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What are the best iOS emulators for Mac? 2022 list

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A emulator is a set of computer components that show the ability to reproduce the global characteristics of a system. Therefore, it consists of a software that imitates the operation of a specific devicecreating a virtual platform to run a different medium than the original equipment.

A) Yes, an iOS emulator for MacOS It is a program that offers the possibility of running applications compatible with iPhone and iPad, on an Apple computer. So they work on a different operating system than they were originally designed for.

If you want make use of all the tools of an iOS device through your Mac computerthen we will let you know what are the best emulators to enjoy this experience.

What are the benefits of running iPhone apps on MacOS?

What are the benefits of running iPhone apps on MacOS

In general terms, the main benefit of an emulator is its ability to create the necessary conditions when running a program or application designed for a different platform. So, it allows you to enjoy a Identical iPhone or iPad user experiencevia a Mac computer.

In addition to this, the advantages guaranteed by installing an iOS emulator on MacOS are summarized as follows:

  • Access the App Store and download applications that are only compatible with iPhone or iPad.
  • Get much more comfort when using iOS apps.
  • Count on more storage space that provides a more powerful user experience at the hardware level.
  • Use the different functionalities of an Apple mobile much more efficientlythanks to the speed of a Mac’s processor.
  • Run platform games which are not available for MacOS.
  • have the authority to control the behavior of a mobile app in a more detailed way.
  • Link the capabilities of iOS and MacOS in a single team to exploit them to the fullest.

List of the best iOS emulators to use on your Mac

If you want download software that allows you to emulate the operation of an iPhone on your Apple computer, but you don’t know which solution to choose for it; you have come to the right place.

Here are the top 4 iOS emulators to install and use on your Mac:

Mac-compatible, is another of the best emulators that exist for make use of iOS apps on a computer. One of its best advantages is that supports cross-platform applications and even, it is used to develop new apps just by being connected to the cloud.

Now, it should be noted that this emulator it’s completely free for the first 100 hours of use. Once you exceed this time limit, you will have to pay around 0.05 euros for each hour of employment. So, it’s not free at all.


Xamarin TestFlight

Refers to an application owned by Apple that has the ability to stream iPhone on Mac with great quality. Thanks to the fact that it has been created by the famous company, it is considered one of the safest alternatives to use iOS apps on an Apple computer. That is, it is characterized by its high level of security. Access your website using the following link

Despite the fact that its installation can be cumbersome, because it is an app designed for the most advanced or professional users; the truth is it is an easy app to configure and to use in general terms. However, it is not completely free.


Another one of the most efficient iOS emulators for Mac is iPadian. Specifically, it is in charge of display the appearance of iPad on an Apple computer and offers the possibility of running apps compatible with this operating system. Among its best features, we find that provides optimized mouse controls.

In addition to that, it has a completely customizable interface, it has multiple interesting web applications, it has an App Store-style sidebar, as well as, a browser and notification widgets for a more hands-on experience.

iOS Simulator in Xcode

iOS Simulator in Xcode

While it is true, Apple’s native Xcode software development environment for Apple computers, has its own iOS app emulator. In fact, just as you can use xcode As the application development kityou can also use it to emulate different interactions on your computer. Access your website

In such a way, MacOS users can run iPhone apps directly from the Xcode project. The best thing is that it reveals a very simple operation because allows testing web applications by accessing Safari within Xcode.

Operating systems

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