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What are the best music players with built-in equalizer for Android and iOS? 2021 list

What are the best music players with built-in equalizer for Android and iOS? 2020 list

Android has a music player that is already predetermined , which is why its users do not have a variety when they want to play music with other types of players. Now, there are apps that are not found on Google Play where you can get the music you want, which we’ll talk about in this article.

The equalizers of these mobile devices do not cover all the musical needs of their users, because they do not have the powers or the appropriate design. For example, they don’t have library folders, various types of tools, , or the option to edit tags .

Now, if the player of your Android or iOS does not meet your expectations, you can use other options that will give you an endless number of equalizers and audio formats that will help you enjoy your favorite music.

What is the equalizer of the mobile phone’s audio player?

Equalizers are those that control the sound of a player, it minimizes the bass and treble frequencies that help us to listen to music in a neutral, realistic or impactful way.

You can enjoy the music you want to listen to using a good equalizer that offers you the best audio quality and thus have all the range and spectrum you want to have when playing a track where you will get “intensity in dB” or “flat”, which means “no spikes”.

The frequency bands are identified in the form of bars , and as long as it moves to the left it provides a much more acute frequency, otherwise it happens when it goes to the right because the sound gets more and more serious.

The referred frequencies have a “Hz” with which each time the value is higher it becomes more acute and when it is lower it is serious. It should be noted that when the equalizer is set to «kHz», its value is multiplied by one thousand.

List of the best music players with equalizer on Android and iOS

Now that you understand the uses of an equalizer in a media player a little better, it’s time for you to meet them. These are completely legal and you can install it without problems from the Google Play Store for Android or Apple Store for iOS:

Apple Music


This application in 2016 was improved with the intention that its users could use it more easily when they wanted to search for a song.

With it you can use the «Beats One» when you want to listen to your music player, since it has a great variety of songs that you can enjoy. This application is paid , however you can enjoy a free 3-month trial.

Now, so that you can use the equalizer to the fullest, you must go to settings and then access the music tab and choose the equalizer option so that you can select any of the profiles found in it.

BlackPlayer Music Player


You can download this application, which brings versatility and variety of colors that makes you have a sophisticated design, managing to customize it and modify its style in the way you prefer. Even give the appearance to your player to your liking.

It has certain types of particularities, since it is compatible with several format modes, its equalizer is incorporated. Although it is not necessary that you only use that one, because you can install other types of equalizers.

On the other hand, it offers the option of a surround virtualizer that is 3D. You can play it constantly without having to pause it. It also has a sleep timer, shows the list of the songs you’re listening to and has widgets that you can use when you want manage and control playback .

Equalizer +


It has an equalizer that is very functional, which is already integrated with the application. Its song player is solid, the only downside is that you get the best features in its paid version.

This equalizer is made up of five bands that contain: presets, bass amplifier, contextual search, , display in addition to other types of options. Although as stated above it has a paid version, you can also use its free version where you choose the main controls of it.

Among its main functions we have that it is a bass amplifier, it has compatibility with Android TV, it offers the option of having ten equalizer profiles based on different forms of music. It has unlimited access to your library, so you will order it as you prefer.

GoneMAD Music Player


It is a player that is not so popular, but you can also use it with your Android, since has an elegant appearance and is very easy to use. It also offers many options, one of them is that it has a very youthful and well designed interface.

This application has support for various sound formats and audio effects with which you get the audio you want. Your equalizer has 16 integrated presets and other types of options such as the DSP limiter, with which you automatically correct both the gain balance control and the tone.

With it you can play your music without any interruptions or you can set your timer to turn off when you want, it also has crossfade, smart playlist and tag editing. It looks modern and you can customize it to your liking and convenience .



It’s a new music player that is compatible with Android . It was created by the XDA forum, who wanted to provide a different app to all the others. Using it will give you a good experience.

Start with a coverflow style user interface, which has different options such as: placing each song, choosing the album or genre type, as well as the playlist. Its interface has a link between design and other tools.

Its features are several because it has a timer, to close it you just have to slide the screen or customize it as you see fit. Get it for free and enjoy the updates you’ll have in the future .

Download Minima Android APK

Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player

This is a music player that is downloaded for free to listen to your favorite music, its interface is nice and modern , possessing various types of features when playing the audio.

Your equalizer has five bands and bass enhancements, plus virtualizations , various types of settings and 3D options. It also has a timer and a metadata editor, can be customized as you prefer and has gesture support.

It should be noted that its free version is integrated with ads, but if you do not want to deal with them when using it, it is advisable to use the paid version, you will enjoy all its options .

Tips for using the audio equalizer of your music player

Many of the Android users like to listen to music on it, so you can choose any equalizer by downloading the aforementioned applications and have a good interface and a pleasant environment to listen to your favorite reproductions.

For this it is important to have a good sound control , which can be achieved through the equalizer and thus not have any inconvenience when you want to play your favorite songs on your Android.

It is important to indicate that an equalizer has several types of tones where they serve to match and balance the type of melody, and thus be able to differentiate one from the other, also that with it you can enhance the same. When you want to use an equalizer, what you essentially need to do is combine 3 forms of tones so that the music sounds much better, including any type of audio you have on your mobile device.

The most important thing is that the aforementioned tones are equalized, motivated that with these you will obtain the musical balance in the song that you are going to play. To listen to a melody that has a strong genre it is recommended that you make the bass rise so that you enhance the sound.

Similarly, when using this tool you must be aware that its lines descend and ascend to adjust the sound of the song. This in order to fine-tune each of the components, such as percussion, strings or sound , with the intention of obtaining a good mix.

When using these applications it is advisable to achieve the perfect balance so that the frequency is good, although all this will depend on the type of music you are listening to.

Anyway, each of the musical genres has different types of settings, so each of the channels must be measured in Hertz , which is the way to measure the sound.