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What are the best news and blog aggregators you can use? 2020 list

What are the best news and blog aggregators you can use? 2020 list

At present, the expression “content curation” is very common, since it is a work that has been carried out for a long time in professions such as journalism. In addition, it is used as a resource to optimize the visibility of content shared on the Internet.

Given this, the use of news aggregators and blogs has become more widespread , thanks to the fact that these facilitate the objective of many content creators eager to make their publications attract the interest of great number of readers and that they can evaluate the quality of these topics and their usefulness. Therefore, they are used as a positioning technique .

That’s why, in this post, we want to let you know the best news aggregator options that are operational and that, of course, you can use to share all your content or , to combine a large number of sources of information, in case you are a web reader.

What is a news aggregator and how to use it?

Before specifying the main news aggregator solutions that you can consider, it is very important to know what a tool of this type consists of and how you can use it.

Well, we clarify that a news aggregator is a very practical mechanism that offers you the possibility of combining a remarkable number of sources of information and at the same time, interact with users through comments and discussions . In that way, it stands out as one of the best examples of the practical utility and added value of world 2.0. Given that, they are websites that allow you to upload writings to your page, to be valued according to their quality and usefulness by the community of such website.

On the other hand, its main use lies in a technique of positioning and brand diffusion strategy that is useful for online businesses. Thus, also known as readers or content collectors, can be used for other purposes such as:

  • Increase your web traffic : The more visibility you have, the greater the number of visits you can generate to your website or blog.
  • Improve your digital reputation : They allow you to organize your online communication strategy, since if you stay in the offline cave it will be very difficult to provide visibility to your business.
  • Make content curation : News or content aggregators allow you to get ideas about what you are going to write on your blog and also filter the content according to the categories required to inspire you.

Among other aspects of interest and around the use of news aggregators, we also want to let you know some recommendations on how and when you should use these tools, at present:

  • We advise you to place a striking title that makes readers click on it. Additionally, this will facilitate the obtaining of votes by other users.
  • It is of great value that you always include a short description with keywords and attractive content , in order to call The attention of the readers. This description could be 1 or 2 paragraphs.
  • Comment on the articles of other users ; Well, this is a tactic with which you could make yourself known.
  • Another good way to make yourself known on the website in question is to follow users that you think can share content of interest.
  • Just as it is good to comment on other articles, it is also very important that vote on them . Well, in this way, you will show that you not only have a presence on said website to publish your content. In addition, this will allow you to receive votes from other users in your post.
  • It is not necessary that you rush to publish your content in the news aggregators, but it is also not recommended to wait two or more days to do it .

How does a web news aggregator really work?

Cómo funcionan realmente un agregador de noticias web

Now, you will wonder how is the operation of a web news aggregator . So, we note that the procedure to follow to upload an article on these websites is extremely simple .

Therefore, initially and as a rule, you only have to:

  • Indicate the post link.
  • Select the category or topic related to the text.
  • Enter a description about the content.
  • Add some tags or tags.
  • Finally, click on accounPublicar<.

Since then, once you share the content, the community will vote on it and when they exceed the minimum amount required to reach the cover, those posts will be displayed on the aggregator’s main page. From this, the possibility of getting more votes and of course, a greater number of visits to your website or blog will be encouraged.

However, it is necessary to take into account that each news collector or content, manages its own and distinct characteristics ; so you must be extremely careful.

That is, always keep in mind the following determining parameters:

  • Beginning and end of the form .
  • Your specialization , since some are based on specific themes or sectors (for example : technology, science, marketing, journalism, etc.) and in that case, they will only accept your content if it shows a relationship with the topics published on a regular basis.
  • Rules and limitations , in view of the fact that within each news aggregator there is a community that handles specific restrictions when publishing or managing the content.
  • Authority, visibility and web traffic ; Some web news aggregators provide these advantages to a greater extent, compared to other options. Which is mainly due to the fact that they have a wider community, are more recognized or manage a specific sector only.
  • Some of these tools allow to upload own articles and others do not .
  • In order for you to upload a link, it is essential that you have valued other content or followed other users , previously.

List of the best blogs that you can currently use for news aggregators more visibility your content

Finally, we have reached the post section where we detail the main content aggregators, at present. But, before mentioning the 10 best solutions of this kind of websites, it is valuable to distinguish the types of news aggregators there are :

  • Horizontal : They are based on content aggregators or news that accept any subject . However, this does not mean that you can publish what you want in them, since you have to follow their rules.
  • Vertical : They consist of aggregators specialized in a specific sector or theme. That is to say, are those specialized thematically and for that reason, you should be aware of the approach and type of content handled by each platform before disseminating your edits.

Having said that, let’s start with the list of the best news and blog aggregators to use to get a better and greater visibility of your content:


Creator by Ricardo Galli and his team of collaborators , this is one of the largest and most recognized Spanish news aggregators in the network. Which is characterized by managing a system in which the users themselves are the ones who propose and vote on the news , so they are also in charge of deciding the ranking of the news on the front page or main page .

In addition to this, it is distinguished from the rest by being the Spanish-speaking content aggregator with more traffic worldwide . Among its main advantages, we find that it allows you to significantly boost your website and view the content without being registered. But, it does not accept self-promotion and exhibits a truly high bounce rate.


This is a vertical news aggregator or a thematic aggregator that allows the publication of articles related to Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Networks, Content Marketing, SEO , etc. In that way, it stands out for having a community with great potential for dissemination.

Highlighting its main advantages, we indicate that Mktfan can improve your personal brand through the aggregation of own content, also offers a very good article filtering, contains an easy and fast mechanism to upload the texts , supports the possibility of Networking and can be achieved up to more than 100 visits quickly in it. However, the categories are estimated to be limited and there is a lot of competition .


In third place in this list, we place Divoblogger that operates as an excellent website for bloggers and is relatively young. Specifically, it refers to a web of exclusive links for blogs and stands out for being a solution very similar to Menéame. Thus, it has an open content policy that makes it easier for blog authors to disseminate their own articles from them. Which is considered spam by many other news aggregators.

However, Divoblogger has become extremely restrictive in recent times, because of the abuses it has suffered. Reason why, if you want to publish your posts on this website, you will have to participate in the community (make comments, vote for other users’ posts, etc.) and one of its most negative points is its little interface attractive .


It is a news aggregator that is focused on Online Marketing and for that reason, its main purpose is to be able to disseminate editors and blogs that have to do with SEO, social networks, Web design and all these topics. One of its peculiarities of greatest interest is that, like Mktfan, this guarantees good results when sharing content uploaded to the platform on social websites .

For its part, it should be noted that the only requirement to publish content in this aggregator, is conform to the theme of the platform in view that it is a vertical aggregator and additionally, you have to participate valuing other posts. As a recommendation, we indicate that it is very useful to create or join groups with users with interests similar to yours.


Without a doubt, it is considered as one of the most veteran platforms when it comes to news or content aggregators. In that sense, Blogorama works as a blog directory and at the same time, as a link aggregator . One of its most notable features and that you should keep in mind, is that most of the articles shared there are written in English, but also found in Spanish.

On the other hand, it is necessary that you register on the web platform to get the best experience and it should be noted that, has a free and paid version . With respect to the one that is free, if you use it, you should wait a while for the publication to be verified and approved by the aggregator directive. On the other hand, if you use a premium version, those waiting times are shorter and will allow you to publish unlimitedly.


Among other alternatives, we have Feedly that is defined as an available aggregator with the ability to organize the tracking of information in a customizable control panel and very easily . In that way, it allows you to include sources of information or “feeds” of your preference among various themes and folders. It should be noted that, it is available for desktop with its Chrome and Firefox extensions, as well as for mobile devices (compatible with Android and iOS).

Specifying its best benefits, we detail that Feedly is very intuitive and presents the updates in a magazine format with the most relevant news at the beginning of the website. But, it also shows certain drawbacks and they are: It is not in Spanish , has a very improved design and contains several payment features.


He is one of the most recent news aggregators and has shown good approval from the community. Especially, because it is very simple to get to the front page of the website from the valuations of your content and because admits a very varied theme . In addition, it is possible to create groups and exchange actions in social networks with other users, from Bloguers.

One of its best features is that it exhibits a lot of activity, you only need between 5 and 7 votes, unlike Mktfan where 25 votes are needed. In addition, it offers very interesting options such as “sharemarket” and “postmarket” . Apart from all this, it allows you to generate remarkable visibility to your blog.


This is a platform that has been operating since March 2012 and was founded as a project inspired by websites such as the famous content aggregator “Menéame” . In this way, Duodingo is characterized by being a news aggregator with a very specific particularity that tries to create groups with common interests on certain topics . This, with the objective that you manage to group your publications and thus, facilitate the monitoring of all readers.

For its part, as well as the vast majority of alternatives of this type, Duodingo provides you with the necessary tools to upload your content and vote on the writings of other users registered there . In addition, it is distinguished by presenting a remarkable variety of texts related to Online Marketing, as well as Entertainment, Software, SEO, Cooking, etc. Its advantage is that currently maintains a considerable level of activity .


As another solution worth taking into account, we present Upthis that allows you to find all kinds of content and in addition to that, it handles a wide selection of categories when publishing a story. However, in most cases, there are contents linked to Marketing, Blogging and everything related to the Internet . It should be noted that, it is estimated as a very new platform, as it emerged in the middle of 2017.

On the other hand, it is necessary to refer to the foundation of this platform. Which basically tries to vote, save and share internet links easily . Now, regarding its activity level, it is considered very good and therefore, it is worth trying this news aggregator. It is also appropriate to note that, its home page shows the trends between “the 10 most voted links” .


To conclude this post listing, we recommend using this famous content aggregator that has all the necessary functions to keep you informed of your favorite websites and also of social networks . In addition to that, it offers users the possibility to create their own digital magazines by introducing publications in a simple way and at the same time, makes them public for the enjoyment of readers.

In reference to its pros, we highlight that it shows a very good design, has a clean, intuitive and easy to use interface . Apart from that, it offers a magazine format, ensures optimal interaction with social networks and allows access to other formats and not just blogs (for example: videos and podcasts). On the other hand, its most notable counter is that has some bugs .