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What are the best photo gallery apps for Android and iOS? 2020 list

While true, today, photographs are considered totally essential visual representations in the digital world. Since, the vast majority of users expose their best moments through these elements and They usually share them on social networks, instant messaging apps or other online platforms..

In this sense, due to the importance that photos have taken globally, all smartphones have their own gallery app in order to facilitate the management of the same to the users. However, it is likely that the said app of the operating system or mobile brand, don't fully convince these customers.

For this reason, there are many people looking for other solutions in order to enjoy the functions that best suit their needs to view the photos and videos they have taken with their device. Therefore, below, we mention some of the best alternatives for Android and iOS.

What does a photo gallery app have to be considered the best?

Now, due to the large number of options available in the app stores to view and manage your photos, it is valuable to know how can you select the most optimal utility. Since, among so many alternatives, you will surely end up confused and you will not know which one to choose.

That is why, in this section of the post, we will focus on specifying the most relevant aspects that you should take into account when downloading a gallery application, so that it can be considered the best:

What does a photo gallery app have to be considered the best?

Own camera

For complete efficiency when installing a gallery app on your mobile phone, it is considered essential that it has its own camera. In other words, do not depend on the camera of your device to reveal a good operation.

Thus, one of the best advantages of this aspect is that, surely, you will be able to obtain photographs with a higher quality than the conventional gallery camera guarantees. In this way, even you will get photos at a professional level.


In addition, in order to protect all the photos and videos hosted on your smartphone, it is highly relevant that the new gallery app provide excellent privacy and security methods. So that no third party accessing your mobile can easily view certain content.

Therefore, check that this application allows you create private albums within itself, with which you will have the power to hide certain private photographs and / or videos. Taking into account that, most of the conventional galleries, yet do not have this functionality of interest.


Another of the most important aspects, refers to the application having the necessary tools to simplify the photo or image editing processes directly from the same interface.

This is an extremely useful feature for make a quick edit without having to leave the application. Even for those users who do not make edits so advanced as to install an additional app for it, it is also ideal that this function is found in the gallery application.

Cloud service

Although it is a function that is only contained in some gallery apps available in the main application stores, it is certainly very effective that have the ability to connect to cloud services, in order to be able to access your photo folders from anywhere.

In this sense, if possible, be sure to choose a gallery app that allows you to connect with Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox to host your files safely and also have the possibility of managing them from other devices. Which is very beneficial in case of losing your mobile or being the victim of a robbery.

List of the best photo gallery apps for Android and iOS

Having clarified the above, it is time to gather the 10 best photo gallery applications that you can install on an Android mobile or tablet and also on an iPhone or iPad, some of them.

Considering that, according to your requirements or preferences, You must take into account the aspects that we indicated above:

Camera Roll – Gallery

Camera Roll - Gallery

Available on the Play Store, it has positioned itself as one of the most effective applications for manage all your photos from an Android device. Which, presents a simple and intuitive interface that is designed in order to offer optimal speed and great performance to its users. In addition, it stands out for its ability to create virtual albums and support the ability to hide private folders.

Among other features, Camera Roll allows you to move or copy your photos and videos between different folders easily, thanks to its built-in file explorer. Also, making use of the function Hidden Folder you can show and clean your hidden folders, and it also allows you display the EXIF ​​data of the photos hosted there. It is a totally free app.

MyPics – A Powerful PhotoAlbum

MyPics - A Powerful PhotoAlbum

Is about a free application available for iPhone and iPad in the Apple Store, from which users can better manage their photos and videos; which is why it has been recommended for all people who are not satisfied with the default gallery app. Among its advantages, we find that allows backups sharing files in iTunes or uploading them to the cloud via Dropbox.

In addition to that, you can create and organize albums by choosing your preferred design among a total of 45 different themesYou can also organize photos by date and search by name, discuss your important memories (extracting the original data) and edit all the photos you want. It also allows you to view EXIF ​​data, publish the items on social networks and print on AirPrint.


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<p>It consists of a gallery application <strong>very popular for Android devices</strong>, since it is totally free in the Play Store and reveals an excellent operation thanks to the number of options it provides. Among them, one of the most important, refers to <strong>the possibility to edit the photos from the same application</strong> and that is why, it guarantees a quick editing process.</p><!--CusAdsVi1-->
<p>For their part, Piktures <strong>supports folders in the cloud</strong> (Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive) and thanks to that, your users can access saved content from anywhere. In addition to this, it has a video player, <strong>allows you to change the size of the photos before sharing them</strong>, supports a large number of formats, works as a GIF creator and <strong>she's so sure</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= Google Photos

Google Photos

It refers to a very famous app that, on most Android mobiles, it comes pre-installed and can also be downloaded on iOS devices. Thus, it is characterized by being a very useful application to easily manage your photos and create automatic backups. through your online Google Drive account. Therefore, it has support for cloud services and guarantees excellent performance.

In addition to this, offers advanced editing and you can transform your photos with just a touch, from completely intuitive and powerful editing tools that work to apply effects and adjust different parameters. Too has visual search, so that you can search the photographs by the people, places or things that are shown in them (without having to label them) and it is necessary to distinguish that, offers smart automatic albums.

Simple Gallery

Simple Gallery

Too is available for Android and iOS, through it, you can get a completely customizable gallery because it guarantees great flexibility and it allows you to work the way you want, from the UI to the function buttons located on the bottom toolbar. Taking into account that, provides a free version and a paid version that is very economical.

Now, in general terms, we highlight that Simple Gallery provides an optimal photo editor with which you can filter, resize and use many more tools to obtain quality results. It also allows searching and filtering by file type, it has a recycle bin, provides complete privacy and security (with pattern, pin or fingerprint), allows hide entire albums, supports various types of files and creates customizable presentations of your files.

A + Gallery – Photos and Videos

A + Gallery - Photos and Videos

This is an application compatible with android which exhibits a simple and highly enriched user interface, due to its excellent design and allows you to get a personalized gallery through an extensive collection of beautiful themes. Thus, basically, it provides a free version (with advertisements) and a paid version that cancels said advertising.

In general terms, the app has the ability to organize your photos automatically, you can also create and manage albums with total privacy and even allows you hide your photos and videos in a password protected vault. Added to that, it supports several cloud services (such as Dropbox and Amazon Cloud Drive), so you will have the possibility to access your gallery online, sync and backup items.

Focus – Picture Gallery

Focus - Picture Gallery

It is an incredible gallery that guarantees optimum speed, efficiency and ease of use to its many users. Valuing that, it has a powerful mechanism to access all your albums and organize them as you prefer without having to make much effort. This, from the extremely clean interface that it exhibits and for free (although it also has a premium version).

In that sense, it has a photo editor It is appropriate to make small modifications (such as cuts and rotations), in addition, supports various formatsIt contains a tagging function (with pre-defined or self-created tags) and supports easy navigation. But, It is only available for Android devices and includes the possibility of hiding photos in its paid version..


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<p>This is a free application that is mainly characterized by <strong>make it possible to create private spaces (or albums) so that your users enjoy greater security</strong>. Taking into account that it is ideal to use it as a kind of private social network, so that only those people that you authorize can see and access your files without limitation.</p>
<p>For this, you will have to start by entering the app and creating a group album, then include all the people you prefer and share the photos or memories you want. In this way, all the added users will be able to <strong>interact on such albums, add tags, place comments, etc.</strong>. It should be noted that, <strong>It is available in the Play Store and the Apple Store</strong>.</p>
<h3><span class= F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop Gallery

As another alternative of interest, we find this application optimized for Android devices that, facilitates the organization of all your photos and albums. Thus, it provides instant search of files and it shows you results based on the name of each photograph, as well as by means of labels or by camera model. Other than that, he admits the possibility of organize images through the useful action "drag and drop".

In addition to this, you can hide images and videos using the password protection function, offers nested folders, has the ability to play animated GIFs, can read metadata directly from your images (EXIF, IPTC, XMP), Allows you to edit and share the photos with popular applications (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.). All this, from a clean user interface inspired by the Material Design interface.

Gallery KK

Gallery KK

To conclude, we emphasize this other alternative gallery for Android devices It has optimal tools to ensure excellent operation. Among them, we highlight that allows to carry out editing processes and add filters without loss of qualityIt is also great for setting image size and colors, supports different types of views (grid or movie), and has the ability to play animated GIFs.

Additionally, in order for the user to quickly find their photos at another time, the app allows you to add tags or labels to them. Among other features, we highlight that it is free, it can hide unwanted directories, it works as a very fast photo and video viewer, it has customizable buttons in photo view and exhibits a very intuitive user interface.