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What are the best music players that you can install on LG mobiles? 2022 list

What are the best music players that you can install on LG mobiles? 2020 list

LG mobile devices are easy to modify and / or reset and are considered by many users as one of the best in the market . The statement is mainly due to the fact that these people value the software offered by these devices to play audio files significantly.

The LG Pro Lite model stands out among the different options offered by the manufacturer for the benefits they can provide to the user. In addition to being a versatile team and a very remarkable technology, it incorporates the Audio Player that is highly coveted by many.

To be able to elaborate a little more on this very interesting tool offered by the LG brand, we have carried out an analysis that we detail in the paragraphs of this post.

LG G Pro Lite How to install the LG player in other mobiles?

Being considered one of the best Audio Player that exist for mobile devices, many people are interested in installing this tool on phones of brands other than LG in order to obtain all the benefits granted by it .

This is why we will show how we can install the LG player on any other mobile, regardless of the manufacturer. What we have to do is to get the LG G Pro Lite drivers to be able to install them on another device.

For this we have these options:

  • The first is to have the device turned off and permanently press the key to increase the volume. Next, we connect a USB cable to our computer, in this way we can directly access the different drivers.
  • There is a second option and it is obtained directly with Google looking for the file. For this we will have to write: “LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN38AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3.8.1.exe”

Once we have the drivers on our computer, it’s time to download them.

In order to do this we perform the following steps:

  • We go to the folder of contributedDescargasrd
  • We right click
  • Select “Run as administrator”
  • We click on “Yes”
  • Press keyNext†
  • Select “Accept”

When the drivers are available, we have to proceed to install them on the device we need.

To be able to do this, the first thing we are going to do is connect that device to our computer and then we will follow this guide:

  • We go to “File Explorer”
  • We select “Device Manager”
  • We look for the option other devices that is right with the name of the device to which we want to install the drivers
  • Click on “Upload Driver Software”
  • We click on “Next”
  • We look for the option “Search this device for driver software”
  • Select “Next”
  • We choose the option “Search”
  • We look for the folder of the USB controller
  • We click on “Next ”
  • And we continue with the installation process

What are the characteristics of LG audio player?

Cuáles son las características del audio player de los LG

The Audio Player of LG mobile devices is one of the most sought after by users who demand quality and variety in the features of the same tool.

This is why we will name some of the features that highlight this type of app:

  • It has a high fidelity in the internal speaker , which is very well located on the left of the screen, allowing us to access it quickly.
  • It has a function of playing audios randomly or according to a logical order list, giving us more fun so we can listen to our favorite music in different ways.
  • It allows us to quickly find the files , since it has a search function included in the upper right of the screen of our mobile where, with very few steps, we can complete this action.
  • It does not take up much storage space , this being one of the most prominent features for all users, besides having the ability to compress files without losing quality in them.
  • Another thing that people who use this tool emphasize a lot , is that the midrange of the sounds and the serious end of the spectrum are one of the best that exist among audio players. In this way we can have high fidelity in our music.
  • It is a versatile tool and also supports listening to the files in the background without it being blocked or the same thing happening with the operating system of our mobile.
  • Does not contain advertisements , being a great advantage over many other applications for these tasks.
  • Al being able to mark audios in a very easy way, will allow us to always have the best files at hand.

List of the top 5 applications to play audio on LG mobiles

Lista de las mejores 5 aplicaciones para reproducir audio en móviles LG

According to everything we’ve talked about, we’ll show you a list with the best apps so it can be installed on our LG devices.

Those are:

Shuttle Music Player

It is one of the best music players for LG , so it becomes one of the most popular. Thanks to the great experience it has in the music player market, became the default music player in some ROMs .

It stands out mainly because it is very easy to use and offers us an interface aimed mainly for beginners, in addition to numerous functions that are related to reproduction and organization.

BlackPlayer Music Player

Many recognize it by its dark interface that can later be changed by buying the paid version. This does not prevent the various customization options it provides from being executed without any problems.

It is very pleasant to use thanks to its infallible classification engine that it has on the music library, since it is only enough to slide the different panels to see artists, genres and songs.

Music Player Press

It has a very elegant and simple interface , it includes an incredible choice of colors highlighted on the covers of the themes.

It is not a basic player, but it has features that are ideal for those who like to listen to music all day.

It has a paid version, which allows us to unlock different customization functions in the interface and adds other advanced tools, but this does not mean that the free version does not meet the expectations of most users.


For many it is almost impossible to play an MP3 file, so they need these types of applications that are available on LG.

When we install this app, we will be able to find an interface that can explain itself, since shows us a series of indicators in each of the controls so that we learn to use it from the moment we install it This is why many users appreciate this alternative, since they can know all the functions quickly.

It is compatible with the most common audio formats, such as MP3, mP4 among others. It also allows us to customize the equalization settings to listen to music in a better way.


This player offers us very well designed organizational functions, making it a very well designed and easy to use tool.

One of the features that stands out the most is that it can recognize songs and then show us the lyrics on the screen so we can sing with our favorite artist.

Not only does it play songs from a local library, but it can also offer us support for different platforms such as Spotify or YouTube.