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What are the best pages and torrent file search engines that have not been blocked? 2022 list

What are the best pages and torrent file search engines that have not been blocked? 2020 list

The Torrents files are the ones that solve our lives today , allowing us to download movies, series, and even video games with with just a few clicks . Every day the pages that allow us to access these types of files grow more.

It is true that it is illegal, but it is also true that allows us to be distracted as many times as we want. Its operation is not very complicated, so later we will explain how your cycle is since is loaded to the server until they are downloaded .

In addition we will show you a list of 40 pages that allow us to download files Torrents of all kinds, although some are more complicated than others, but still all are an excellent option.

How does a Torrent download file really work?

Is that file that is stored on a single server with online hosting (Cloud) where thousands of users can access to download them. Although they are called that not only because they are downloaded, they can also be uploaded to these same sites.

From the point of view of us as users, we can say that it has a totally simple operation , of only uploading or downloading the amount of files we want and that the platform we use allows us.

For example, a .Torrent file is created and uploaded to a specific site. This must previously be compressed, or in some cases, the same platforms compress, publish, or are shared through links that in turn can be shared by other means such as mail, and then the suitable client to handle and download the compressed file.

This is complemented by a series of algorithms and steps that can be more complicated, even just mentioning them, but it basically works this way. Creating large amounts of infrastructure on different servers so that downloads are faster and do not collapse.

How to enter the best Tor download web pages been blocked by your operator?

The fact that we cannot access a specific page, may be because it is blocked for our region or simply does not accept our IP. This is very common to happen to sites that store Torrents, and it is because they are considered in some way as illegal, so the authorities of our region prevent access.

Certainly all this depends on the IP address and our proxy configuration which is what dictates our connection point (country and region). The solution normally for this problem is to change proxies and IP address, the truth is that you can say that it is the most appropriate.

Although doing this brings disadvantages, which require a tedious configuration , and in most cases pay a monthly fee to use them. For this reason there is a large group of people who do not take this alternative.

Today we are going to explain some methods that will be as useful as the previous one, although they do not have anything to do with any IP or proxy configuration .

Use the cache

It is a method that we can use only when we have previously visited the page, since the browser keeps a cache of the pages copying structure, images and colors from the last time we were there.

To access basically we just have to write the following URL in the browser’s search bar (URL or link) and type in enter: cache: your URL

Where it says your URL only we must paste the link of the site to visit , But be careful, because we should not copy the http or https.

Use a service to read later

Using an application that makes the request for us to be able to read content , it will evade the block, because it will do so from another physical address . Although not doing so is because the server we want to use has a physical address equal to ours, or is within the sites that cannot access the web.

Upon request, it will show us the page in a reading format, so if we want to watch videos we will not be able to, since it will only allow us to see texts. Considered by many to be disadvantageous.

Convert it to PDF

Converting a website to a pdf is a virtue that we can find of some pages that offer us this service. Although they have other uses, what interests us is to see how to use it to enjoy a blocked web.

Sites like, allow us to paste the URls and thus be able to convert the pages into a PDF document . Its function is almost similar to the previous method, and because it is using another IP, the page may be allowed for them, and in turn provide it to us in a format that allows us to read only.

As we already mentioned, it is only for reading and only detects some links, so you should take advantage and extract all the information you can to be able to use this method.

Use the Google translator

It is a trick that works sometimes, although how it works we can not explain it very accurately, but we can teach you how to use it. For example, we paste the URL we are going to access into the translator’s drawer, translate it and then on the other side (another drawer) we click and the page must load.

You have to know that this method does not work for all the people who try it , but it never hurts to try. Many people comment on this trick, because sometimes it mocks the barrier and allows us access.

Use a shortened URLs

The URL shorteners are among the most famous, as they allow us to obtain another link, but shorter from a very long one. Mostly people use them to make posts on Facebook or Twitter, however they have another utility.

If we cut the links of the sites that are blocked for us, we can access the web. We just have to enter the link in the cutter and use the new link generated so that the barrier can be jumped and thus access the site.

Although, like the previous method, it is not something that works 100%, we could say that 60% is useful because there is still 40% obtained from the indicators that tell us that they do not access the web.

The list of the 40 best pages to download 100% active Torrents

Downloads through this type of links have become very popular, especially the last 5 years in which even the authorities wanted to impose censorship. Here is a selection of the best pages to download files via P2P networks .


This is the page that emerged after the closure of Kickass Torrents , with the same creators, who were forced to create a new website that allows them all users get links from Torrents files.


iDope is one of the safest sites we can find on the internet, since it does not save information on any activity we do on the site. Besides that unlike other sites, we will not find annoying advertisements.

It has a fairly minimalistic interface that offers a wide variety of options and features, such as making massive downloads . And to enjoy Android we can download your mobile app.


This is a website that allows us to watch television programs , mostly series. To use it we must only follow a few steps:

  • We register, and select the username and password, and the virtue is that to do this process we don’t need to have an email.
  • Then We choose the series, select the programs we want to use on the preferred Torrent website or client and add it to our list.

As we saw, it is very simple to make use of this page, and it makes our lives easier because it has Maget links, which allows us to download Torrents without downloading Torrents packages or files.



This website is a site that we can use to download Torrents of different categories, such as games, series, movies or TV shows. In addition, it provides us with a fairly useful and orderly data interface that allows us to have a fairly simple website.


If you want to download TV series you just have to enter this website. It offers different features that make the site an excellent place to upload or download Torrents, with a wide reliability in all its processes, and in its filtering system especially for a certain quality.


SeedPeer is a fairly simple site with some details that allow us to tell you that it is not comfortable, but still has some features that make it quite useful.

It allows us to search through a range of interface with more than 3 million Torrents files, with contents of movies and series, quite entertaining.

In a search engine that opened in 2008, and is one of the most advanced and specialized in television content (considered its main course), in addition to that you can also find contents of softwares and games.

Approximately has more than 369 indexed files, and according to the latest information we have from this search engine, it is currently locked in the UK, and is still available in the rest of the countries .


It is a search engine with .org domain, which allows us to enjoy a large number of indexed files for Torrents downloads, in a nutshell it is all we need. It is one of the search engines most used by Torrents clients , or web pages, to be able to locate files of any category.

Your Bittorrent

This is a site capable of offering the best files in terms of series and movies , and it also has a fairly organized interface system that gives us the opportunity to find all the things we look for.

It offers a category menu for us to search, from Animes, movies and series to xxx movies for adults. Although its biggest disadvantage is that we must take care that children or minors enter it , because their advertisements are pornographic.

Bit Che

It is a engine with scripting language that allows us to search different websites , until we find the Torrent file we want. It works under open source addresses, allowing us to get fast and organized results.

Being from Argentina, the name ends in Che, so we will know that it is focused on a totally Argentine audience, but this does not mean that you cannot access the site.