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What are the best parental control apps to protect your children on Android and iOS? 2020 list

Mobile phones and the Internet have become two necessary tools for the human being, as smartphones will allow you to do a lot of activity on them in just a few seconds, Either for communicate with a family member or friend or just to establish an internet connection and enter your bank accounts, email or perform any other activity on it.

In spite of be two very important and positive tools for humanityare also considered as dangerous in many ways, and is that so much the smartphone as the network connection can make it end by doing a improper use especially when browsing.

One of the big problems for parents today is what kind of content your kids can see on these devices, considering that there are a large number of XXX web pages, violence, devilish games, among others. Accordingly, here you we are going to show some mobile applications that will help you control the use of these devices for your childrenFor this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you below.

What is the ideal age to give my son a mobile?

If you are a father and have one or more small children, you are surely wondering What is the best age to give him a mobile device? Especially since nowadays these devices are very important for be able to communicate with each othereither to know where is your son, if he has already left class, if he feels well, among many other reasons. And it is that these terminals have passed from be a luxury a necessity for human beings.

However, when it comes to a child it should be borne in mind that most of them they are not mature enough as to know what things are good and what things are not good, so a smart mobile device could be a real danger to them. The most advisable in these cases is that children begin to have smartphones after 15 years, since they consider that old have a slightly more mature mind.

In this type of case it is mThe communication of parents with their children is very important, since it will largely depart from here the decisions that the little ones make in their lives. If you have thought of give him a terminal, it is recommended that this be a basic phone, that is, it only serves to calls and send messages, as smart phones could become double-edged weapon.

And it is recommended that they use a basic phone for various reasons, one of them is that children ages 10 to 15 or 16 are for them to go out to play in the park, to practice a sport, use video games and study. Another reason why you shouldn't give a smart smartphone is because these will make the child creates addictions at an early age, which could have consequences for the future.

List of the best parental control applications to protect your children on Android and iOS

It should be mentioned that it is almost impossible to maintain a full control of your children's smart mobile devices, making it very difficult to know what websites visit from mobile, what applications do they use, what social networks do they manage, among others.

As you know this is a 100% difficult task for parents to do, today you can find a lot of parental control apps that will help you protect your children from any danger or inappropriate content.

That is why below We are going to show you a list of the best apps of this type for both Android and iOS:

Norton Family

Norton It is one of the most important security companies on the web, it is not only in charge of offering you security for your Windows and Mac computers, it is also available for mobile devices. This is how it has a mainly dedicated application what is it for parental control.

In this way with Norton Family you will have the opportunity that the your child's smartphone has extra protection, where his specialty is avoiding any kind of cyber bullying, for this bloquea all access to inappropriate sites, preventing them from entering chat rooms to meet people.

In addition, it offers a browsing history, so it will let you know what Pages visit your child and which have tried to enter but the system has blocked them. This app is available for both Android like iOS, where it has a free and premium version where security tools are more advanced.

Kids place

Kids place

This app is only available for the Android operating system, it takes care of apply maximum security to prevent the smallest of the house from entering Improper websites or making use of non-recommended mobile applications. For this it offers a configuration system where the father will mark the programs you want to be used, avoiding that the teenager can install new apps.

also can restrict both phone calls and messages I send and receive, selecting you the numbers he can write to, allows blocking strange network connections, preventing it from having any Internet connection when it is not with you.

For maximum security the application has a security key that only parents should know, this will prevent the child can enter it and make changes to its settings. An ideal program for control the use of mobile and Internet of your children and prevent access dangerous or unreliable sites.

Qustodio Parental Control

Qustodio Parental Control

Undoubtedly Qustodio It is one of the best applications to monitor your children, it works invisibly, which means that no one will know that is installed on the smartphone. With her you will have the opportunity to fully monitor your child's activities with the terminal, being able to know who you interact with and what sites you visit.

Among the main functions it offers you can find yourself the one to see what app uses and how many minutes it spends in each one, the searches you carry out, the websites you visit, the people you interact with on the network and the social networks you use. As you can see a fairly complete information that will allow you to have a total control of all the movements that the adolescent performs.

KuuKla Ebeveyn Kontrol

KuuKla Ebeveyn Kontrol

KuuKla is another of the applications available in the android operating system and with which the parents will have the possibility to restrict the use of the smartphone to his children. For this they should simply install the program on mobile and the user will receive a email to activate the program. This will allow parents to start configure it for use.

This is how they can place different usage parameters, one of them is to decide what apps can be installed on the computerThis means that only those programs will appear that adults have installed. They can also add some filters to block access to XXX pages, chat rooms and any other improper website. And finally they can set limits on equipment use.

Kids shell

Kids shell

Kids shell will allow you to have a greater control on your son's smartphone, this gives you the chance to be the one to decide what types of applications can or cannot have in the terminal. This will prevent the little one from doing use of improper app or social networks, considering that the latter it is not very favorable for minors.

However, this program is only found available in english, has a free version and a paid version called Pro and which offers you many more tools than you can apply to increase the safety of your child at all times, especially when he is not with you.

Parental Control Screen Time

Parental Control Screen Time

It is currently one of the most popular applications from the official Android store, it will allow you create a series of parameters in order to restrict the use of the terminal to the little one in the house, thus preventing it from accessing those inappropriate or unsuitable sites.

In this way, Screen Time will allow you set a smartphone usage time, preventing the little one from spending many hours using this device. It also has options for block websites, as well as restrict the programs that can be installed on it. One way to keep a greater control in these technological devices that are so necessary today.

Family Time Parental Control

Family Time Parental Control

Like all the apps mentioned above, with Family time you will have the opportunity to apply different types of controls to your child's smartphone. In this way you will be able to ensure that none of your children is entering improper websites or communicating with strangers through the network or social networks.

That is how Family time takes care of to block any type of cyber bullying, preventing both your children and any other member of your family may be affected by this. When with an option of tracking that will let you know the location of the teenager at any time, a way to find out if you are attending classes or not.

In addition, it has options such as that of an alert In case of access prohibited sites, call and SMS tracking, app blocking, which will allow you to avoid making use of social networks, among many other more options available. This app is currently in the official iOS and Android store and which you can download completely free.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Kaspersky SafeKids

Available for both Android operating system like iOS and it is one of the most recommended applications currently to perform this type of procedures security on the mobile devices of the smallest of the house. It has a free version and a premium version where can you find tools more advanced in terms of security.

With Kaspersky adults are going to have the opportunity to create a list of websites your child can visit, as well as the applications that you can install in the terminal. Furthermore, they can control all movements I do in the team, this is how at the end of the day will receive a summary report of the teenager's activities on the device.

To prevent the program from reaching be manipulated by third parties, has a maximum security password which will make only the parents who can access it. In the case of the Premium version has additional functions like a GPS locator to track it at all times and a supervision of social networks in case you already have them.


Locategy "width =" 800 "height =" 500 "srcset =" 800w, 720x450.jpg 720w, 768w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "src =" https: / / "></p>
<p><strong>Locategy</strong> it's just a <strong>family GPS locator</strong> <strong>with parental control functions,</strong> This means that it will allow you <strong>keep track of your child's location at all times</strong>this will let you know what <strong>sites you visit while you're not home</strong>. In addition, they can also <strong>limit the use of the device to a number of hours per day,</strong> preventing the <strong>teenager can create addictions to these types of devices. </strong></p>
<p>You also have the possibility of i<strong>Request access to pornographic pages or violent websites,</strong> avoiding so I can <strong>view inappropriate content</strong>. In the event that your child uses <strong>social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram</strong> you will have the opportunity to <b>establish a time of use for each of them,</b> thus avoiding spending a lot of time using these platforms.</p>
<p>As soon as <strong>to the locator,</strong> you can <strong>set your house as a predetermined place,</strong> this will cause a <strong>alarm every time the teenager enters or leaves their home,</strong> thus allowing you to be alert at all times. It also allows you <strong>create a history of your movements on the computer</strong>as well as <strong>the sites you have visited in the last few days</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= My serene parental control

My serene parental control

Finally, we introduce you My Serene, an app available only for Android mobile devices and which you can use to observe each of your son or daughter's activities with the smartphone. This is how it will allow you review the websites you have visited, block those you deem inappropriate, prevent you from entering sites where you can communicate with strangers, as well as manage usage time.

And not only allows you manage activities from the webyou can also monitor and restrict both phone calls and SMS, for this you can modify contact list deciding who can be there or not and blocking those strange numbers.

It also has a GPS function that will allow you know the location of your child at all times. One of its most advanced features is that all conversions, audios and photos that are sent by WhatsApp and Instagram will be recorded, so you can know what Talk and what files your child shares with his friends. Without a doubt, an excellent tool for maintain full control of the teenager's smartphone.