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What are the best pages to download Torrent music? 2022 list

What are the best pages to download Torrent music? 2020 list

Torrent is a program that allows its users to download a wide variety of files , such as movies to music. Its popularity and advantage is due to the fact that the service allows to keep the downloads, so in case of suffering an interruption the file is not lost, nor is it necessary to start the download again.

In this case there are websites specialized in searching Torrent files for download. Once you find the file you are interested in, you can get the link and start downloading for free .

In this tutorial we will explain, what are the best pages to download music in Torrent and how you can use them.

How to download music by Torrent using the uTorrent program?

First of all, you must have the program installed on your computer, its installation is very easy to complete, it will not take you more than a few minutes, after you have downloaded it. Just enter this post on how to configure uTorrent and you will get a reliable place to install and download it on your PC.

Once the installation is complete, to download files by uTorrent is not complicated, you just have to use some of the Torrent search engines (later we will explain which ones and how to use them ). After getting the file that interests you, you proceed to download it.

An ISO file will be downloaded, which you have to start using uTorrent, the steps you have to do are the following:

  • Right-click on the downloaded file , and you will choose the “open with” option. And you choose the option uTorrent.

descargar archivos con utorrent

  • Now you will proceed to save the file in the location you want , just click on the 3 consecutive points , which are on the right side , which shows the temporary location of the file to download. And then precious “ OK”.

guardar archivo con utorrent

  • You will be shown the uTorrent user interface, where you will see the current status of your download, such as progress, speed and maximum file size, etc.

status de la descarga del archivo con utorrent

  • Just wait for the download to complete and look for the file in the folder you previously indicated.

List of the best websites to download music by Torrent 100% online

There are many websites that serve as search engine for Torrent and in this way you can get any type of file, in this case download music, and this can be done, downloading individual files, a music album or even download a compilation of all the most played tracks, by the group or person you want.

They are not difficult to use, and many are very intuitive, so if you learn to use one of these pages, the rest will not make you difficult to master. Among these websites we can name the following.

It is undoubtedly one of the best search engines for Torrent currently, in it you can get almost any file, to use it is very easy, once you enter its main website, a series of proxies will appear , in which you can enter to perform your searches.

proxies servers pirate bay, buscador torrent

Once you have chosen some of them, a new window will open, where you can see the search engine, here you have different options, but you just have to click where it says « Music» .

>pirate bay, buscador torrent

Once you have entered, a list of musical genres will open to you , you can enter the one you want, and then you will observe in alphabetical order all those bands or singers of this genre. You can also search for your favorite singers by typing their name in the search bar.

After getting the desired file, you click on it and look for the option “ Download this Torrent (Get this Torrent)” .

Descargar desde pirate bay, buscador torrent

You proceed to save the file, in a storage path that is easy for you to locate and the process will be complete. Now it only remains to start the download using the uTorrent program to have the file on your computer and enjoy it.

It has an annoying advertising , but it is a price to pay for using ThePirateBay3 , one of the best Torrent search engines on the web, just just close these annoying pages.

musica torrernts buscador

It is a most striking search engine, its aesthetics and easy use, will catch your attention. In addition to being completely in Spanish. You have an option that says search, so you can write directly the artist or musical group you are looking for.

It also has a section of musical genres. You can even see a list of the most popular downloads on the platform. Its use is very simple, just look for the desired artist, click on the link you want, and once there click on the option that says “Torrent link”.

musica torrernts descarga

You will have to choose the location of this file, and then open it from uTorrent to start the download and enjoy it.

In this case the advertising that contains the portal is little, or practically null, so you will not have discomfort or bad experiences.

mejor torrent buscador torrent

It is very convenient to use and very intuitive, it has a section where you can search for different files, such as movies or even music in mp3 format . If you enter this option, you can see that it is organized by the date of the last publication.

You can organize the list alphabetically, just by pressing the letters at the top. Even if you want, you go to the search bar and in it you will write the name of the artist that interests you, so download the music that is available on this website. BestTorrent has advertising, but it is not annoying, so it will not interfere with your experience when browsing this site.

TomaDivX buscador torrent

This website looks the same as the one mentioned above, but it does not stop being an option, to want to search on it. It is easy to use, does not contain advertising, it is in Spanish and is constantly updated. Even if it is not with continuous periods, the content list is updated from time to time.

Its use is simple, you can organize the music list in alphabetical order, observe it by date of the last publication or use its search bar, to get the desired content.

infomaniakos buscador torrent

A website that, although its appearance is not striking, has a wide variety of content, which is constantly updated, in the music section, you will see a lot of discographies of different artists, which you can download and enjoy without problems.

Just choose the one you want and proceed to download the link. Nothing complicated to perform. If you want to enter the website’s search bar, you just have to position the cursor on the help tab and choose the option of “ Torrent Finder”

KICKASS TORRENT buscador torrent

Many still consider it Torrent’s second best search engine, after The pirate bay, in order to make full use of this website, you have to register, once you have completed it, you will be able to access the download links. It has a large variety of files.

This website has a peculiarity, which for legal reasons has decided to carry out, and that is that its web domain is constantly changing. The main website is as follows: in this you will see different domains, from the main to secondary.

KICKASS TORRENT servidores buscador torrent

In case one does not work, on the website indicated above you will have other options to try. Once you enter any of these, you just have to go down until you get the music section and enter it.

It is very easy to use, you just have to enter the website and use the search engine or simply navigate until you get what you are interested in.

dirty torrents buscador torrent

This website is totally different from those previously shown, its operation to explain it easily, is like Google, this website when searching for a Torrent file, will show you in the results the Torrent website that It contains the file and once you enter it, you will enter the website that contains it.

The use process is easy, you can use your search engine, or enter the audio section. It is divided into 3 parts, (recent, 24hrs, Top) choose the one you want and the list will be updated.

Extratorrent buscador torrent

An operation similar to other sites already indicated, the difference is that this site is updated more regularly than the previous ones. What makes it a more useful and striking alternative . You can use your search engine to get your favorite artist or song.

When it comes to advertising, the website contains a considerable amount. However, it always opens in alternate windows. Even so, if you use an ad blocker, they don’t generate any discomfort.

Sumo Torrent buscador torrent

A Torrent search engine that may not be known to many, this website is simple, in the music section, you will see a large alphabetically arranged list of all the musical genres that the website itself has. You can even use the search section, to get what you are interested in faster.

TorrentDownloands buscador torrent

This site contains a wide variety of music files and more. It has a lot of content, if you are also interested in other types of formats . You can use your search engine to get your favorite songs, as long as they are on the platform. Its use is the same as all previously explained websites, you will not have any problems when you use it.

Before entering any of the search engines listed above, it is recommended that you have a free or paid VPN service on your computer , since some of these sites are They can find blocked in the country you are. And with the use of the VPN you can skip this ban.