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What are the best portable antivirus to install on your computer from a flash drive? 2022 list

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Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when using a computer or laptopshence the importance of being able to count on an excellent antivirus that allows us to have the maximum possible security Everytime that we access the web, open a program or install software on the computer.

Currently you can find what they are portable antivirusthese softwares have become a great advantage for most users, since now they can take their antivirus directly from your flash drive and so install it on any pc either that of a relative or friend when using it.

This will undoubtedly allow you to fix bugs that occur on other computersto always keep safe external memory and information stored there, among many other benefits. This is how here we are going to teach you a little more about this and what are the best portable software that you can install from your pendrive.

What are the benefits of installing a portable antivirus on my computer?

One of the greatest advantages of having portable applications or programs is that these they do not need to be installed on the PC for them to function, this is because they do not perform system changeswhich allows them to be run on any computer as long as they are compatible with the operating system of the machine.

This is how they work directly antivirus from flash drive or external drive where it simply needs to be run for it to be installed on the PC. This will allow you to have greater security in your files and documents when using them on another computer. Therefore, the main advantages of these programs are the following:

No activation code needed

In the case of antiviruses, most of them require a activation code so they can be used for free. However, in the case of portable software this will not be necessarysince it has a key so that they can be executed without the need to be installed on the computerthis means that they will only be passing through.

they are portable

As their name indicates, these programs are portable so you can save to your external memory and use them on any computer, very practical for protect your content on any PC that uses ityes

They do not take up space on the hard drive

One of its greatest advantages is that by not having to install it directly on each computer used, East will not take up hard drive spacewhich becomes an excellent alternative for those users who no longer have more disk space.

Does not consume resources

not installing, do not consume resources on the PC, they just get to modify the operating system registrywhich also allows them to have a faster reading that will allow them to work higher speed.

You do not need to have administrator permission to run them

In case you need install a portable antivirus on a foreign computeryou will not need to have administrator permissions for itthis is because these programs they are not installed but simply run from the USB stick, what allows them to be executed without having these rights.

Use the antivirus only when you need it

You may not need to use this all the time. software, but you can take it with you without any problem and thus use it punctual form when really necessary. In addition, it has the advantage that you simply have to open it for it to start working already carry out a protection analysis in the team you want.

List of the best free portable antivirus to install on my Windows and Mac computer

considering all the benefits that these portable programs offer, It is very attractive to have a antivirus that allows us to analyze any equipment that we have to use when working. This will certainly help documents and data to be used are completely safe and out of reach of a virus or malwares.

Also, as does not require any installation for its useits execution will be much easier and faster, which guarantees you a greater comfort when using them.

That is why here we are going to show you a list with the best portable antivirus that you can start using on your Windows and Mac computer:

Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser

Norton is undoubtedly one of the best known and most reliable companies in this type of security, it has been in the market for several years where it offers a quite reliable and complete security system able to help you protect all your data and information contained in your equipment. This is how it also stands out for offering easy handling and a very attractive platform where you can find different analysis types.

That way, the user can perform what they are quick scans, advanced scans, rootkit scans, a multiboot checkamong some other available options that will allow you to have a absolute control on the security of your PC or smartphone.

Download Norton Power Eraser Windows

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger

Stinger is another antivirus that you will be able to carry from one place to another through a external memory or flash drive. This belongs to the excellent mcafee Line, known as an excellent program for detect viruses on computers and smartphones which offers very advanced tools for it. This is how it allows search for rootkits, log modules, file contamination, virus removal, among many other actions that it carries out.

That is how Stinger can be configured to perform different types of actions that allow you to have a security at all times. It stands out for being very simple to use, for this you simply have to start the computer scan and choose the types of dangers you want to detect. An excellent option to take with you wherever you want to go.

Download McAfee Stinger Windows

ClamWin Portable

ClamWin Portable

This is a open source software that you will be able to start using from your external memory without the need to install it on your PC, that of your friend or relative. This is how it offers you an ease of use so that you can maintain protected all your documents and data wherever you want to go. ClamWin It is considered today as one of the best antivirus thanks to your excellent advanced tools that facilitate computer protection.

Also has free updates that will allow you to use the tools most modern protection. For its use you simply have to add the software to your USB stick and then you will only have to open it on the PC where you want to run it. It has various analysis systems depending on the files you want to explore, also allowing you quarantine all those items that are infected by some kind of virus.

Download ClamWin Portable Windows

Kaspersky – Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky – Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky is another of the portable software that you can currently get on the market, it is also known as Virus Removal Tool and which you can install on your flash drive and thus begin to use in any PC that you want in an easy and fast way no installation required.

Removal Tool It is a very simple tool that will allow you to check and be aware of your computer’s memory, your files and documents, boot sectors, programs that run at system startup, among many others. This in order to prevent some of these elements from being seen. affected by viruses or any other malicious software.

Download Kaspersky – Virus Removal Tool Windows

Download Kaspersky – Virus Removal Tool macOS

Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Comodo Cleaning Essentials

Cleaning gives you the ability to do a lot of scan types that will allow you to have a greater control of the security of your team in generalthis is how it handles detect the presence of any virus that can cause serious damage to the equipment. Thus managing to identify and stop suspicious processes, remove rootkits, hidden files, malwaresamong many other elements that may be hidden in the system.

It has tools that allow perform an analysis of cloud systems, an intelligent scan that will analyze all the elements that start with the system, applications and programs. You can have all this in your portable version which you can use in any machine without the need to installfor this it offers a very easy to use interface.

Download Comodo Cleaning Essentials Windows

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

It is one of the few softwares that has a dual scan enginewhich has led him to be awarded and recognized around the world for its effectiveness at the time of perform security scans on any computer. One of these scan engines is proprietary and the other belongs to Bitdefender.

All this has led it to become an excellent option to analyze any type of program or application in search of viruses, malwares or any other malicious software that could be found. However, having a large number of tools and functions make it your software is not so light such as those mentioned above, which can reach you take up a lot of space on your flash drive.

Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit Windows

spybot wearable

spybot wearable

spybot is a specialist in viruses, trojans, malware and other dangers that can affect the performance of your computer. In addition, it has a portable version known as Spybot – Search & Destroy Portablea program that you can transport directly in your external memory and use it on any computer in a very simple way, this will allow you to have protected your data anywhere.

Therefore, this program is specialized only for detect any type of threat that can be found on the PC, for this it has different types of analysis that will help you find these malicious software. It has a very simple interface which will not be any kind of problem when using it.

Download Spybot Portable Windows

HijackThis Portable

HijackThis Portable

HijackThis is another of portable antivirus applications that you can get currently available, it has developed tools capable of helping you get any type of threat that could cause failures in your equipment. Therefore, it becomes an excellent option to know if we have been affected by some type of virus.

This is how it has a analysis system that will scan each of your programs, documents, applications and other elements in order to find the dangers that are present. being a portable program It gives you the possibility that you can take it with you wherever you want, thus protecting each of your information.

Download HijackThis Portable Windows



NoBot has been a program designed essentially to detect all kinds of malicious presence on your computerthis is how he is able to detect malware and spyware that they could reach damage your operating system. By becoming a portable antivirus gives you the possibility to take it with you always and thus be able to run it on any other computer you use, this will allow you ensure your safety at all times.

It is worth mentioning that NoBot It is a completely free program but it also has a paid premium versionwhich offers some much more advanced security features. One of its points to highlight is that it performs a real-time protection from the moment that the machine is turned on and the operating system boots.

Download NoBot Windows

dr web

dr web

We finally found what it is dr webother software that will help you with the virus stop and else malicious presences that can be found on your machine. It is characterized by being a very easy-to-use program that has advanced tools in order to offer you excellent results.

dr web count with one advanced analysis that will allow you to select which ones are the objects you want to scanor in that case a Complete analisis of all the elements in the operating system. This will help you find those temporary files, viruses, malwares, rootkitsand any other software that may be causing some kind of damage.

Download Dr Web Windows

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