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What are the best most popular and used social networks in the world? 2022 list

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For a long time, social networks have become completely essential platforms for people. Since they are sites that allow them exchange information and content in different formats in a very interesting way. Either with other users or with a group of people and/or organizations.

In this sense, through these platforms, users can interact as they wish and, as if that were not enough, create a virtual community of any kind. Thus, places where people manage to have a good time.

Thanks to this, the power of the RRSS is very remarkable and beyond the ones you usually use, there are other platforms that exhibit various advantages and are very interesting to know. Indeed, below, we present a detailed list of the most optimal, popular and used social networks worldwide.

List of the 50 most used social networks and with the largest number of active users in the world

social media history infographic
Historical evolution of the RR.SS from 1978 to 2015

In general, people use social networks as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Thanks to that, they are the platforms that greater fame they have gained for many years. Therefore, they have billions of users who have managed to get to know each other from these digital sites, regardless of their location in the world.

However, due to the great importance shown by social networks today, there are more alternatives that have been created in order to offer a better variety to each type of user and thus be able to meet their requirements at a leisure, fun or even commercial level. Since these platforms They are also used by companies and brands to promote their products or services..

For this reason, it is valuable to know solutions that go beyond common platforms and, in this way, in this section we want to indicate a list with 50 social networks which, surely, may be to your liking. Taking into account, mainly, its most relevant benefits and also his popularity in various locations around the world.



Since its creation in 2004, Facebook It has been cataloged as one of the main websites that allowed promoting the concept of social networks and, in addition, implanting it in all countries worldwide. Bearing in mind that, with more than two billion usersthis is the most widespread platform of all today.

Thus, among its most important characteristics, we find that it is a free and multiplatform online service, allows you to create groups, as well as events and pages. Likewise, one of its greatest advantages is that it includes a private chat and therefore simplifies communication between users. Facebook is widely used for business purposes to attract customers and, ultimately, manages to promote popular recognition.


This is the messaging app owned by facebook which, to date, holds more than 1.3 billion users. Thus, it is considered a social network that simplifies instant communication between Facebook users and contains excellent functions and features that can ensure a great experience for everyone. One of them is the possibility of create group chats easily.

It is considered multiplatform because it allows you to enter from the browser without any inconvenience, it allows encrypted conversations with end-to-end encrypted messages, it accepts that its users send and receive money at no cost and with the greatest security, you can make use of free phone calls, it contains games and a stories section like Instagram.


It is a specialized image hosting service that is considered a very popular social platform for sharing photos in real time, so that the community can enjoy them, share them and give your vote depending on your preferences.

However, beyond that, Imgur works around GIFs, which only adds to the appeal of this social network. Even, has a meme generatorknown as “Meme Imgur”, which allows you to create these elements in a very simple way. Among other details, this platform gives you the option to save images in the Camera Roll to be able to share with different apps and has an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.



So far, this recognized social network has more than a billion users and it is estimated that its community continues to grow. Especially since it is about the most powerful mobile photographic platform in the world. Thus, in addition to the large number of private users it has, it also has a remarkable variety of companies, brands and businesses that promote their products and services there, obtaining success.

In this sense, it is considered that Instagram It is an ideal digital site to exhibit what you want and, in addition, be close to the celebrities you most admire. Added to this, it has a good photo and video editor, it has “instagram stories” and this type of content is the one that most attracts the attention of users because it is transmitted in real time.


Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, this service is a social network with more than 235 million active users during each month worldwide. One of its greatest advantages is that it offers multiple options to chat with other users and, likewise, it has an absolutely verifiable ease of use that all users like.

For its part, the platform allows carrying out fast file transfer, regardless of its size or format type, since it supports both PDF, as well as MOV, MP3, .DOC, PPT and image files. In short, you can receive and comment on photos shared by your contactsit has options like “Glance”, “Shake” and “Bottle Drift” to search and chat with random people, makes it easy to backup your chat history and restore it on a new device, etc.


Basically, it refers to a social networking website that simplifies the process of share photos, videos and social networks. Therefore, it is estimated as one of the main and largest social networking sites worldwide. Taking into account that, in particular, it has had a wonderful expansion within the European continent and also in Asia.

For its part, Fotki, in addition to offering a completely free version, also contains a Premium option which, among many benefits, includes unlimited storage (it costs 50 UDS annually). On the other hand, users can participate in contests of various kinds and the social network does not present any limitation to use your images hosted there in other blogs or forums.



Despite the fact that this social network presents a smaller increase in the number of users who constantly join, it is also a platform with an excellent track record that has about 350 million active users until this year, which is why it is estimated as one of the most popular and most used worldwide. Thus, a site chosen by those who want to be aware of the news that occurs in all parts of the world.

As for its main particularities, it is worth mentioning that Twitter it has an intuitive concept, it supports synchronization, it is completely free, it is cross-platform, generates remarkable virality and visibilityhas a hypertext system and among its best changes, we highlight that added an increase in possible characters, since they are now 280.

Vkontakte (Vkontakte)

It is a social network of Russian origin that has more than 97 million users and exhibits a strong resemblance to the giant Facebook. In other words, it is also known as “the Russian Facebook” and even this network is almost always identified as “V.K.”. But besides this, also It is widely used in other European countries..

Now, the reasons why this social network is identified as the “facebook russian“, is regarding its colors (white and blue), as well as its options to share content on the wall of other users, search in different categories and its new function incorporated in 2016, for the live messaging and also to post stories.


In view of the censorship imposed by the Chinese government that prevents citizens from accessing social platforms such as Facebook, for example; This social network was created to offer features similar to those sites and, with this, citizens can also enter the world of social networks without a notable impediment.

In this sense, basically QQ allows you to make use of its instant messaging service, by means of which, the more than 840 million active usersThey communicate easily and freely. It also has other striking functions, such as “QQMail” to write blogs, “QQYouxi” to book trips, “paipai” to make purchases online, “QQTongchang” to get a partner, etc.



This option is another of the most used today, so it has 260 million active users and its growth is observed more and more. Above all, because it is a platform in which professionals have great coverage and thanks to that, they obtain notable benefits. Highlighting that the main foundation of this social network is being able to create working relationships easily.

Once it was implemented in 2002, the great success it could offer professionals was estimated; having all its mechanisms adapted to work experience, to make contacts and of course, to achieve new work experiences in places other than where you live. Therefore, LinkedIn It is one of the most recommended platforms if you are looking for work or to offer your professional knowledge.


It is a social network was founded in 2003 and has more than 200 million users They can have as many friends as they want. In addition, in order to have a little more security within the platform, it gives the option of being able to select up to 15 friends as main. However, if you misuse this service, Hi5 will not protect you from the type of friends who contact you.

In addition to this, the comments that can be made on the social network are of different types. The first of these is in the profile and will appear published on the main page of the account, the other type of comments is in the photos and can be accompanied by ornaments, you can also make comments In the diary that are similar to those of blogs and, finally, the “five’s” which are permanent emoticons.


It is a social network dedicated to bringing together people from anywhere in the world, since it is an ideal place to meet new people, organize appointments and of course, find a new partner with whom you have similar tastes. Therefore, it is perfect for any user who is looking for a relationship, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl.

As for how Match works, it basically tries to create a profile in a matter of a few minutes and entering your Facebook profile, in addition to including your name, personal data and some photos. Once there, you can establish contact with one or more other users of the platform and send them messages, which arrive directly to their inbox. The best thing is that it is a free service.



This is a social network that can be used from mobile phones and tablets, so it supports both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it is one of the most popular social networks, taking into account that was the one that promoted the famous filters with which practically all users have had fun. Therefore, this platform ensures the enjoyment of its users and, in particular, is the favorite of today’s young people.

In sum, Snapchat has real-time chat that supports photos, also has chat with irreplaceable friends and this gives you the possibility to write and share content even with 16 friends simultaneously. Likewise, it offers personalized filters that you can create yourself to your liking, provides daily information about last minute notifications, which add photos and videos. Even, allows you to share your location.

Believe TV

This is within the category of live video platforms, which is no secret to anyone that It’s the biggest trend today on social media.. A) Yes, Believe TV It is based on a service that allows you to broadcast live and direct videos through Facebook, but only from the computer.

In this sense, it should be noted that it refers to an ideal service for conducting split-screen interviews or even webinars; Thanks to the great quality guaranteed. Although it is little known, it is also considered one of the best tools for live streaming today.


If it’s about social networks to share photos, 500px is one of the highest rated services for it, currently. Indeed, it has a community made up of around 15 million members who love photography and of course, share completely interesting content. Bearing in mind that here you will only find really professional photographs and not just any snapshot or meme.

Among its best features, we highlight that it allows you to explore inspiring photos, listed as the best in the world, thanks to its quality and excellence. Also, you can portray yourself and through it, exceed your rating and define your style in each file you share. In addition to, discover new styles and get more knowledge of this world.



With its headquarters in New York, this social network was created in 2007 and to date, it has obtained more than 170 million registered and active users. Which basically allows the user to share texts, images, videos, audios, links, among others. In addition to being able to interact with other people and meet new friends. Thus, its main use lies in it.

Usually, Tumblr It is one of the most used platforms for spread content of various types and thanks to this, it is also used by brands and companies to offer their services. Among other details, it is recognized social network It is very intuitive and easy to has a remarkable personalization and a great visual appeal, it has integration with other social platforms, it allows great promotion and diffusion worldwide, etc.

q zone

It is a social network aimed at the Chinese public and was created in 2005 so that all its users will have the ease of writing digital diaries and blogs, as well as saving photos, music and other content of interest. As for its most important features, it should be noted that in Qzone most of the services offered are not free, but if you get the “canary diamond”, you will get access to several of those services.

At present, it is known that this platform posee more than 50 million users online every day and it is mainly used as an instant messaging chat that simplifies short or long distance communications very quickly.

Baidu Tieba

It is a messaging-type social network, which brings together a total of 300 million users around the worldoperating as a free access social platform that brings together debate photos, with the aim that each person belonging to the community can share their opinions within an informative environment.

In reference to its origin, this service is provided by the Baidu company of Chinese origin which, as if that were not enough, has an open encyclopedia that allows the participation of all its users, so that they share information of interest. Which means that it has a section very similar to Wikipedia and it is identified as “Baidu Baike”.



Although it is true, this platform is the most used for video sharing and thanks to this, it has more than two billion active users around the world. This service is owned by Google and, in fact, it is also well known for it. In reference to its operation, Youtube is a site where all users can share and watch videos of all kindsaccording to your requirements.

YouTube allows you to create lists so that, in a personalized way, you can see your own content and everything you want. Also, it is a multiplatform social network, it gives you the ease of save videos to watch later, allows you to easily promote content, create photo slideshow with music, etc. Currently, this service is considered the second most used search engine worldwide.

Live YouTube

What YouTube social network streaming has evolved over time, this service has been created that allows all users to make any live and direct broadcast with just one click. which was created for the purpose of optimize the user and issuer experience, in real time. Therefore, it is a service linked to YouTube of great importance.

Thanks to this, the community belonging to this type of social network has the possibility of communicating with its precious followers or “youtubers” during the transmission and thus, have a better approach.


If you are a video lover, this social network is the one for you. Since, with more than 106 million visitors during each month and more than two billion video views around the world, this social platform is the favorite to watch as many videos as you want, even when you do not have an Internet connection or WiFi network.

So there you can explore the music with the best quality, the latest news, everything about what happens in the world of sports, among others. Also, the platform allows you to follow the new videos of other users, as well as the topics and channels that you like. In short, you can create and update your video librarycreate your own video lists, etc.



It is an instant messaging social network that, in addition to that, gives the possibility of call, see and send messages to whoever you want and the amount you want. It also allows you to create groups of friends and share the content you want, from images to audio and video. Among its main peculiarities, we find that it allows you to make audio calls using an Internet connection and you can even include in said call up to 25 more users.

For its part, Skype is a free service, it allows reactions to messages, as well as reactions in a call, it has options to make videoconferences, has a version for business use that allows brands, companies and businesses to better manage their commercial tactics and easily communicate with their customers.


Refers to a social network owns about 117 million active users, which are mainly from China, since this platform has that origin. However, users of other nationalities can also be located. In reference to the characteristics of this social network, we tell you that it is based on streaming video in real time and apart from that, it encourages any type of group activity through texts, videos and by voice.

Added to this, YY has a virtual currency that each user can earn from activities that are offered by the same application. These are basically karaoke and creating video tutorials. Which means that, in addition to having fun, you can also earn money there.


Although it is true, this type of music network has had a remarkable expansion around the world, thanks to the fact that it guarantees an important simplicity for listen to music from wherever you want. Since, it refers to a completely free and multi-platform service that shows no limitations.

Since its creation, it has been ensured that its operation is aimed at musicians, because the same social network provides them with excellent channels for distribution of your music, through which many have gained success. One of its greatest advantages is that the system analyzes the song so that everyone who is listening to it can leave their comment at the indicated moment of the audio. today has 200 million users.



Another of the most used instant messaging social networks is Telegram, in view of its completely free service and completely accepted by the youngest audience worldwide. It is worth noting that it was born in 2013 and since then, it has had a notable expansion with over 100 million active users until this year.

In this sense, Telegram allows all its users to chat with others easily, offering great features for simplify communication between diverse people globally. Among other features, we highlight that it is multi-device, it has options to save mobile data, it allows you to create secret conversations, it also has message encryption and it contains an excellent search engine.


Admitting a free registration, this music social network also brings together a community with a large number of users, considering that it has been operating since 2008. Basically, bandcamp It is a platform that works for the promotion of independent artists and the launching of the same, in order to achieve greater recognition and good dissemination.

For this reason, each author has the possibility of creating and establishing their own page, through which they will sell their compositions, setting the prices to their liking and, of course, allowing them to listen to the songs from this website. Once any business between the author and the interested person is completed, the social network keeps a percentage of the sale made. However, if the user increases the amount of sales, this percentage will be lower.


It is a Spanish proposal very similar to LinkedIn and therefore, it is located within the category of networks dedicated to business and the rapid search for employment. In such a way, BeBee has more than two million users and if you want to be part of this amount, you simply have to enter the website and register for free.

Once you log in to BeBee, you will be able to see all the categories that the platform shows and that, in a certain way, simplifies your search. Thus, it has a section called “hives” which refers to the different groups of people who are looking for something in common or through which you can get the job you want. Like other sections called “People”, “Jobs”, “Producer” and “Business Areas”, which adapt to different user requirements.

whatsapp messenger


This, without a doubt, is another of the most widely used social chat and messaging networks in the world by customers of all ages, to establish communication easily, with other people and through various mechanisms. Thanks to the fact that, in addition to having message sending, it allows you to send any multimedia content and make calls and video calls without any kind of limitation.

Today, WhatsApp allows sending GIFs and stickers between contacts, which increases the simplicity and fun when chatting with other users. It also works for their safety and, in effect, has limited the number of times a message can be forwardedis a completely free and multiplatform RRSS that, as if that were not enough, has a business version.


While it is true, Tinder is one of the main social networks to flirt and relate easily, which is why it is considered an excellent reference in this sector. Thus, it is an app available both in the Google Play Store and also in the App Store, being completely free and with versions up to in more than 20 languages. Which means that, it has billions of users around the world.

In terms of its operation, it is based on “swipe, match and chat”, in order to find a new partner. That is to say, you will have to visualize the photos of the contacts that the same app selected for you and I order first of all around the most popular, based on their function “Smart Photos” and in case you like someone you can swipe right, otherwise you have to swipe left.


It refers to a social network based on slide hosting, which has about 80 million users. This platform was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012 and since then, it is estimated as a great site to upload PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Word documents, Open Office and even audio and video formats.

In this way, SlideShare is considered an ideal mechanism for brands and companies that want to boost their business. Since it allows you to share corporate presentations in a simple and free way, show fresh and totally dynamic content to followers, present products or services in a more visual and optimize SEO positioning.



Basically, this social network allows call and text for free from your device, as well as making calls and video calls with the best quality, no matter where you are. It allows making international calls of up to 200 people at the same time. Just like other services of this type, on Line you can send photos, videos, audios, stickers and your location.

On the other hand, the social network has an option to create polls and being able to quickly make a decision, even these serve to find out everything. In addition, it presents the possibility of synchronizing your computer with your mobile and with this, it adapts to your rhythm while you are at home, working or traveling. In short, you have options to save messages, photos and videos.


This free social network is aimed at gay and bisexual guys who want to meet others who are close to them, but a discreet and completely anonymous way to protect the personal information of each user. This is why people who want to join Grindr do not need to fill out a profile with sensitive information to register or reveal personal data. Therefore, only is based on the exact location of each user.

Now, to simplify the search for other people, this social platform allows you to filter users according to certain values, which allow you to have matches adjusted to the tastes and preferences of each person. Either an age range, a certain physical trait or the type of relationship you want to find within the social network.



It’s based on a specific content aggregator, in which all users submit publications and others belonging to the community, can vote for or against, according to their tastes. In case a post receives many upvotes, the user gets a higher rating on the social network and thanks to this, more people will be able to see it worldwide. That is to say, it allows great diffusion.

Today, Reddit has more than 542 million monthly users and, indeed, it is one of the most active social networks. Among other details, it should be noted that the communities that arise on Reddit are known as “Subreddits”, also, as a curious fact; around the 54% of users of this platform, are from the United States.


Within the category of social business management platforms, you can find this network that facilitates the administration of any type of project and, in addition to offering apps for Android and iOS, has a web interface. Among its main features, we highlight that it is a very effective site for this type of activity and also easy to use by users of any age.

In addition to this, the application allows create boards to organize any project you are working on, as well as customize workflows for different projects, in order to obtain greater productivity. Likewise, it makes it easy to upload photos and videos, attach files, work without an Internet connection and at no cost, comment on the different elements with your friends, assign tasks to your work group and to yourself, among others.



More than 800 million users, this social network is one of the favorites of young people to communicate from anywhere in the world. Which works through mobile data or Internet connection and has great features. One of them is the ease of sending text messages, multimedia files and making phone calls or even completely live video chats.

For its part, Viber allows you to group up to 250 people in a chat, as well as creating working groups and organizing any type of event in a very simple and free way. The social platform guarantees secure communications because encrypt every message you send automaticallycontains stickers, allows you to use its hidden chat function and even has games to have fun with your friends.


With more than 16 million users, this website and computer app that was created in 2006, offers an extensive catalog of music that adapts to all tastes of the community. Basically, it operates under the concept of music streaming, in which you can follow your friendssuggest the songs you want, discover new artists and songs around your preferences, get lists of songs created by other users, etc.

Also, you can make your own playlists with the help of 53 million songs contained in the application and it is a multiplatform site, because in addition to being able to be downloaded in Smartphone and Tablet, can also be installed on a computer. This service allows you to use a free trial for 30 days and after that, you will have to pay to get Deezer Premium that shows several advantages and one of them is that you do not need mobile data or WiFi to enjoy the music hosted there.



In this social network, you can create and share boards in which add your pins, that is, your images. Thus, it has more than 175 million users today and so far, it is one of the most used social platforms in the United States by young people. However, in Spain the use of pinterest it is less accentuated and it is estimated that it has decreased notably.

For its part, it is a service that facilitates the process of attracting web traffic to a certain page or blog that you want to publicize. Therefore, it is an excellent mechanism for those who wish to boost your brand or business and have a greater public interested in the subject they handle on a website. Now, among its main features, we highlight: You can filter your search effects by pins, boards or people; send pins to your Facebook or email contacts, it’s cross-platform, etc.


Within social networks for tourism, you can find Tripadvisor where they admit a completely free registration to users from all over the world. Since it operates based on tourism, it is an ideal platform for those who love to travel and get to know other places. Taking into account that, on Tripadvisor you will see a large number of opinions from various users, in terms of hotels, restaurants, attractions and other parameters of interest of a specific place.

In short, the social network shows a variety of photographs and travel tips so that you can have the best vacations wherever you are most interested. Now, among its important data, it is worth highlighting that this site has a traffic of around 455 million unique visitors each monthsupplies even more 570 million comments and user opinionshas reviews of 7 million accommodations and restaurants that adapt to all tastes and prices, etc.



It is a community of photographers that brings together professionals and amateurs from all over the world, by which it refers to an influential site. This site basically works for simplify photo sharing, which can be edited and shared from any device and whenever you want. In this way, if you are a photography lover, this social network is the ideal one for you, which also teaches you more about the subject.

In reference to its operation, in Flickr you can seamlessly organize and share, as well as host billions of photos across diverse groups of passionate photographers. Like, find your inspiration and unleash your creativitywith the excellent photo editor that the platform contains, which allows you to add filters and crop the photos to your liking.


This microblogging service is an excellent alternative to Twitter that has functions and features that are very interesting to learn about. One of them is based on the simplicity that it shows for share images, links or videos; It also has a section onmy friends” very renewed, which contains a list of the people you follow, another of the mutual friends and also one where you see your fans. It also has improved mechanisms for enable the encounter with the plurkersaccording to your criteria (gender, age, language or location).

For its part, it presents some novelties such as “Plurk Wiki” which is a place that allows you to document information regarding everything that Plurk shows. As for its main features, we highlight that it has an interface very similar to that of Twitter, it accepts messages with up to 140 characters maximumthe timeline design is horizontal, in addition to sharing URLs, it also allows you to display multimedia content such as photos and videos.



With more than 300 million registered users, this social network is aimed at meeting new people, especially for those teenagers or young people who are interested in this and want to find users with whom they have common interests and also to have fun playing. Since its inception, Tagged has been estimated as one of the leading platforms to make friends, flirt and even fall in love.

As for its most outstanding functions, this social network has chat to get closer to other users through text messages. Also, it allows you post, comment and listen to a conversation in real timehas filtering to see other people by gender, age and location and is free.


It is a social network that is located within the category of platforms related to lifestyles. Which, is free and is based on a great option for moviegoers, since it reveals the best news about the movies of the moment, allows suggest, comment and share movies with friendswatch the latest trailers and look at the images of all the movies that catch your attention.

This platform, available in the Play Store and the App Store, gives you the facility to check the times of each movie and buy tickets, in order to choose your preferred seats and go directly to the cinema without waiting in long lines. In addition to this, it allows you watch some movies from home without any costbrowse the best box office options, etc.



It is a social platform that allows publish streaming videos and explore the world through these. Therefore, it is a social network in which you can keep abreast of everything and with it, find out the latest news, meet new people, share interests and even visit places you have never been. The best thing about it is that it allows you to do it in real time.

In this sense, it should be noted that periscope is a platform owned by Twitter and because of it, you can share your live videos instantly on Twitter, as in other social networks. Additionally, it has a feature that makes it easy for you to watch the best parts in replays of the live and direct videos that you once missed.


Free and easy, this social network allows you create an absolutely original and attractive blog to attract traffic. Thus, a service owned by Google that was created in order to allow its users to express themselves without limitation and find like-minded friends, in addition to following their blog to be aware of everything they publish. In case you have more than one blogger accountthere is no type of limitation.

Regarding its characteristics, we highlight that you can compose an entry and save it as a draft, if you wish or publish it immediately. In addition, it gives you the facility to insert an image from the gallery or take a photo from the application to have better posts and it is even possible add information about your locationin case you prefer it that way.



It is a service where you can listen to music and podcasts you want, from wherever you are. The best of Spotifyis that it is a completely free platform that, in addition to working as an ideal streaming music service, also allows create your own playlists with the number of songs you want and even share them with your friends.

Among other features of this platform, we highlight that it can be used from any device, be it a Smartphone, Tablet or computer. Also, it has the option of download music to listen to it later in offline modedoes not contain annoying commercials and thanks to it, you will be able to enjoy the music without interruptions.


It is a social platform to get and make new friends that, although it is not a very recognized option, it is worth including in this list thanks to its excellent functions for socializing. Taking into account that, for the benefit of all users, it is a free network and very easy to manage. Therefore, it has more than 20 million active userstoday.

Likewise, it is an ideal place for both women and men to make new friends, meet people from anywhere in the world and flirt with each other. Thus, the app allows create favorite user listsupload photos, measure your popularity, see local and popular offers, send friend requests and notes to members.

my space

my space

It is a social network that brings together more than 38 million users interested in music, mainly. Since, it is a social network site where, by creating your own profile, you can start an excellent experience and invite your friends to be part of your “FriendSpace”, meaning that the more friends you gather, the more people you can connect with, little by little.

Since 2003, this social platform has had a remarkable expansion and has also optimized its main functions. Among them, we locate the option to create groups with an unlimited number of participants, its function “MySpace IM” that allows you to send messages instantly, too “MySpaceTV“which is very similar to YouTube,”myspacenews” to receive news, “myspace karaoke” to load recordings, among others.


As the social networks of games or gaming have also taken a great power, it is necessary to refer to this platform that It is growing more and more in terms of the number of registered users.. On Twitch, you can watch a variety of video game-related content, completely live; so you can be close to the activities you love the most.

Added to this, it refers to a social network that also allows you to chat with streamers and even broadcast video game championships that you once missed and want to witness at any cost. Best of all, it is a free application.



It is a social network that was classified as the largest in the world to meet people from anywhere, highlighting that has more than 400 million people registered and thanks to this, its variety is completely remarkable. In addition, it is a free platform, very fun and easy to use, just like safe due to the verification process it handles in order to guarantee its users that they will never come across fake profiles.

Now, in reference to its particularities, we refer to the fact that Badoo It is ideal for flirting and meeting love, taking into account that it connects you with people who have your common interests and, likewise, facilitates encounters. In addition to this, you can chat with other users and even find out who you come across in your day to daywhile you are moving around the city.


It is based on a music apps which, thanks to its excellent track record, has many users worldwide. Since it is almost two decades old since its creation and over the years, it has optimized its functions and features to provide a better user experience. Thanks to this, Pandora lets you create any number of smart playlists.

In addition to this, with Pandora’s podcasts (over 1,400) you can easily find your favorite tracks and also enjoy fully personalized recommendations tailored to your tastes. If you want, you can make use of your premium service for better features.

Social networks