the templates you like best:

Creative and original templates

Plantillas creativas

In this small list we have placed the 15 most striking and innovative templates that can exist for the creation of «exhibition slides»:

  • Woodville: This is a colorful template that emulates very well a natural and wooded environment, with a palette of blue and green colors, ideal for presentations on nature.
  • Reignier: With 25 different slides all set with an old-fashioned texture, with references to ancient and slightly more modern constructions, this is the best option for Make a presentation on architecture and history.
  • Pisanio: If you choose this option you can let your imagination flow in creating a presentation with yellow and orange tones a bit bright, colorful symbols of creativity and freedom.
  • Nicanor: This is the best choice to prepare a presentation on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, networks, or online entrepreneurship. In addition to those issues related to these technologies and innovations.
  • Juliet: This template is ideal for touching artistic, creative, and modern themes. It is fully customizable and allows you to adapt the only stroke you have with gradient colors or solid colors. Use it to surprise your audience.
  • Iago: This particular model is highly recommended for an exhibition of music, applications, or videogames, as it presents some shades very striking combined in a gradient, which in turn is overlaid by a pattern of hexagonal points. Features all adaptable to your personal brand by changing the colors.
  • Dion: Excellent choice for those who want to talk in a classroom about geography, history, or even travel and they want to do it in an original way. As this model is designed with world map backgrounds that can be customized according to the occasion.
  • Wart: This template has a pattern of triangles with colors that are They alternate in direction up and down, and thanks to the palette of reddish and orange colors, it is a good option to talk about innovation and science technology business.
  • Solanio: Captivate your entire audience with this model that allows us to project peace and growth, thanks to its green tones that emulate the colors of the leaves of the trees.
  • Eglamour: Project all your artistic style by choosing this presentation that has very colorful watercolor textures that you can modify according to the color of your preference.
  • Salerio: This theme is one of the most elegant that we can place on this list, this because it has oblique figures that with the co proper combination of colors chosen by us, will allow us to present ourselves in a very innovative way.
  • Ceres: Attract the attention of your viewers with this great theme set with illustrations Very creative and functional florals for presentations on nature and botany.
  • Wolsey: This professional theme is the idea to project dynamism, since it is composed of several forms geometric with blue and yellow colors, excellent when it comes to showing firmness and creativity. For example presentations on Startups and innovative concepts.
  • Rosalind: Vibrant is the right word to describe this template that allows us to effectively present advertising, marketing issues and innovative trends, thanks to its incredible violet color gradients.
  • Quintus: This template presents a very creative way to exhibit topics about literature, history and education, This is because it is designed under the concept of an open book and the content is placed on its pages. In addition, it is possible to customize the background with your own textures.

Modern style slides

Plantillas modernas

Here we have placed the 15 themes that best fit in this modern and innovative world:

  • Volsce: This theme is one of the most modern and adaptable to the need to present projects, businesses and investments. Well, it’s very elegant due to the gray tones.
  • Silvia: This model has very colorful waves that give a professional and unique touch to your marketing exhibition or digital strategies.
  • Macmorris: Dynamism and innovation are the things you can express to your audience if you choose this option.
  • Lady Mortimer: This theme is excellent for presentations that touch on controversial issues, thanks to her style with an X in the background. Its cross shape and the type of typography used give a very modern and bold look.
  • Cymbeline: With a black and white theme and a professional look, this It is one of the most modern templates to use in business presentations.
  • Basset: Excellent for sharing corporate content and conveying a corporate brand feeling to the audience with authority.
  • York: With a very subtle pattern of icons and blue gradients, this excellent template allows you to present your ideas with great originality.
  • Roderigo: This is an excellent option to illustrate teamwork, innovative marketing strategies and proposals in an exhibition.

  • Nym: Wonderful template for viewers to give your lecture and get a modernist feeling.
  • Laertes: Great and modern way to present Ar speeches with this simple template of solid colors and successful typography.
  • Ragonize: Inspire and transport your listeners with this theme that allows you to upload your own photographs, with in order to tell a true and motivating story.
  • Hecate: Stand out from the other exhibitors with these daring slides when talking about science, technology and mathematics .
  • Florizel: With a feminine and elegant design you can make the best presentations if you choose Florizel. The dialogue bubble sketch makes your content memorable.
  • William: Excellent choice is to make your viewers view your ideas and feeling of your brand.
  • You will go: The best way to convey positive energies with this entertaining template.

Vintage style templates

Plantillas vintage

In this small list we have the 10 best presentations on more specific and specific topics in the vintage style:

  • Christmas: This theme is ideal for the last holiday dates of the year, particularly Christmas, so it is a wonderful option for a warm family presentation.
  • Dion: This follows the theme of world maps and meets the characteristics to touch on themes of history and travel, with textures and backgrounds to captivate viewers.
  • Summer walk: The theme of this model expresses very well the freedom of travel, showing pink tones and a sunny atmosphere, very good option to talk about topics Holiday.
  • Toy Robot: Inspired by a small toy robot, perfect for entertaining a small audience.
  • American flag: This theme has as its wallpaper the flag of the United States, which is a good way to talk about the symbols of the nation.
  • World map: This model presents the background with a scroll that illustrates the world map, therefore it is a good choice when talking about geography.
  • Binoculars: This template is inspired by binoculars that are located in public places for the use of tourists. It allows you to transport your audience to their favorite trips.
  • Pop Corn: If you choose this option you can develop your theme on culture and scenic art of the best shape, thanks to the old-fashioned cinema feel that it provides.
  • Horse riding: By choosing this presentation you can speak with a great range of horses, horse riding and all that This unique sport is in competition.
  • Gunpowder: A great theme set with ancient weapons, it is a wonderful support tool for the exhibition of collectible weapons.

Topics with serious and professional style Plantillas profesionales

In this list we have the most serious topics and adaptable to a professional field, and that you can use to make elegant presentations in your company:

  • Octavia : Use this presentation to convey strong messages professionally and elegantly.
  • Isabella: Create with Isabella attractive and professional presentations in a matter of minutes, with the most elegant typefaces.
  • Helicanus: Wonderful option when it comes to Talk about fashion, travel and hotels. In turn it is very useful to represent your personal brand.
  • Gertrude: This professional template adapts to different exhibition topics, so it is worth having it in the portfolio.
  • Nerissa: This is a design that allows you to adequately represent a corporate identity, without entering into many formalities.
  • Yorick: If you make a presentation with this presentation, you will be able to captivate your audience with the excellent taste of these slides.

  • Viola: Present your messages in the clearest way with this minimalist and professional template.
  • Jourdain: This is a very elegant presentation that allows you to expose With professionalism. It is specially designed to work with different backgrounds or with textures.
  • Ophelia: This theme is perfect to add a feminine touch to your ideas when it comes to to exhibit.
  • Perdita: Express your most creative ideas using this elegant presentation as background. Ideal to talk about corporate and informal opportunities.
  • Lysander: With the best of minimalist and professional designs you can have a presentation that captivates your audience using this template .
  • Eleanor: With dark shades and an aspect that denotes authority you will have the audience in the palm of your hand.
  • Portia: Create a great contrast with what you write on this slide and project your ideas in a professional way for literature and fashion issues. Perfect for your audience to focus on great content without “graphic” distractions.
  • Prospero: Create your support material with this wonderful theme and get everyone your viewers listen to you when speaking.
  • Othello: Among the professional-looking templates we could not leave out Othello, since it meets the appropriate characteristics for a Excellent presentation and credibility of content. It serves for law, literature or history.

Themes with sober and formal style Plantillas formales

For those who have more conservative tastes when it comes to presenting their ideas, here is a small list of special designs:

  • Fortinbras: Excellent topic when talking about justice and ethics, because its composition allows to project confidence and security.
  • Thaliard: This formal design allows to expose in a professional way everything related to numbers, graphs and statistics.
  • Mowbray: Model set with a pixel pattern designed to address topics on the Internet, modern technologies or consulting.
  • Néstor : The simplicity and formality of this design allows you to present messages about science, technology and business in a very clear way.
  • Ulysses: This template provides an adequate environment to clearly present information and improve public retention.
  • Marina: Powerful design to address serious issues and Formal about business.
  • Cerimon: Clean and formal design indicated to talk about medical issues or health issues that require tact.
  • Vicentio: This theme presents the perfect environment for speaking about ethics, justice and rights. You can change the background to a solid, formal color or adapt it to a specific corporate identity.
  • Fidele: Impress your viewers with these clean and well organized slides.
  • Dolabella: The theme of this template allows you to easily talk about art, literature and history. It incorporates backgrounds of paper texture, drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci and classical typography.
  • Warwick: This formal presentation serves to expose a brand with the best identity and trust.
  • Balthasar: Captivate your audience by talking about your company’s numbers, thanks to the decoration of this slide.
  • Cadwal: Excellent template for professional topics, express your ideas in a simple and understandable way.
  • Aemelia: This It is a professional template that has a pattern of transparent icons, all customizable.
  • Banquo: The right theme for work meetings and to formally expose projects.

List of the best types of free Google layout templates to download by uses and utilities

In the following lists we will see the best templates according to the use with which we can use them, these are:

  • For resumes.
  • Infographics.
  • Graphs, statistics and diagrams.
  • World maps.
  • Agenda and organization.
  • Presentation of projects.
  • University exhibitions.

Themes for curriculum

Plantillas de currículum

Here we have the best templates related to looking for work, these will be very useful for the correct presentation of your work skills:

  • Back to school: As the name implies, this template allows you to show all the achievements obtained in the school and in the university.
  • Employment: Excellent template for presenting your skills and getting a good job.
  • Job interview: These slides present the perfect structure to know the strengths and weaknesses of your interviewee.
  • Individual: Create a great presentation that allows you to stand out from the rest, and thereby get the Better job.
  • Businessman in line: Get the most valuable tool to get jobs online.
  • Job opening: This design is correct when promoting a job and attracting new workers to the company.
  • Three doors: Excellent model for voting and election of possible candid atos to a job.
  • Selected candidate: With these slides you can warmly welcome the employee who has met the requirements for a job .
  • Different from others: Similar to the previous ones, with this you can carry out the personnel selection process.
  • Best Employee: If you want to highlight an employee’s resume or reward him for any eventuality, this is the best way to do it.

Infographic templates

Plantillas de infografías

The most effective way to do Internet marketing is through infographics, so here we bring you a list of the best you can find so you can start growing your online business right now:

  • Dice: This is an effective presentation that presents very striking 3D dice, which can be used in various ways.
  • Marketing: A great design that perfectly fulfills the functions of attracting public through social networks.
  • Diagonal: With this Presentation in our portfolio will be much more difficult to fail when attracting customers to our services.
  • Winners: This is the perfect infographic for the evaluation and comparison of results. It also serves to see the relative performance of “X” tool or situation.
  • Literal mind map: This template is excellent for illustrating ideas on a mind map , whose center is a brain in all its splendor.
  • Matrices: With the matrices generated by this infographic, you can design a great marketing strategy that without a doubt will boost your company.
  • Appointments: This infographic allows you to present famous quotes in an attractive way for social networks or for your presentations, in order to capture more public.
  • Medipoint: Wonderful design to talk and present health topics with the best background illustrations.
  • Transitions: This template presents several excellent infographic models to illustrate your ideas in front of the public.
  • Gear diagrams: evokes all kinds of movement, connection and synchrony with this great infographic.
  • Mockups: This is an excellent template for the illustration of ideas and for presenting computer and electronic processes.
  • Pencils : This is an excellent template adaptable to multiple educational topics.
  • Retro: With this model adaptable to any theme you can have an illustrated paper with a vintage style.
  • Demographic infographic: As the name indicates this Infographic is appropriate for the presentation of demographic data in an exhibition.
  • Storre: A multi-use infographic with all the tools to give an excellent public talk.

Templates for statistical graphs

Plantillas de Diagramas y Gráficos

The best way to present statistical data in a presentation is to use graphs, and in this list we bring you the best graphic and diagram templates for your exhibitions:

  • Dumbbells: Use this slide to have a correct representation of the data collected in your studies.
  • Infographics of graphs and diagrams : Of the best we can find in the graphics presentation sector, a different way to see them and that is even more impressive.
  • 4 Years timeline: This presentation allows us to illustrate in a graph the process of anything for 4 years, in order to evaluate its growth or decline.
  • Line of time: Similar to the previous one, but with a little more freedom in the illustration and time settings.
  • Business reports: Very useful design when presenting the performance and performance of a company to its superiors.
  • Pie chart: Here we have a very good model for the evaluation and presentation of opportunities in the different market sectors.

  • Business pie charts: Another great template very useful when presenting the performance of a company or project.
  • Graphs and tables: Powerful way to present your statistics and convince your audience of the great performance of what you present.
  • Graphs and tables 2: This is the continuation of the previous presentation and has the same purpose as this, but with slight modifications.

  • 5 Step mountain: Simple slide featuring 5 mountains, each larger than the previous one, useful in multiple illustrations.
  • Growth metaphor: Serves to illustrate the growth of a company or project, using a simple and striking graph of coin stacks and a small plant.
  • Business growth metaphor: Show to the growth of your business through the different branches of a developing tree.
  • Arrow option diagram: Use arrow diagrams to present the different processes of your business .
  • Chevron Head diagram: Use this powerful diagram to illustrate all kinds of processes graphically.
  • Do’s and dont’s: This template allows you to graphically represent a vote, adaptable to any subject.

Slides with maps

Plantillas de mapas

Here is a short list with the 14 best templates for exhibitions on history, travel, geography, demography and epidemiology:

  • Map of Germany: This is the best infographic to discuss a specific country, in this case Germany.
  • Map from Spain: Excellent template to talk about demography, geography, culture and everything related to Spain.
  • Map of France: Similar to the previous two, this template allows you to have a complete exhibition on France.
  • Red terrestrial globe: Great template very useful for a geography and demography exhibition worldwide.
  • Green globe: This template is similar to the previous one, but it is suitable for talking about the environment and nature care.
  • Travel to Europe: This design fully presents the vast expanse of the European continent, so it can be used for different purposes.
  • Connection: Use this presentation for c themes Global connection and technological advances in the globe.
  • Silhouette of piramids: Use this slide when you need to talk about Egypt and its great pyramids.
  • Ancient map: This is a good model to touch on ancient geography or even archeology and paleontology.

  • Compass and map: Another good choice to talk about travel or ancient discoveries.
  • Compass: Use this slide when you need to expose about ancient discoveries and maps.
  • Old: This is the most useful slide to present all about geography, travel or ancient civilizations.
  • Abstract: If you have to present about current epidemiology, geography or demography, this is the perfect design.
  • Shining world map: With this template you will illuminate your viewers with a striking map of the world.

Presentations for agendas

Plantillas de agendas

With this list you will expand your portfolio of slides, with some that will help you when presenting in a company or school a schedule of year planning:

  • Table of contents: This is a very good option when presenting a work or evaluation schedule.
  • Businesswoman discusing: This option is ideal for presenting work projects in a company.
  • Annual planning: This is an excellent slide to present to your team, the activities that will be carried out during the current year.
  • Orange alarm clock: With this template in our portfolio we can present the planning of our business and keep a proper control.
  • Office workers and folders: Use this template for the exhibition of ideas and activities to be carried out in a certain time.
  • Piece of paper: As a list in this presentation you can illustrate all the objectives of a project and verify its fulfillment.
  • >

  • B usiness notebook: This is another way to present all the objectives of a business and attract potential partners and customers.
  • Office nail for memory board: With this presentation you can set the standards of a company at the beginning of the year, and then gradually fulfill them.
  • Write with a pen: Another excellent slide to carry out the “X” project planning.
  • Using calculator: Use this striking design to engage all employees with the business agenda.
  • Spining time: When it comes to a tight agenda that requires a lot of commitment and efficiency you can use this template.
  • Calendar and clock: Excellent option to teach the structure of the activities to be accomplished.
  • Office folders: Wonderful template to present the portfolio of I work in a certain time in your company.
  • Time management: In order to present a proper administration of activities to the public we have this powerful template.
  • Hurry: When you put some pressure on employees, you can use this presentation to present the schedule of activities.

Slides for presentation of projects

Plantillas para presentar proyectos

As long as you have a stable, powerful and forward-looking project, with any of the following designs you will generate great impact on your audience:

  • Project for investors: One of the best ways to present a project to raise capital, is having
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