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What are the best online video players that you can use 100% free? 2022 list

What are the best online video players that you can use 100% free? 2020 list

Currently, one of the most popular and consumed types of content worldwide, without a doubt, is the video . Since, these elements have taken a greater boom than the images and photographs in the network. Especially, to be able to watch streaming content like movies and series ; This is one of the best proposals of the moment.

However, many users do not know which is the best solution to use to enjoy them. Since, there are a lot of softwares that allow you to play clips for free on both Windows and Mac. But, today, online video players have presented a better proposal in this regard.

That is why, it is worth highlighting the main differences between a desktop program and an online solution, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of online players . In addition, it is also important to know some of the best options to watch movies and series online.

Is it better to use an online player than a desktop software?

¿Es mejor utilizar un reproductor online que un software de escritorio?

As we indicated earlier, it is essential to specify the most notable differences that an online player exhibits before a desktop software, with respect to video clip playback. To get a sense of it, it is very helpful to specify the pros and cons that players show online.

Then each of these:


In view of the fact that online alternatives have taken the lead, in many cases, compared to traditional programs downloaded to computers; Of course, guarantee important advantages today and especially to watch videos like movies and series.

That way, we detail some of the best benefits:

  • They do not require any installation . Without a doubt, the most relevant pro of online players and the most notable difference with respect to desktop software. In such a way that they save a lot of space on the hard disk of the equipment and do not affect its performance.
  • It is not necessary to update the equipment in use due to certain requirements of the online application . Since, most of these are cross-platform and multi-device. Which is not seen in conventional softwares in almost all cases.
  • Updates to online players are automatic , unlike softwares in which users they must run the same updates periodically.
  • You get a remarkable saving in terms of costs for downloading, maintenance and updates. Since online players are completely free and in many cases, the programs are not.
  • You have access to the video player from anywhere . This, thanks to the fact that you can access it through any computer and at any time. However, to use desktop software, it will be necessary to have the equipment where it is installed at hand.
  • In general, online proposals offer the ability to share information more quickly , compared to the speed that traditional programs exhibit.


But, as not everything can be perfect, online video players also show certain cons when using them and when comparing with desktop softwares. Therefore, it is important to know the main disadvantages of these .

We detail one by one:

  • Online solutions depend entirely on the user having an Internet connection . So, if there is no Internet, it will be impossible to enjoy the series or movie you want. Instead, desktop softwares can be used offline.
  • Generally, online video players are estimated to be less stable when providing their services. On the other hand, when you use a program to watch clips, you will get greater stability and efficiency.
  • In terms of security, online solutions can show more risks because many times users expose personal data there to make use of the player. This does not happen with programs installed on computers, since these provide greater security control.
  • While online players do not have a centralized database , the elementary programs yes. Therefore, the latter guarantee better performance and are more reliable.

List of the top 15 online video players to watch your movies and series favorites

Now, to avoid downloads on your computer and get a purely online experience when watching series and movies, we present some of the best active solutions on the network to easily execute that.


AdnStreamComo primera alternativa, nos enfocamos en este reproductor en línea inteligente de vídeo en donde puedes regístrate de forma gratuita y durante dicho proceso, marcar una serie de categorías con respecto a los clips que estas interesado en ver, al igual que ciertas etiquetas para encontrar tu contenido preferido más fácilmente.

For its part, the web offers you the possibility to view the content in full screen on your monitor, both in 4: 3 format and also in 16: 9. On the other hand, it should be noted that the controls of the video player are within each click and disappear shortly after moving the mouse. Among its main pros, we highlight that shows great lightness for video playback and you can watch content on its HD channels.

As the name implies, it is a free online clip player that offers you the main tools necessary to be able to watch your videos on the PC without downloading any program or application. Taking into account that, is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and iPhone . It should be noted that, in order to view the content, you must provide the website with its URL.

For its part, it reveals certain advantages to users, such as its completely simple interface, which is represented by large buttons, both Play, Pause and also the audio volume. However, it has certain cons and some of them, is that does not support subtitles , only recognizes the MP4 format, does not allow editing the content, etc.

Another option available for Windows, Mac and Android devices, is this media player also known as “Web Media Player” , which works directly from Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Apart from that, it has the ability to play most video formats and without the need to acquire extra tools for it.

Among other details, it should be noted that it issues certain protection to users who access the website, since it does not store absolutely any information and does not require prior registration . Thanks to this, the online clip player has a wide reputation for users today. As well as the previous solution, you must also enter the URL of the video to enjoy.

Torrent Stream

Torrent Stream

Basically, it is an online solution offered by Google Chrome itself, given that it is one of its available extensions. So, it’s an excellent choice for all Chrome users who want to play torrent video and audio files without previously downloading a program on their PC.

It should be noted that it only works with torrent files that make use of magnetic links because that way they can be recognized by the extension. So, just by copying and pasting this link, you can start streaming content playback and even has a function that allows to download the video clip .

In short, it is a proposal designed exclusively to simplify the reproduction of streaming series and movies in streaming.

Team Videostream

Team VideostreamHaciendo uso del potencial del ecosistema de Google Chrome, esta extensión y/o aplicación ha sido diseñada para usar este navegador web como un reproductor multimedia que, por si fuera poco, tiene soporte para Chromecast a partir de su función conocida como “Videostream for Google Chromecast”. Lo mejor de todo, es que es una solución completamente gratuita.

Among other features, it should be noted that the application for Google Chrome has support for subtitles , this being a tool required by users who love the series and movies in the original version. Which, can automatically detect if they are added within the same video and if not, in the same way, you can load a subtitle file with the extension.

Volume Booster

Volume Booster

If you have trouble listening to an online video from Chrome, this extension can help you with it. Since, allows you to optimize the audio of any movie or series that you watch directly from this web browser. Taking into account that, it shows the ability to maximize the sounds of the content that is heard very low.

In this sense, with this extension you can increase the volume up to four times more than any content. To do this, you only need a Windows or Mac computer and headphones or speakers. It should be noted that, although the volume of the content increases, the quality of the video clip in question decreases a bit.

Ant Video Downloader

Ant Video Downloader

If you prefer to download online videos belonging to movies and series to be able to watch them offline from your computer , but without using software; We advise you to use this Mozilla Firefox add-on completely free. Which supports a large number of websites, including Google Video, YouTube, DailyMotion, etc. Among its best benefits, we highlight that it is very simple to use, because it detects the clip and activates the download option.

On the other hand, apart from saving the video clips on the hard drive, it also allows you to edit, move and rename them with total simplicity . Among other details, this add-on also works as an indicator of traffic statistics on the websites you visit.

Video Speed ​​Controller

Video Speed Controller

When watching movies and series online, this solution provided by Google Chrome is estimated as one of the best extensions to optimize these tasks. Which, has several functions and the most important of them, is to modify the speed of any HTML5 video to suit the client.

In this sense, from Video Speed ​​Controller it will be possible both to go back and also to advance the speed of the content in question. That is to say that if, for example, you missed an important event of the movie you are watching, you can repeat it again and voila. Or, if you prefer to quickly pass the annoying song of a series, it also makes it easy for you.



It is a website that was launched since 2007 and is currently considered one of the best solutions to enjoy online videos for free . In view of the fact that it is based on simplifying the visualization of varied audiovisual content and apart from that, it presents support for live broadcasts in order to facilitate conferences on the Internet.

For its part, it should be noted that although it is an alternative mainly used for academic and news events because it has no transmission limits, the truth is that contains many channels of various themes in where you can find series and movies.


It refers to a somewhat different alternative to the others in the list, since it is a platform based on the retransmission of online videos and with this, it shows a wide variety of content from various TV channels of the world. Therefore, it is a wise proposal for users who want to watch TV series .

It should be noted that, the main objective of this platform is to bring the idea of ​​on-demand TV to the web. On the other hand, we specify that it provides a completely free assistance and it is possible to access it from any computer without any limitation. However, it is important to note that access can be a bit complicated, but after skipping certain barriers, you can enjoy all the content without any problem.

It is a recognized open information platform that includes a large number of videos, audios, texts and any content that has appeared on the Internet . Taking into account that, in this way, it provides a remarkable diversity in the audiovisual world and thanks to this, it will be possible to share any kind of clip of any extension under open source formats.

Thus, access to the website is completely free and, in view of this, you can only locate movies and videos without copyright or with copyrights allowed. But, beyond that, you can find animated feature films and any other content with moving images.


Although it is a currently poorly recognized alternative, it is important to refer to this online platform that emerged to compete with Vevo . Well, taking into account its main functions, it can be evidenced that it tries to match this web of videos.

In this sense, through Veoh, it will be possible to view a wide variety of audiovisual content, based on clips and movies online , and you can also listen to music, visit channels and have an interaction in Forums . Additionally, it offers options to upload videos and download them . All this, totally free.

Regulated under the principles of free software, this online solution stands out as an open web platform that contains free video material and provides them, free of charge, to all users. In this way, it works perfectly as an audiovisual container and video player at the same time .

For its part, it should be noted that it is not a free alternative at all. Because, it refers to a project with digital autonomy and without advertising that, because of that, handles rates that users must cancel to access the website without limitation. These rates fluctuate between 5 and 175 euros annually . It even has the option of making personalized rates for those interested in publishing audiovisual material.