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What are the best iPhone download managers that you have to install? 2020

What are the best iPhone download managers that you have to install? 2020

Downloading files from the Internet has become one of the most common tasks in both computers and mobile devices, hence these applications have been born from download managers, which has the function Main help you in this whole process. With them you only have to insert the link you want to download and the App will do all the work for you in a very fast way.

In the case of iOS devices , it does not have a download manager integrated in Safari, this has been considered as one of the weaknesses of the Apple operating system by its users, as it is recognized as one of the most important tools of any device. And this is due to security rules by Apple , which prevents its users from having such tools. On the contrary, it happens with operating systems like those of Android who do include this type of function.

However, when you want to download content from the Internet on your iPhone, in the App Store a lot of applications will appear to be able to do this but, it is important that you keep in mind that not all They offer a good service. Because of this, here we will show you which are the best download managers for your iPhone.

List of the 5 best direct download managers for your iPhone mobile

As we mentioned earlier in the App Store you will find endless applications that you can download to download content from the Internet in an easy and fast way but, it is important that you keep in mind that many of them They don’t meet all the requirements.

One of the main features of these App is that it not only allows you to download content from the Internet, but also gives you the possibility to store files in them, be they documents, images, audios, among others. According to all this, here we are going to present you which are the 5 best managers for your mobile device.

Meteoric Download Manager

Meteoric Download Manager

This application can be obtained from for free in the App Store and with it you can make different types of download in a very simple and fast way. It is currently available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Meteoric Manager differs from other programs of this type thanks to its high download speed and easy operation. In it you will be able to make downloads directly from any file that can be played on the Smartphone. That is, you can download music directly from streaming platforms.

Another advantage of this program is that it will allow you to locate each of the files that you download from the Internet in its corresponding site, that is, the music in the player, the images in the gallery and so on. However, this is not mandatory. Finally, Meteoric includes a media player with which you can create your own playlist whenever you want.

Documents 5

Documents 5

This App has been updated recently in order to provide a better service to each of its users. An improvement has been made to your platform making it much simpler and easier to handle.

Documents 5 is a very useful tool for iPhone users , with it they will be able to listen, download and annotate only with a few steps, you can also manage each of your files, from videos, books, music or any other, all this with this single application.

With the new platform update now its users have the possibility of having the option of “Drag & drop” , downloading in the background and placing colored labels. Like Meteoric Download Manager you can get it totally free.

Amerigo File Manager


Amerigo is one of the best applications of download managers for iPhone, unlike the previous two you can get it in App Store for a price of 4.49 euros.

This program will not only give you the possibility to download content, but also to store different types of files within the App. Within them you will be able to configure a storage service to which you will be able to add all the content that you download from the Internet.

Another of its features is the update of its platform, which is now much more attractive and simple to handle. In addition, it has a very important tool that almost no other application has, and that allows the integration of files stored inside the device .

That is, every time you start a search on the computer, the program will do an internal search and if you have any file similar to the one you are looking for it will be shown on the screen. This way, you have the possibility to avoid downloading repeated content that will only take up space on your Smartphone.



It’s basically known as an iOS browser very similar to Safari but, what really matters to us here is the ability of this program to be able to manage download them from files and play them . In this aspect, IDownloader is considered one of the best, it allows you to download up to 50 files simultaneously and at great speed, this is what your users like best .

Other of its most attractive aspects is the support it offers, in the case that you make a download and it is canceled for some reason you will be able to resume it without any problem. If you use it with a network connection in 4G the speed and operation of it will be much better.

As for its interface is quite attractive, it has a classification system to select each downloaded file by name, size, type and date. It also gives you the ability to transfer all the contents of your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable. In addition, you can choose between the free and paid version.



This application is one of the most followers have been gaining in recent months, in it you will be able to download any type of file from different servers, Dropbox or websites . It has a great speed being this one of its biggest attractions.

You can find it in 3 different versions, the free one, available for iPad and iPhone, the Pro that is available for the iPhone, the Pro Universal, available for the iPhone and iPad < / strong>, and has a cost of 4.99 euros . The latter has no advertisements and allows you to upload and download any file in the cloud, with platforms such as Sky Drive and Google Drive.