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What are the best jokes on Instagram for laughing with your friends? 2022 List

One of the most famous social networks right now is Instagram . Since, it consists of a completely free platform in which users can maintain optimal contact with people from other countries, publish photos, videos and stories . Like, share these elements on other social networks simultaneously .

However, beyond that, Instagram is distinguished by being a social network that allows filters to be applied to images that are shared through stories . Which, has attracted attention in different cases, in view of the fact that they allow the followers to play jokes , in a simple and very funny way. Therefore, this platform can also guarantee hours of great entertainment .

Now, if you want to be all the rage on Instagram and attract the attention of numerous users, you must choose to make jokes to your friends to “die of laughter” through this social network . That is why, below, we will provide you with a list with the best jokes for Instagram and, in addition, we will introduce you to some of the most viral challenges that have spread on the platform .

List of the best jokes to make on Instagram and entertain your followers

While it is true, there are many possibilities in the Instagram application to create moments of humor . As a consequence, so that you can have guaranteed laughs and, also, cause fun to your followers, family and friends; We show you which have been the best jokes on Instagram so you can try them now.

So that you become a key entertainment profile:

Post with a hair or eyelash

In general, everyone who has a mobile device is annoyed when the screen of the mobile device looks bad at any time . In other words, it shows a scratch, has its protective plastic glued incorrectly or even contains a hair . Therefore, the joke based on a publication with a kind of tab, could be ideal for trolling another Instagram user .

In that sense, the first thing you should do is create a new publication on your Instagram (of any type) and, using an image editor, you have to add a curved line in the form of hair (in black and delicate color) To make it look real Subsequently, it only remains to publish the image (in your feed or your stories) and with it, the other person will surely run their finger over the screen to try to remove it for a few seconds , but in reality they will find something false.

A realistic dog present in your stories

A realistic dog present in your stories

As we mentioned before, Instagram provides an infinity of filters to its users so, apart from optimizing their photos, they can also make jokes to their followers using these filters . One of the most famous for trolling people on this social network, refers to the filter called “Sasha Dog” which is a realistic dog that is shown through stories.

Therefore, if you have a family member, friend or acquaintance who does not like pets, you can use this element that seems to be real to play a joke . Whether by placing it on the floor, on the bed, on a table; since, you can place it where you prefer . Taking into account that, for the joke to be better, you can also choose the size of the supposed canine . Thus, you will make believe that you have a dog and you will terrify or surprise the other user “as a lie” .

Press twice to load

Press twice to load

Although it is considered one of the simplest jokes you can make on Instagram, the truth is that it is also completely fun to laugh with or with your friends. In this case, you will only have to create an image with a black background that contains a white text that indicates the following “There was an error. Press twice to load ” .

In this way, many people will fall into the trap and, automatically, will give a like to be able to “load the content” that is hidden behind it, supposedly . With what, for more fun, you will be able to find out which were the users who fell into your vile game .

Upload a fake WhatsApp chat

Upload a fake WhatsApp chat

Luckily, in the main mobile application stores, there are some specific apps that allow you to create fake WhatsApp conversations and, in this way, provide you with a prank that you can play on your Instagram followers . Thus, the mockery consists of unleashing your imagination with the aim of creating a surreal chat to surprise your friends .

For example, you can make you talk to a famous person and upload the screenshot on your Instagram, so that more than one gullible follower believes what is happening and asks you hundreds of things with which you can continue playing the joke . The key point of this alternative is based on recreating a good chat that, most of your followers, think is true .

Make your followers turn up the volume

Make your followers turn up the volume

This is a very original joke that you can make on your Instagram to scare your followers with a strange song or sound . Since, it consists of developing an Instagram Storie through which you can convince users to increase the volume of their mobile device, to the highest level . Either for them to find out great news, listen to something striking or any supposed reason.

That way, instead of doing what you tell them to, you will put on a rock song or some screams , so they get a good scare. Even if they are in a public place, they will suffer great pain with all the people present . Without a doubt, it is one of the funniest jokes you can do on this social network.

Swipe up

Swipe up

With a little more wit, you can make your followers “swipe up” when they don’t have to . In this case, the joke consists of showing some interesting information in your stories that, supposedly, allows you to open some type of link to access another site and see more .

Thus, you can draw a white point with an upward arrow or use stickers that indicate the same direction, in order to imitate the design of the links that the social network allows to introduce to celebrities or users with many followers . In this way, although you will not achieve anything, you will be able to deceive your followers and know how many fall into your mockery just for gossiping .

Show a cheat video

Show a cheat video

Both on Instagram, as well as on other social networks, specifically on humor profiles or channels; Different videos have circulated that are constantly repeated and are a kind of realistic boomerang . Which, to the annoyance of viewers, do not show the end of the action in question and rather, leave them waiting in front of the screen.

Well, through your Instagram stories , you can post some of these videos to fool your followers and make them feel completely trolled . Either with a video showing an archer preparing to shoot, a truck that is about to crash or a cake that is going to turn around.

Disable comments on your post

Disable comments on your post

As a joke, so that your followers believe that they have an error on their mobile device or with their Instagram account , you can deactivate the comments of your post so that they are not displayed and they do not find the possibility of adding new ones.

Thus, in order to deactivate comments on your Instagram, you will have to carry out the following steps:

  • Find the post where you want to disable the comments and press the menu icon . That is, the three vertical points located in the upper right corner.
  • Later, among the available options, you will find one that says “Deactivate comments” and you must select it .
  • Once you do the above, all the comments that have been made so far will no longer be observed and, apart from that, no more can be added.

Upload a GIF in a loop

Upload a GIF in a loop

Over time, GIFs have become one of the main stickers to enrich Instagram stories . Therefore, to make practical jokes to your followers, you can also make use of these elements that are produced in a hypnotic and almost imperceptible way , over and over again to infinity. In other words, they have no end .

By nature, these can be totally realistic and thus give the impression that something present in the image is coming closer, but in reality it is a loop that never ends and constantly keeps bringing the element closer. To find them, just enter the word “loop” in the GIF section and select one. When you post your storie, many will fall into the trap expecting something that will never happen.

Use the duck filter

Use the duck filter

As well as the realistic dog filter, Instagram also allows you to make use of a filter that shows a moving duck . Therefore, it is much more true in the eyes of all the people who visualize a story with this element inserted.

When you add it, you can capture a photograph or create a video of the duck walking through the area you want and in this way, you will make others believe that you now have a pet duck or that this animal has surprisingly entered your home . Thus, the use of this filter is considered a very entertaining joke that you can do on your Instagram.

Start an eye-catching live video

Start an eye-catching live video

Another vile joke that you can make through your Instagram account, is to make a live that is mysterious, interesting or striking for your followers. So when they decide to access the broadcast, they find a video without sound and with a dark background that is a bit strange .

Thus, for a few minutes, you will be able to see the comments that these people make to you and, without them being able to wait for it, you must appear suddenly to give a scare to all those who are connected . With this, surely, they will be terrified for a few seconds and later, they will not stop laughing at your mockery among all those present .

Tap to see and bang

Tap to see and bang

As long as you build excitement around a certain content, it is very easy to lead the masses and get them to take some action that works for you. Well, this foundation is essential for the present joke that you can make on your Instagram to make people laugh (or even make them annoy for a moment) . In this sense, the trick is to raise a question or a very interesting story before your viewers, based on your stories (it is appropriate that you let your imagination fly).

Then proceed to create a new story and point out a specific place where users have to place their finger on the screen . Next, when you publish the previous story, you have to create the next one with a photograph of your hand making a circle with your thumb and forefinger , which is shown exactly in the area where you drew the previous circle. That way, you will start your zasca and you can laugh at those who fall for your vile game .

A story “loading …”

A story "loading ..."

By making use of a black background on an Instagram Storie , you can easily troll your followers. Well, with a GIF that says “loading” or “loading” , these people will believe that they have some connection problem on their mobile device and, as a result, they cannot reproduce your stories.

Thus, surely, they will choose to open your same story again and again , to check if the problem has been solved or not. But, finally, observing that they never charge, they will know that they have fallen for your joke easily and you will surely get a reaction from them because of this .

Change your username to a friend’s

Change your username to a friend's

If you want to play a very practical joke on your friend through Instagram, this option may be ideal for you. Which, basically, consists of carrying out a trick that refers to modifying your username for the person you want to make fun of .

When you modify that name, you only have to save the changes . Then you can start posting about the person or writing a direct message to them and the user will immediately be very confused . Since, you may believe that someone is usurping your identity or that your soul mate has contacted him. It’s not one of the most popular games to do on Instagram, but it is fun .

Know the viral challenges that will make you trend on Instagram

Know the viral challenges that will make you trend on Instagram

It is no secret to anyone that social networks have been classified as the perfect ally to have fun, online , with many people around the world. As a result, there are different challenges on Instagram that have become viral and are a global trend .

Here are several of them with which you can gain popularity on the platform:

Recreate a childhood photo with a current one

One of the challenges that have been weighed, notably, on Instagram; It is based on imitating a current photo with one from childhood . Either alone or in the company of your family or friends. To add extra fun, you can insert a background song that highlights the moment of change between the old photo and the current one. Once you do, you must invite your friends or other users of the social network to take on this challenge .

Hand drawing challenge

It consists of a challenge that is carried out through Instagram stories . Which, basically, is about drawing an object using your hands . Sometimes it can be a bit tricky because you have to match the movement of your two hands perfectly, without making mistakes. As in the previous case, you also have to invite your friends to draw the same picture and mention more people to join . In this way, it will be much more viral .

10 touches challenge

It refers to a challenge that consists of tapping the toilet paper roll 10 times , as if it were a soccer ball. Although it may seem a bit useless for some users, it was certainly a challenge that quickly went viral and even, in the environment of professional footballers .

If you are interested in doing it, you can upload a video in your posts or in your stories, daring to get the 10 touches with a roll of toilet paper . For more fun, in order to test your friends’ skill, you need to tag them to challenge them .

Painting with the nose

Surely, all your life you have believed that painting with your nose is impossible . However, through this famous challenge, many people have achieved it , despite its degree of complexity.

To start this challenge, the first thing you have to do is look for the filter called “Draw with your nose” . Next, start moving your nose in front of the mobile screen (as indicated) and to complete the challenge successfully, it is essential that you manage to do it in a period of 5 seconds . Also, challenge your followers to see how they are doing.

The broom challenge

In this case, you have to use a broom, but not to sweep your house . Rather, to accept this challenge that has gained considerable strength among Instagram users in Spain and Latin America .

Specifically, the challenge is about putting a broom upright so that it can stand on its own , without anything or anyone holding it. If you succeed, it is surely because the position of the Earth’s axis is in your favor . For many, it is a game that may seem easy, but it is actually arduous.