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What are the best karaoke apps for Android and iOS? 2022 list

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While it is true, karaoke is an extremely fun activity carried out in various countries worldwide. Since, through this entertainment proposal, many people bring out the best of themselves in singing and even decide to bet on a musical career at a professional level. But well, others prefer to do it for get out of the routine and spend a pleasant moment together with your family and friends.

Given this, many mobile applications have emerged that provide a special service as if they were specific consoles for this practice, which are based on singing with tracks following their lyrics on a screen. Best of all, many of these platforms they are free and they add various additional functions for the satisfaction of their users.

That is why, with this post, we want to let you know best karaoke apps of the yearin order to do not hesitate to use them through your Smartphone or Tablet from now on.

List of the 10 best karaoke and voice corrector apps for Android and iPhone

As we mentioned, they are about Totally free karaoke apps that are available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store as well and are supported by different devices. So, here’s more about these 10 apps with voice corrector to sing where and when you want:

Red Karaoke Sing and Record

Red Karaoke Sing and Record

To start, we recommend you to use this free karaoke app that was designed entirely in Spanish, for various users worldwide who want to sing and record audio or video. It even allows you share as many clips as you want on your favorite social networks and get fans thanks to all your tracks.

The operation of Red Karaoke is based on select from over 100,000 songs that you can sing alone, in duets or in a group to enjoy with your friends. Which means that It is considered the application with the greatest number of songs in Spanish. Taking into account that it also allows include sound effects to enhance your voice and you can even customize your videos through effects and themes for all tastes.

Another function of this app that should be highlighted is its compatibility with Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV; which allows you to have a karaoke party using your TV and at no cost.

StarMaker – sings karaoke

StarMaker - sings karaoke

This is a karaoke app totally free and compatible with Android and iOSwhich has a large friendly community that allows you to interact with the users you want and even participate in regular competitions in which you can win amazing prizes. Thus, StarMarker has a juicy catalog that provides thousands of songs for all tastes and with this, you can sing like a star.

In this sense, the app allows make high-quality edits around your recordings, through the different effects that it exhibits to have as a result a masterpiece that you can share with your friends. Also, it presents state-of-the-art technology for voice enhancement and also It has a function called “Hook” with which all users can sing only the best parts of a song, that is, it is about making flexible recordings.

Smule: The #1 Singing App

Smule: The #1 Singing App

As its name indicates, this singing app It has been ranked number one in its category., since it brings together a large number of downloads on both Android and iOS devices. Smule is primarily engaged in offer millions of song tracks completely free, with which you can enjoy extensive karaoke, since it includes music and lyrics. The best thing is that you can do this anytime, anywhere from your mobile or tablet.

Among its main characteristics, it stands out that it presents options to sing better as a soloist, duet, a cappella and even dance. In addition, it gives you the ease of making your voice sound impeccable, through Multiple studio effects for near-professional results. In order for you to be a star, it also has a function to create your own video clip and customize it with high-quality filters and effects. You can share your recordings with over 50 million app users.

Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere

Another of the most ideal alternatives to enjoy a good party is Karaoke Anywhere that offers much more than 5,000 songs (all with their respective letters). Furthermore, it should be noted that It is a completely free platform with compatibility with Android and iOS. It also has the great function of import tracks in MP3+G karaoke format automaticallyin order to use them without any inconvenience within the app.

Among other details, we distinguish that Karaoke Anywhere has as an additional function, that these are the echo and reverberation effect and it is possible to apply them in real time, that is, just when you sing. It also has an instant download but this is only possible with one payment method, which includes an extensive selection of 40,000 tracks.

Sing Karaoke – No. 1 in the world

Sing Karaoke - No. 1 in the world

Also known as “yokee”, this mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play Store, is designed for you to sing and enjoy music with your friends for free. Mainly because displays millions of songs in karaoke format that of course, add music and lyrics. Also, it allows you use special effects for audioonce you record your vocal track (especially echo and reverberation).

Among other details, we indicate that It adapts to the tastes of all its users, due to the great variety of genres and themes that it has. And for added satisfaction, it allows you share your performance with the world through the renowned social network Facebook or even, you can connect with your family or friends to listen to their performances and rate the recordings made in the same app.

Miseero Latin Karaoke

Miseero Latin Karaoke

It’s free but only available for iOS devices. As its name indicates, its main service lies in provide the best of mobile karaoke to its users in Latin rhythms, especially. Be it Mexican music, merengue, ballad, bachata, salsa, pop and many more of this kind. So if you are a lover of these genres of music, may be the best alternative for you. But you must take into account that for free, it only provides 200 songs.

For its part, even though it is a free platform, it also offers a subscription or paid version that is canceled at from your iTunes account. With this subscription, you can get the songs you want during the month, that is, is based on unlimited access to your library.

Karaoke sing in Spanish

Karaoke sing in Spanish

This is an application created only for android users which is one of the most recognized of all time for its great use. Which, ensures to integrate two versions but for now, we will focus on the main one. This is the Spanish version and shows a long list with songs that add music and lyrics at the same time to enjoy an excellent karaoke in a group of people. Taking into account that it is unlimited use and integrates a library containing the most famous tracks of all time.

Despite is a bit outdated in terms of its interface, is considered a good option that, to the liking of many users, will be updated periodically. Thus, promises to show the songs grouped by themes, coming soon.

Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music

Musixmatch - Lyrics for your music

Available for Android and iOSIn addition to being free, this application has the world’s largest music collection, when it comes to mobile apps. Thanks to that, is the preferred solution for many users to have fun playing karaoke with their family and friends. In addition to that it has a function that is executed as one-touch song recognitionwhen you can’t find the title of a song you like.

Among other features, it allows orGet instantly synced lyrics to popular platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Pandora and many more. Additionally, it has the ability to translate songs on the fly and thus, it allows all its users to learn new languages ​​with simplicity. In reference to your search modeyou can do it from filters or by writing a complete phrase of the track.

Children’s Karaoke

Children's Karaoke

If what you are looking for is an ideal solution for the enjoyment of your children or even a perfect option to implement in the parties of the little ones, this mobile app is an excellent alternative. Since, it is specially adapted for the world of children in the home that guarantees fun in a healthy, safe and healthy way. Taking into account that add the most famous children’s songs that have transcended for years and the most current ones too.

To highlight its advantages, we indicate that Children’s Karaoke includes songs in languages ​​other than Spanish and for this reason, it is also used in Brazil, France, Italy, Portugal, England, Germany and the United States. In addition, all the songs offered they come in video format and you can play them unlimitedly. In addition, it gives the option to share the tracks on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Voloco: Automatic tuning of voice and harmony

Voloco: Automatic tuning of voice and harmony

Finally, we detail this free app that isIt’s perfect for singing and rapping solo or with your friends and family and have a good time anywhere. Voloco is based on real-time speech processing and thus, it combines factors such as voice encoding, automatic tuning and harmony so that you sound like a professional in the musical theme.

Regarding its interface, the app available on Google Play Store and App Store, emits a simple operation which is much appreciated by its millions of users around the world. Highlighting that allows you select from multiple beats you host in your library, so you can sing the tracks you like the most. It has an automatic mode to tune all the notes that need it auto tune typeallows you to export the results to other apps to finish mixes and you can share everything you’ve done on your social networks.