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What are the best PlayStation PS4 emulators for iPhone? List 2022

We will show you the best emulators for the PlayStation 4. You will learn in detail how to safely download a program that allows you to play all the games on the Sony game console from your phone.

The first thing that we are going to teach you is the characteristics a mobile with iOS must have to run PS4 games and what are the best iPhone models to play titles on the PlayStation 4.

Do not miss anything because you can also know the best Sony PS4 games to release on your iPhone’s new emulator or iPad. Check out.

What features should my iPhone have to run PS4 games?

In order for the emulator to work properly and run Sony game console games, you will need to have certain hardware and software components. For example, you will need to have a version equal to or greater than iOS 9, have a processor with at least 4 cores, a RAM memory of 4 GB and a free space greater than 150 MB.

Keep in mind that the more modern your iPhone or iPadthe better the results. If for any reason you do not have all these features on your mobile, we recommend you delete applications that you do not use, outdated multimedia files and do a deep cleaning of cookies and other junk files.

List of the best PlayStation 4 emulators to play on iPhone wherever you are

While is true that, you can find on the Internet sites that offer some PS4 emulators for iPhone or iPad, at the moment this technology is not secure. This is because said programs are viruses or do not work on your device correctly. Keep in mind that to install these emulators it is necessary to limit some tools of Manzana or perform jailbreak, which is not recommended for your privacy or for the operation of the phone.

What are the best iPhone models to play PS4 titles?

What are the best iPhone models to play PS4 titles?

While it is true that, you can enjoy the games of Playstation 4 in any equal or later version of iPhone that has an operating system iOS 9 or more, it is advisable to choose models with higher power so that get a unique user experience.

For this reason, we will show you below the best iPhone models to play PS4 titles:

iPhone 13

Launched at the end of the year 21, it has the Mini, Pro and Pro Max version. It is the most recent model in which you can find a longer battery life, 1Tb storage and a screen large enough to enjoy all the quality of images of the PS4. These aspects will make you feel that you can carry Sony’s own game console in your pocket.

15th generation, iPhone 12

It was presented on the market a year before its successor. It presents four models to adapt to the different needs of users, so you can choose between the version 12, Mini, Pro and Pro Max. Its screen up to 6.7 “ and its Super Retina XDR technology improve color exposure for games. You will only have to choose the storage capacity, which will be 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

iPhone SE2

This model represents a iPhone 8 continuation, since its design, colors and style are similar to the classic model launched in September 2017. It offers a storage system of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB and the technology applied on the screen, allows to have a smooth touch for PS4 video games.

iPhone 11

The three models of this version (11, Pro and Pro Max) They were released in late 2019 with a revolutionary 3-chamber design. It has a 6.1 “screen and an A13 Bionic Chip processor, which causes a unique user experience in PlayStation games.

13th generation – iPhone XS, XS Max and XR

From this generation there is a substantial change from previous models, technology is included Liquid Retina, the data processing system is improved and the screens are larger. All these features help an emulator of ios to run smoothly to any game on the Sony game console.

The best PS4 games to release the new emulator for your iPhone

To get the most out of your new emulator iPhone, We show you below the best video games to enjoy with your friends. With this top 5 PS4 games lYou will be able to carry the performance of this powerful console in your hands.

See below:

The Last Guardian

One of the great attractions recently released on PS4 is The Last Guardian, It is an exciting action-adventure story between a boy and a beast. This bond of friendship develops throughout the game in which different challenges await you. Trico, as the giant creature has been named, is a rather peculiar winged mix.

With this mystical character you will have to conquer different puzzles, which you will not be able to cross alone. This is how its gameplay is built, to solve the puzzles between Trico and the player (the child). While playing with your iPhone you will internalize the emotional part of the story, from which you will not free yourself so easily. Overcome zones and discover chasms as you immerse yourself in The Last Guardian.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard

Resident Evil 7: biohazard

In the most extreme survival of a world full of zombies, Resident Evil 7 is developed. Not an option for susceptible players, since one of its outstanding characteristics is that it is played in the first person, being much more crude than the rest of those proposed by the franchise.

You’ll star as Ethan Winters a husband who is in a terrifying struggle to find his mate. Of course, more than a love story, it has been given a turn of intense horror. Has very good opinions in terms of gameplay, graphics and design, thus generating the best-selling video game in the entire Resident Evil saga.


With this classic that came to revive Marvel superheroes On PlayStation 4 you will have a first person view with a very realistic scene from Peter’s room. In this environment you will experience a rather technological spider suit that wears the younger version of the protagonist.

It has a fairly open concept and a gameplay that will make you feel inside the character. Try roaming the city hanging from your spider web, or if you prefer, fight smartly with a gang of raiders. It is a fluid game that will surprise you with its excellent HD graphics.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square enix hit again with Final Fantasy VIIAlthough it is a classic among gamers, it will be as immersive as the rest. As for the story you will have to the mercenary Cloud Strife fighting in Avalanche against the world. In this installment you will have a real-time battle system and entire polygonal graphics.

You don’t have to put aside magic, summons, and powerful attacks in the middle of combat.. You will help destroy an evil corporation that tries to deplete the planet’s resources. And as if that weren’t the best, it integrates an addictive combat system and scenes with a high level of detail.

God of war

Don’t forget to take a look at God of war, one of the most talked about games for PS4. The truth is that, although it was released a few years ago, it has been a success. This is due to its wild and mythological plot, where Kratos returns to his son Atreus. Between weapons, fights and epic landscapes you will defeat all the enemies of Kratos.

Either by the position of the camera, the walks or by the various enemies you are going to enjoy a first level game on mobile. Do not leave aside a classic, if you want to have serious fun, remember that each level you progress you will add more stars that will represent you in each battle.