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What are the best Linux distros for kids? List 2022

In the variety of Linux distributions, there are also some that serve to take advantage of the curiosity and desire to learn of the youngest of the house. This is a good option for new generations to acquire skills that will be useful to them in the future.

For a child to be friendly with the Linux operating system, they must have an easy-to-understand desktop, uncomplicated and fun to use. The combination of these factors will enhance learning and attachment to new technologies.

How many Linux distributions are there specially dedicated to getting children started in the world of computing? The reality is that the repertoire is very extensive, but here we have selected ten of them and we are going to offer you some details so that you are encouraged to try them.

List of the best Linux distributions for kids to learn computer science and programming

If you’re not sure which distribution to choose for a child to use in their education, don’t worry. In our list you have ten of the best distros you’ll find within the Linux universe and so you can make the best decision.

Go for it:

Endless OS download site

Provides an excellent learning opportunity for children by having simple design and easy-to-use interface. The desktop used is GNOME and has its origins in Debian, with an interesting variety of pre-installed applications that allow you to use it comfortably even without having an active internet connection. It is available in about 17 languages ​​and the creators have thought of making the application development process simple, being able to create educational games as well as edit photos.

Sugar Labs Download Site for Linux

It is a distribution specialized in activities for children. The main idea is to provide pedagogical tools that help to create, explore and discover. Although anyone can use Sugar, it is intended for use in the classroom or at home with children who cannot yet read or write, interactively encouraging the development of their cognitive abilities.

Ubermix download site on Linux

This project was designed from the beginning for educational purposes, eliminating the sophisticated processes that other operating systems bring. Once it is installed, the child gets 60 pre-installed applications related to programming, design and multimedia. In addition, it contains educational games for specialties such as physics and mathematics.

Speaking of the advantages of Ubermix, apart from that it is completely free, installation is done in just 5 minutes and in case of losing the configuration, in just 20 seconds you have everything back.

This distro is based on Raspberry PI OS, which is the operating system used by Raspberry Pi mini computers. Includes educational games and apps for kids. The best of all is that from the codes it teaches how to create a computer, but also guides in the use of commands for the development of programs.

With this distribution, children six years and older will be introduced to the world of computing, with a simple and easy to use design. And if you are concerned about the time they will spend on the computer, the system brings a control that allows you to manage their use.

Edubuntu download site on Linux

Both parents at home and educators at school can make use of this distribution so that children become familiar with free software, already at a much higher level. Edubuntu has gained ground due to the variety of educational tools it contains along with the rest the main characteristics of Ubuntu, which is the distro on which it is based. The options to use it include installing it on the computer or doing it in live mode.

OpenSUSE 15 Download Site 3

This distro It comes with everything you need to use a computer in an educational way without having to install other resources. It is ideal for use by children, but also for parents and teachers to be aware of their activities. Bring an educational software package with the periodic table or astronomy studies, as well as graphic design and photography tools.

Doudou Linux download site

The origin of this distribution is Debian and the desktop that is shown after installation is very simple, so that any child can handle it. Its mission is to promote the use of computer tools through games, math exercises and other activities according to their age. In the computers that are installed, the children will learn to use the mouse with the use of the tabs and the respective applications.

Puppy Linux download site

It is a perfect alternative for the little ones, with a light weight of 100 MB and quite fast when executing their applications. Some of its tools are text, audio and video editors as well as web browsers. No problem if the equipment is old, it also works there and even from a USB memory or a CD. Puppy Linux is completely free, although its latest version was released in 2009.

DebianEdu / Skolelinux

DebianEdu Skolelinux download site

These two projects each started on their own, However, since 2003, they have joined forces to offer educational tools classified by groups., adding development and mathematics to name just two. But that’s not all, it has desktop applications that facilitate the use of the computer on a day-to-day basis and offers the ability to create open source programs. You can access its download from

Finally, we highlight that DebianEdu includes a configured server terminal, It can be used in a school laboratory or individually, containing all the documentation and usage tutorials. No doubt that all these distributions open the door to strengthening home education, being a pleasant, fun and practical way to connect with the computer world that is part of the new generations every day.

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