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What are the best private and encrypted messaging apps to use? 2022 list

It is important, emphasize that long distance conversations have generally become a habit. Over time, the security of information shared from our devices has become a concern.

From each person’s perspective, it is necessary to have a communication application that inspires confidence, When it comes to messages, calls and files we share, you need to have a encrypted privacy protection.

Despite the above. In this post We show you a variety of applications that you can easily download, which will provide greater security for the conversations we carry out every day.

Why is encryption important for messaging apps?

In the hour of find and download a messaging appIt is important to consider the security of each message and call you have, so that only you can access that information, without the problem of someone else seeing it. Fundamentally, the most protected instant messaging applications use a system of end-to-end encryption that establishes a certain privacy.

This indicates that each of our messages and phone calls are backed by a password that provides this type of security, what prevents any interceptor stealing our information. In fact, app encryption encrypts and decrypts our conversations and is divided into two types of keys: public key and private key. In this way, the public key is shared with our recipient, who encrypts the message that will be sent to us.

While the private key allows us to decrypt and read the received message. In a nutshell, encryption gives us a mechanism that prevents them from decrypting our messages, so it becomes unreadable for web interceptors or messaging services. On the contrary, of the SMS messages and phone calls, which can be intercepted by your telephone operator or any hacker with the proper equipment.

List of the best and safest private messaging apps

In relation to security offered by encryption and its importance, we present an extensive list of the best instant messaging applications that you can use from your device.

Let’s see below:


For starters, we have Signal, which is one of the most secure applications related to the encryption of messages and calls. It has a free service, usually with functions of text messages, group conversations, voice notes and video calls.

It is characterized by opting for the benefit of Open Source, in other words, focuses on user privacy without allowing company access to data stored on the device. This means that only the person you are sending the message to can read it, an advantage for the security of our privacy.



On the other hand, you will find Wire. An open source messaging application, which offers us ease of use, it has extended security and can exchange calls and files, such as: messages, images and videos.

One of its virtues is that allows users to register without the need to provide a telephone number, making it easy to create an account with just a username and password. It is not only available for your Smartphone, but you can also use it in Windows, GNU / Linux and web browsers, turning it into a multiplatform app.



However, In terms of looking for a safe and efficient messaging app, WhatsApp may be the best option. Distinguished for being the most used app in the world, with more than 1,500 million users,

According to the protocol Signal, your messages are encrypted from start to finish. An open source encryption enabled by default. Even being in the domain of Facebook, the idea of ​​intercepting becomes null, this means that the company cannot access the messages sent by users in any way, something that makes a difference in the world of messaging, what is considered important for the security of our files and calls.



The use of this application is based on encrypted instant messaging, in the same way as Wire, this app can be used anonymously, what refers to what It is not necessary to provide a phone number or any personal information that identifies us.

Threema opt for the option to link your contacts. Each user can share their public key to their contacts (i.e. QR code) while the private key is safely stored on the device. Further, we can use it on a computer, thus granting, make voice calls, send messages and files of any kind.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Second, among the most popular messaging applications, we find Facebook Messenger. Being a free and easy-to-use service, it is not considered the first choice for a privacy model.

Likewise, the perspective of Facebook is based on collecting personal data and introducing advertisements, therefore, your business reduces privacy protection. Even though, this app has end-to-end encryption, it is not default for users. In other words, each user must enable this encryption option.



This application has a platform with diverse functionalities in relation to instant messaging and sending files. It is true that it also contains an end-to-end encryption system, although comparatively with Facebook Messenger, Telegram likewise, you are suspicious of privacy security.

Further, This app gives us a personal and collective use. Among the features, we can store conversations, personal notes and reminders, which makes it a useful tool for our privacy.


Wickr me

Wickr is a messaging application, focused on the security of files and messages of users and companies. Undoubtedly, another suitable option for the security of your conversations.

This application offers advanced end-to-end encryption and the means to delete messages or any files from the conversation. Also, it allows the elimination of the metadata that is transported through our network, likewise, we can eliminate the data generally included by the files. Another of the capabilities of Wickr, like Wire Y Threema, is that You can access to create an account without requiring a phone number or personal identification.



It stands out for being a cross-platform messaging application that allows: free calls and messages anywhere. A company founded in development centers in Belarus and Israel. Among the various functions of this platform, allows us to add contacts automatically which facilitates its use when storing. Viper chooses to naturally encrypt any file we share and with the possibility of hiding conversations at any time.



In the next position we have iMassage, a very popular messaging application for Apple products. This application is included in iPhone devices so its number of users is not exact.

In addition to being an app exclusively for Apple users, does not have an open source, that is, the company has access to stored and shared information, which provides a problem for the security of our privacy and a low probability of being taken as an option when downloading.



Finally, we have Confide. It has a secure and private instant messaging service, It contains an end-to-end encryption system that protects our conversations and files that we share. Next, one of its advantageous qualities is the minimal amount in which the data included in the files are saved, that is, the metadata collected is very low and are only saved for a period of time, which ensures privacy and streamlines the use and storage of the application.