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What are the best Linux distributions for programmers? List 2022

In general terms, Linux is an operating system designed for programming learning, since it offers many functions that facilitate the mastery of programming languages ​​working with lines of code.

The truth is that Linux has distributions for practically everything, with specialized programs and dedicated functions for a certain purpose, And this includes software development and programming.

Now we will show you the best distributions and tools available for Linux, which will greatly facilitate your path as a developer.

List of the best Linux distributions for programmers and developers of websites and software

There are a lot of distributions dedicated to programming, some are better known than others, but all have specialized features that make them optimal workstations for software development.

Go for it:


Ubuntu Core download site

It is one of the most popular Linux distributions, easy to use for both beginners and experienced users. It has Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) to provide stability for more complex environments and development programs. Ubuntu uses DEB and Snap application packages, allowing the user easy software installation, and has a huge community that supports you through forums for the resolution of any problem.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux interface

It is one of the best options as a programming center due to its great customization capacity. You can build the system based on your needs, including and excluding software packages that you think are necessary without so many complications. Arch Linux is based on the Rolling Release model and it is possible to find a multitude of code editors, IDEs and other development software, in addition to being supported by a large community.


Manjaro interface on Linux

It has a version adapted for developers called Manjaro webdev. It is specifically designed as a programming center, compatible with most programming languages. You have access to various compilers and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) in your most demanding presentations. All this integrated into a comfortable interface provided by the KDE desktop environment.


Fedora for Linux download web site

Fedora is a distribution that is supported by the RedHat community. It is known as one of the most versatile distributions, thanks to its variants focused on different tasks. Includes access to a specialized portal for developers, easy to use and understand, and its repositories include the Eclipse IDE, which gives you access to functions for programming in Java, C / C ++ and PHP.


OpenSUSE 15 interface 3

Plus specifically the OpenSUSE Tumbleweed version, it is one of the most capable distributions to function as a development environment, due to the great support of its community. Has access to an extensive database of software packages in the Rolling Release repositories, equipping itself with a series of well-built tools, installed in a stable desktop environment.


Debian Linux distro website

Focuses on stability, and reinforces it with free software policies for all programs built for this distribution. All packages are carefully selected to meet the Debian reliability standard. In the programming and development section, it has the necessary tools for the creation, compilation and implementation of scripts, in addition to the use of Autoconf so that these scripts are functional in other distributions.


Gentoo desktop on Linux

Includes a wide variety of special functions for compiling your scripts. Its installation process includes detailed instructions on how it works, and allows you to rebuild your system for certain specific CPU architectures. One of the strengths of Gentoo is the great control it gives the user about compatibility options for certain build packages. While this option is quite troublesome for inexperienced users, provides great flexibility for the user.

Pop! _OS

POP OS Operating System for Linux

It is a specialized distribution, focused on professional programmers and developers, as it comes with many useful programming tools installed natively. It supports a wide variety of programming languages ​​and works with the GNOME desktop environment. It is intended to streamline workflow through desktop environment performance settings, giving the user a larger screen space, in addition to other advanced interface options.


CentOS download site

Like Fedora, CentOS is related to developer RedHat, so they include many similar functions and share certain software packages. However, CentOS provides specialized programming and development tools, obtainable through their repositories. It integrates the Den visualization platform, which offers the user a way to share their projects safely.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux desktop interface

The Kali Linux’s core focus is security, rather than compatibility with new development tools. It is a Debian-based distribution, so has access to its repositories and software packages. In addition to the development capabilities inherited from Debian, Kali has a large number of security tools., providing your projects with strong protection against any attempted attack or penetration.


NuTyX download site on Linux

This distribution offers complete control to the user over the customization of the work interface. It is designed to be used by advanced programmers, since it has tools and options of medium – high complexity. It is distributed for architectures x86 64 Bit and it has system modification tools, a module-based package manager called Cards, and maintenance programs to correct errors in case of failures.

Elementary OS

Elementary OS interface on Linux

It is a distribution based on Ubuntu considered one of the most visually attractive. You have access to the Ubuntu tool repositories, which gives you access to the same programming and development software. It provides the user with an experience very similar to Mac OS, and it has a creator of packages in universal formats, which allows the user to program scripts in different languages that work on any operating system.

Solus OS

SolusOS website

It is written from scratch and uses a derivative of the package manager PiSi, called eopkg, which requires some time to master, since it involves a certain degree of complexity. Use the desktop environment Budgie, very similar to GNOME, and has a clean environment and a wide variety of development tools, such as Atom, Qt Creator Y GNOME Builder, among others; in addition to being compatible with several programming languages ​​(Go, Rust, PHP, Node.js and C / C ++, etc.)


SemiCode OS desktop on Linux

Ubuntu is the basis for this distribution designed for web developers and programmers. Use the GNOME desktop environment, and incorporates a large number of options for each category of development tools. Among its code compilers we can find Ruby Y OpenJDK. It also includes integrated development environments such as Ninja IDE Y Eclipse IDE, and other tools to make work easier for programmers.

Programmer OS interface

It is a project for a Linux distribution specialized in programming and development. It is an Ubuntu based system, with added features and tools to make programming as smooth as possible. In this distro you can findr packages with the most used programming languages, code compilers, text editors, such as Atom Y Sublime Text 2, and some integrated development environments.

These are the best tools for programmers that you can install on Linux to make your work easier

The Linux programming and development environment it does not focus exclusively on distributions and the tools they may include.

It is also necessary to know how to equip software packages with alternative tools that are very useful for developers:

Bluefish text editor for Linux

It is a multiplatform code editing application, free software, that works as an alternative to many text managers built into common Linux distributions. It is intended for advanced use by programmers and web designers, for creating and editing interactive and dynamic pages. This editor can be obtained from the Ubuntu repositories and Linux Mint, as well as for all its derivatives.

Glade Text Editor on Linux

Similar to Qt Designer, it is a visual interface designer that works through GTK / GNOME, Y works independently of the programming language, since the software itself does not generate source code, but rather an XML file. Includes tool GtkBuilder, thanks to which the generated XML files can be used with various programming languages. It is distributed as free software under the GNU license,

Kdevelop text editor on Linux

It is an integrated development environment released under the license GPL, available for Windows Y Linux, designed to work with the desktop environment KDE, but functional with alternatives like GNOME. It has the text manager Kate installed by default, which in turn includes a source code editor with syntax highlighting. It also includes management functions for different types of projects and front-end for gcc and for the GNU debugger.


Emacs text editor for Linux

It works as a text editor and free software source code. It is highly customizable and available for various operating systems. It includes very complete instructions in its integrated documentation. Includes auto syntax highlighting feature and support Unicode, which gives you compatibility with almost all kinds of scripts. It has a wide variety of functions in addition to code editing, plus the ability to install extensions to expand its functionality.

QtCreator interface for Linux

It is an IDE officially available for Windows, Mac OS Y Linux. It is programmed in JavaScript, C ++ Y QML, and it was thought for the development of programs with graphical user interface. It has a code editor with support for ECMAScript, QML Y C ++, code folding, syntax highlighting, and many other capabilities, in addition to a visual debugging tool for C ++