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What are the best most popular and used social networks in the world? 2022 list

What are the best most popular and used social networks in the world? 2020 list

For a long time, social networks have become completely essential platforms for people. Given that, they are sites that allow to exchange information and content of different formats in a very interesting way. Either with other users or with a group of people and / or organizations.

In this sense, through these platforms, users can interact as they wish and, if that were not enough, create a virtual community of any kind . Thus, places where people manage to have a good time.

Thanks to this, the power of the RRSS is very remarkable and beyond those you usually use, there are other platforms that exhibit various advantages and are very interesting to know . In fact, here is a detailed list of the most optimal, popular and used social networks worldwide.

List of the 50 most used social networks with the highest number of active users of the world

People usually use social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , etc. Thanks to that, they are the platforms that have gained the greatest fame for many years . Therefore, they have billions of users who have managed to get to know each other from these digital sites, regardless of their location in the world.

However, due to the great importance that social networks show today, there are more alternatives that have been created in order to offer a better variety to each type of user and with it , to meet your requirements at the level of leisure, fun or even commercial. Since, these platforms are also used by companies and brands to promote their products or services .

For this reason, it is valuable to know solutions that go beyond the common platforms and, in this way, in this section we want to indicate a list with 50 social networks that, surely, can be of your pleasantless. Taking into account, mainly, its most relevant benefits and also its popularity in various locations around the world.



Since its creation in 2004, Facebook has been listed as one of the main websites that allowed to promote the concept of social networks and, in addition, implement it in all countries worldwide. Bearing in mind that, with more than two billion users , this is the most widespread platform of all today.

Thus, among its most important features, we find that is a free and cross-platform online service , it allows you to create groups, as well as events and pages. Also, one of its biggest advantages is that it includes a private chat and therefore simplifies communication between users. Facebook is widely used for commercial purposes to attract customers and ultimately manages to promote popular recognition.

Facebook Messenger

This is the messaging application owned by Facebook that, so far, has more than 1.3 billion users . Thus, it considers a social network that simplifies instant communication between Facebook users and contains excellent functions and features that can ensure a great experience for everyone. One of them is the possibility of creating group chats easily .

It is considered multiplatform because it allows you to enter from the browser without any inconvenience, it allows you to have encrypted conversations with end-to-end encrypted messages, you accept that your users send and receive money at no cost and with the more security, you can make use of free phone calls, contains games and a section of stories like Instagram.


It is a specialized image hosting service that is considered a very popular social platform to share photographs in real time, so that the community can enjoy them, share them and give their vote depending on their preferences .

However, beyond that, Imgur works around GIFs, which increases the attractiveness of this social network. Even has a memes generator , known as “ Meme Imgur ”, which allows you to create these elements in a very simple way. Among other details, this platform gives you the option to save images on the Reel to be able to share with different apps and has an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.



So far, this recognized social network has more than one billion users and it is estimated that its community is still growing. Especially, because it is the world’s most powerful mobile photographic platform . Thus, in addition to the large number of private users it owns, it also has a remarkable variety of companies, brands and businesses that drive its products and services there, obtaining success.

In this sense, Instagram is considered to be an ideal digital site to showcase what you want and also be close to the celebrities you most admire. In addition to this, it has a good photo and video editor, it has “ Instagram Stories ” and this type of content is the one that most attracts the attention of users for being transmitted in real time.


Available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, this service is a social network with more than 235 million active users during each month around the world. One of its biggest advantages is that it offers multiple options for chatting with other users and also has an absolutely verifiable ease of use that all users like.

For its part, the platform allows to quickly transfer files , regardless of their size or type of format, given that it supports both PDF, as well as MOV, MP3, .DOC, PPT and image files. In short, you can receive and comment on photos shared by your contacts , it has options such as “Take a look”, “Shake” and “Drifting bottle” to search and chat with people at random, makes it easy to back up your chat history and restore them to a new device, etc.


Basically, it refers to a social networking website that simplifies the process of sharing photos, videos and social networks . Therefore, it is estimated as one of the main and largest social networking sites worldwide. Taking into account that, in particular, it has had a wonderful expansion within the European continent and also in Asia.

For its part, Fotki, in addition to offering a completely free version, also contains a Premium option that, among many benefits, includes unlimited storage (it costs 50 UDS annually). On the other hand, users can participate in competitions of various types and the social network does not present any limitation to use in other blogs or forums, your images hosted there.



Although, this social network presents a smaller increase around the number of users that are constantly joining, it is also a platform with an excellent track record that has about 350 million active users until this year, which is why it is considered one of the most popular and most used worldwide. Thus, a site chosen by those who wish to be aware of the news that occurs in all parts of the world.

As for its main features, it is valuable to note that Twitter has an intuitive concept, supports synchronization, is completely free, is cross-platform, generates a remarkable virality and visibility , has a hypertext system and among its best changes, we highlight that added an increase in possible characters, since they are now 280 .

Vkontakte (ВКонтакте)

This is a social network of Russian origin that has more than 97 million users and exhibits a great resemblance to the giant Facebook. That is, it is also known as “the Russian Facebook” and even, this network is almost always identified as “ VK “. But, in addition to this, is also widely used in other European countries .

However, the reasons why this social network is identified as the “ Russian Facebook “, is in terms of its colors (white and blue), as well as its options for sharing content on the wall of other users, search in different categories and for its novel function incorporated in 2016, for live messaging and also to publish stories .


In view of the censorship imposed by the Chinese government that prevents citizens from accessing social platforms such as Facebook, for example; This social network was created to offer similar characteristics to these sites and that, with it, citizens can also enter the world of social networks without a significant impediment .

In this sense, basically QQ allows you to use your instant messaging service, through which, the more than 840 million active users , communicate easily and free of charge. It also has other striking functions, such as “ QQMail ” to write blogs, “ QQYouxi ” to book trips, “ Paipai ” to perform online shopping, “ QQTongchang ” to get a partner, etc.



This option is another one of the most used today, so it has 260 million active users and its growth is increasingly observed. Above all, because it is a platform in which professionals have great coverage and thanks to that, they obtain remarkable benefits. Highlighting that, the main foundation of this social network is to be able to create labor relations easily .

Once it was implemented in 2002, the great success it could offer professionals was estimated; having all its mechanisms adapted to work experience, to make contacts and of course, to achieve new work experiences in different places where you live . Therefore, LinkedIn is one of the most recommended platforms if you are looking for work or to offer your professional knowledge.


It is a social network that was founded in 2003 and has more than 200 million users who can have as many friends as they want. In addition, in order to have a little more security within the platform, it gives the option to select up to 15 friends as principals . However, if you misuse this service, Hi5 does not protect you from the type of friends that contact you.

In addition to this, the comments that can be made on the social network are of different types. The first one, is in the profile and will appear published on the main page of the account, the other type of comments is in the photos and can be accompanied by ornaments, You can also make comments in the newspaper that are similar to those of blogs and, finally, the “ fives ” that are permanent emoticons.


It is a social network dedicated to gathering people from anywhere in the world, since it is an ideal place to meet new people, organize appointments and, of course, find a new couple with whom you have common tastes . Therefore, it is perfect for any user who is looking for a relationship, regardless of whether he is a boy or a girl.

Regarding the operation of Match, basically try to create a profile in a matter of a few minutes and entering your Facebook profile, in addition to including your name, personal data and some photos. Once there, you can establish contact with another or other users of the platform and send them messages, which arrive directly at your inbox. The best thing is that it is a free service .



This is a social network that can be used from mobile phones and Tablets, so it supports both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it is one of the most popular social networks, taking into account that was the one that boosted the famous filters with which, practically, all users have had fun. Therefore, this platform ensures the enjoyment of its users and especially, is the favorite of young people of the moment.

In short, Snapchat has real-time chat that supports photos, also has chat with irreplaceable friends and this gives you the ability to write and share content even with 16 friends simultaneously . It also offers customized filters that you can create to your liking, provides daily information about the last minute notifications, which add photos and videos. Even allows you to share your location .

Believe TV

This is in the category of live video platforms, which is no secret to anyone that is the biggest trend today in social networks . Thus, Believe TV is based on a service that allows you to broadcast live and direct videos through Facebook, but only from your computer .

In this sense, it should be noted that it refers to an ideal service for conducting interviews with split screen or even webinars; thanks to the high quality that guarantees . Although it is little known, it is also estimated as one of the best tools for live streaming, today.


If it’s social media to share photos, 500px is one of the best qualified services for it , currently. Indeed, it has a community of about 15 million members who love photography and, of course, share completely interesting content. Bearing in mind that, here you will only find really professional photographs and not just any snapshot or meme.

Among its best features, we highlight that it allows you to explore inspiring photos , classified as the best in the world, thanks to its quality and excellence. You can also portray yourself and through it, overcome your rating and define your style in each file you share. In addition to being able to discover new styles and gain more knowledge of this world.



With its headquarters in New York, this social network was created since 2007 and so far, has obtained more than 170 million registered and active users . Which basically allows the user to share texts, images, videos, audios, links, among others. In addition to being able to interact with other people and meet new friends. Thus, its main use lies in it.

In general, Tumblr is one of the most used platforms to disseminate content of various types and thanks to this, it is also used by brands and companies to offer their services. Among other details, it is recognized social network is very intuitive and easy to handle , has a remarkable customization and a great visual appeal, has integration with other social platforms, allows great promotion and dissemination worldwide, etc.


It is a social network aimed at the Chinese public and was created in 2005 so that all its users will have the facility to write digital diaries and blogs, as well as save photographs, music and various content of interest As for its most important features, it should be noted that in Qzone most of the services offered are not free, but if you get the “Canarian diamond”, you will get access to several of those services.

At present, it is known that this platform ee more than 50 million users online during each day and is used, mainly, as an instant messaging chat that simplifies short communications or long distance, very quickly.

Baidu Tieba

It is a social network of messaging type, which brings together a total of 300 million users around the world , operating as a free access social platform that gathers debate photos, with the aim of that each person belonging to the community, can share their opinions within an informative environment.

In reference to its origin, this service is provided by the Baidu company of Chinese origin that, as if that were not enough, has an open encyclopedia that allows the participation of all its users, so that Share information of interest. Which means that, it has a section very similar to Wikipedia and this is identified as “ Baidu Baike “.



Although it is true, this platform is the most used for video exchange and thanks to that, it has more than two billion active users around the world . This service is owned by Google and, in effect, is also well known for it. In reference to its operation, YouTube is a site where all users can share and watch videos of all kinds , according to their requirements.

YouTube allows you to create lists so that, in a personalized way, you can see your own content and everything you want. It is also a cross-platform social network, it gives you the ability to save videos for later viewing , it allows you to promote content, create photo slides with music easily, etc. Currently, this service is considered the second most used search engine worldwide .