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What are the best poker games without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play on Android and iPhone? 2022 list

What are the best poker games without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play on Android and iPhone? 2020 list

While it is true, one of the types of mobile applications that are most downloaded in Google Play Store and App Store, are those that guarantee fun and an excellent experience to its users , being These are mainly dedicated to offering games of different categories . Which, thanks to its variety, can be adapted to the preferences of each person. Either, to get a little out of the daily routine, practice in your Smarpthones or Tablets some skills that can be improved through these games or for other reasons.

In this sense, one of the types of games that have more downloads worldwide are those related to poker . Due to the fever that has been unleashed for many years in various casinos in many countries, being one of the most famous and renowned gambling games. Usually, fans of this addictive card game choose to download these apps to train for real tournaments , play for fun or for the virtual prizes they acquire inside the app .

Because of this, we have decided to let you know the best poker games that currently exist in the market . Therefore, we will inform you in detail about its most interesting features and best of all, we have gathered completely free and offline alternatives for you, which means that are games that can be run on your device without having to have Internet or Wi-Fi connection .

to download and play on Android and iOS

As we indicated, we have gathered the best alternatives to poker games and cards that can be found for free in Google Play Store and App Store , to be able to execute them without having an Internet connection on your mobile or Tablet Next, the 10 most optimal and qualified options for this:

Poker Calculator

Poker Calculator

To start with the list, we recommend this app available for Android and iOS that in addition to being free, provides games without an Internet connection . As the name implies, the application is based on calculate the odds of winning , through a function called “ Poker odds ”, with which you can have more precision when playing.

Taking into account that these probabilities, are totally reliable and effective . Which means that it contains a very useful tool to improve your game technique. In addition, it works with an exact calculator that takes into account all combinations and thus provides immediate results through its cache memory.

It also runs background evaluations, does not require you to specify all the cards in the hands of the players, can calculate the odds for an unlimited number of players and contains one of the engines fastest poker you can get online .

Download “Poker Calculator” for Android

Download “Poker Calculator” for iPhone

Governor of Poker 2

Governor of Poker 2

This game ideal for users of all ages, is one of the most famous options worldwide, since r ecibe millions of downloads day after day in the main app stores . In addition to being free, the app works without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi , so it is more striking than usual.

One of the best advantages of Governor of Poker 2 is that offers an easy tutorial for players who want to learn and don’t have much knowledge about poker. Among other details, this poker game without an Internet connection is an addictive option , with around 80 challenging players to beat, allowing to enjoy a more real experience and with more action .

Also taking into account that, it looks like a Las Vegas casino, thanks to the 27 showy halls and 19 completely amazing cities it contains . In short, it is a great recommendation for both poker beginners and world players, where you can combine several styles and your best tactics to win.

Download “Governor of Poker 2” for Android

Download “Governor of Poker 2” for iPhone

Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe

Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe

This poker game without an Internet connection for children, youth and adults is free and compatible with Android and iOS. Which, offers a classic game that runs in conjunction with the social network Facebook , making it one of the most valued leisure alternatives of this platform.

What also translates into bringing together a fully active community that allows you to live a more real and original experience . Thus, it has 16 million players and up to $ 30,000 in free chips .

With an atmosphere similar to the renowned Las Vegas casinos, this mobile game ensures various tournaments, has beautiful graphics and luxurious places to play , allows you to have a fully personalized profile and handle all Functions contained very easily, thanks to its interface with great simplicity. In addition to this, gives the best players many gifts, drinks and virtual snacks .

Download “Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe” for Android

Download “Texas Holdem Poker Deluxe” for iPhone

Appeak Poker – Texas Holdem

Appeak Poker

Another of the best offline options for playing poker is this fun, challenging, fast and free app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices . It has extremely attractive aspects that allow you to have real sensations while playing within the app, starting with the wonderful poker rooms that it integrates for all its users .

In short, it is easy to operate and t and allows you to bet as if you were in a live and direct game . For their part, the stakes are segmented into tiny, small, medium and large, with which you can win up to 7.00 chips free and automatically through bonuses given to you every day.

Bearing in mind that for greater advantage, the challenges can increase your stack of chips very quickly . Among other features, it has more than 40 original avatars to select and has more than 100,000 active players .

Download “Appeak Poker” for Android

Download “Appeak Poker” for iPhone

Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold´em < / h3>Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold´em

If you want to try more alternatives of poker games without Internet connection suitable for beginners and professionals , we present this free app that currently holds millions of players around the world. Among its greatest benefits, we point out that provides up to $ 500,000 in free chips once you open your account at the beginning . It also allows you to connect your account with Facebook to easily register or if you prefer, you can do it with your email.

It allows you to keep live chats between several players , it has more than 200 virtual objects to send to other users at the tables, it has quick tables for better enjoyment and in it, you can make use of personal avatars that suit your preferences . In addition, it integrates circle games, Shootout poker tournament mode and Sit And Go poker tournament mode.

Download “Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold´em” for Android

Download “Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold´em” for iPhone

Poker Heat

Poker Heat

Free of charge, this poker game app without Internet connection and very famous , allows you to place bets online in poker leagues and try your best strategies. In that sense, you can advance in the ranking of seven poker leagues to become an expert in the field, regardless of whether you are a beginner so far.

With which, you can be worthy of great prizes that add millions of chips to continue playing and betting . Among other features, this mobile game for Android and iOS is easy to operate , as you can feel the thrill of playing the best poker with just one click.

Now, among its best features, we detail that includes unique league competition that offers you really competitive and real games , also adds competition against friends and players from all over the world </ strong>, free additional benefits and daily bonuses with which you can multiply your winnings in the league and also facilitate exciting content like enjoy player statistics .

Download “Poker Heat” for Android

Download “Poker Heat” for iPhone

WSOP – World Series of Poker < / h3>WSOP – World Series of Poker

This is one of the most authentic poker apps on the market, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and App Store . But best of all, it is an ideal leisure option to play without an Internet connection or mobile data on your device .

Among its functions, we highlight that the platform provides free chips every four hours, allows you to enjoy different tournaments to obtain prizes and the maximum score , and with it, have as much fun as you want .

It is also necessary to highlight its function “ WSOP BRACELETS ” which is the most prestigious prize of the app, so only the most gifted players get it and thanks to this, you can become a whole expert around poker. In addition, adds stunning Las Vegas-style rooms , has poker statistics to improve your game, makes it easy for you to play live with friends, includes missions and “POKER RECALL” to test your memory .

Download “WSOP – World Series of Poker” for Android

Download “WSOP – World Series of Poker” for iPhone

Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

It refers to one of the most recognized online poker games worldwide , since it is free, it can run perfectly without an Internet connection and adds many tables, tournaments and a complete variety of players that you will have to challenge during each experience .

Which means that it is a great entertainment app with very attractive features, among which stands out its VIP program to get advantages and unlock additional functions by increasing the level.

For your part, you can enjoy exciting and classic poker games, acquire free chips that collect up to $ 60,000 as welcome bonuses , presents an atmosphere that brings total reality, so you will believe that You are in a real casino. You can also make use of the social gaming experience to play with your friends or meet people from the most excessive poker community in the world , highlighting that in the same game, you can compete against 5 or 9 players at dizzying pace .

Download “Zynga Poker” for Android

Download “Zynga Poker” for iPhone

DH Texas Poker

DH Texas Poker

With more than 30 million downloads , this completely free poker app is another of the best alternatives to have fun at different tables and meet a lot of challengers worldwide </ strong>, which allow you to feel in a completely real environment. Once you download the app, you get 80,000 free chips and online prizes that ensure you have an excellent experience.

For its part, contains daily gifts and gifts from friends , has other interesting features such as private tables to play only with known people or special guests and also adds a VIP table option to experience a Las Vegas style game. In addition, allows daily access to the lottery .

Download “DH Texas Poker” for Android

Download “DH Texas Poker” for iPhone

Poker Stars Lite

Poker Stars Lite

Finally, we recommend download this app in Google Play Store or App Store , as it is one of the poker rooms with the largest number of players and a totally notable reputation in multiple countries at the level world. Through this free poker application , you can bet on fictitious money and try your tactics to become one of the most expert poker players .

You can also challenge many online users who enter the platform every day. For more details, we distinguish that has a completely fast and no waiting poker format , it opens tournaments every second and therefore, it always keeps holding regular games.

In addition, contains quick access to Texas Hold’em and other online poker games , adds multi-table function, as does table chat and lobby filters for all games . Which means it is one of the best options for fun whenever you want, even without having an Internet connection or Wi-Fi or mobile data .