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What are the best programs and applications to convert your voice into text automatically? 2021 list

What are the best programs and applications to convert your voice into text automatically? 2020 list

With the development and advancement of technology, there are many possibilities for users to save time and simplify their day-to-day activities . Thus, one of the most important creations that they have made over time, are softwares and applications that have the ability to convert audio into text, automatically .

In that sense, at the time of having to make long writings on the computer, such as emails, articles for blogs, works by means of a word processor and all this type of tasks; Voice to text converters in digital format allow you to do it in a very effective way . Taking into account that, for greater benefit, there are many free alternatives.

So, in order that you can easily pass your voice to text, in this post we want to let you know the most optimal options you have for it, today . We will also detail the main advantages of using a voice to text transcription program and other information of interest.

What are the advantages and advantages of using a voice to text transcription program in digital format?

¿Qué usos y ventajas tiene el usar un programa de transcripción de voz a texto en formato digital?
Antes de mencionar todos y cada uno de los mejores programas que hay para convertir tu voz en texto de forma automática, es de gran relevancia concretar cuáles son las ventajas de mayor valor cuando de emplear un software de este tipo se trata.

Therefore, then we announce these benefits:

A remarkable speed

Logically, making use of these programs will allow you to gain a shorter duration of the task; Well, dictating the texts will be much faster than having to write them, or type. So, by being clear about what you want to write in digital format, you can save a lot of time .

Added to this, it also allows you to get greater productivity . Since, through automatic transcription you will devote time to the center of your activity, fully. Bearing in mind that, in any field, the results have been really reliable and with a better productivity rate (according to studies, more than 50% difference ).

Facilitate the accomplishment of several things at the same time

Programs with the ability to convert your voice into text automatically, allow you to dictate while doing something else simultaneously . In this sense, it is only enough to say what you want to capture in your digital document when it occurs to you and at the same time, you can perform any other activity that does not require your absolute attention in order to achieve ordering your ideas correctly at by voice ”.

It’s more comfortable and pleasant

When you use a voice dictation tool on your computer, you can acquire a remarkable comfort and thus, the process of creating your digital writing will be less tedious, at all. Taking into account that, thanks to this possibility, you will not have to worry about taking a good posture while sitting on your computer to write.

This means that, it will be possible to dictate your texts from wherever you want and with total comfort (for example: lying in your bed). That way, you will no longer have an excuse not to write and stop advancing your tasks when you are exhausted. In addition, it will not be a tiring process and therefore, you can give more time to the development of your digital writing .

There’s no place for ideas to escape

At the time of writing your writing in a traditional way, it is very likely that you will forget certain ideas. However, when using the voice recognition of these programs, it will be very easy to add your new ideas and with total speed . Thanks to the fact that, in case you are doing something else at that time, you will not even have to stop to point it out.

You get an outstanding creative

While you use voice dictation to create your digital texts, it will be easier for thoughts to arise in your head about the subject you are developing and that way, you can easily capture it. This, in principle, because when using your voice for writing, you will completely forget about the editor you have inside and so, you will not worry so much about the appearance of words on the screen. That way, you can get more creativity .

Optimize your spelling

In case you didn’t know it yet, the voice recognition system has the ability to write without any misspelling. Thanks to this, from now on your digital writings will be able to exhibit the best possible spelling and, in addition, you as a writer, you will not have to worry about the tildes, word correction, etc .

They allow to improve written dialogs

If you dedicate yourself to writing dialogues, programs that convert your voice to text can be of great help for this. Given that, a fundamental task at the time of writing dialogues is based on reading them aloud to check their efficiency, then these softwares will allow you to detect any failure quickly and, in addition, specify their quality . They even offer you the simplicity of contributing more rhythm and musicality to your writings.

List of the best programs to convert your voice into text and transcribe what you say

Now, it is time to start with the list in which we present, in detail, the most optimal programs to convert audio into text and from that system, transcribe the number of digital writings you need.

Next, all the solutions we recommend you try and use:

Talk Typer

Basically, it is an online voice recognition program that, apart from being free, has tools that are very simple to handle and will allow you to complete your voice dictation tasks, quickly >. Thus, among its main features, we note that it has an interface in Spanish and provides you with the possibility to download the converted text , once the dictation is finished.

Regarding the procedure you have to follow, we indicate that you must enter the official website and after that, located on the text sheet, click on the microphone icon that is observed on the top right hand side (says “dictate” ). Next, you must give permission to use the microphone and start dictating what you want to be reflected in the text. Finally, you can edit the writing with the tools on the right sidebar and click on the indicated button to download the result to your computer (down arrow icon).

Google Docs

Google Docs

Second, we place Google Docs which is one of the most recognized services worldwide when it comes to voice writing mechanisms. Thus, it will only be enough to have a Google account active and that it is associated with an email address, to do so to access Google Docs .

After that, you will have to log in from Google Chrome and proceed to open a new document in the indicated service. Then, click on the “Tools” tab and among the options in that menu, proceed to activate the one that indicates “Voice writing” . This will show the microphone icon and when you press it, you can start dictating your text. Finally, it should be noted that they will allow you to edit the digital writing from various voice commands and without using the keyboard (if you prefer).


We also recommend using this voice recognition and instant translation software that operates on the network. Which, makes use of the Google system to convert your voice into text, with total speed. It also supports editing of the written document, offers an automatic saving option, contains several export alternatives (to text and subtitles) and allows you to add watermarks with ease.

The best thing about this program is that it is not necessary to register or pay a monthly fee to use it . That is, you can use this tool completely free. It should also be noted that it supports several languages ​​and is the only web application with automatic punctuation.


It refers to a free online application that offers you the possibility to convert, at an excellent speed, the voice into an editable text. Which was created and designed by a technology columnist identified as Amit Agarwal . Thus, it has gained remarkable popularity and in recent months, it has been listed as one of the most used tools for voice dictation.

On the other hand, in order to use Dictation, you will simply have to access their website and open a new session. Then, just click on the “Start Dictation” option to start talking and get your digital writing. One of its best advantages is that it shows a very easy to use interface and allows to export the text to Google Drive , Dropbox or by email .


Being mainly a tool dedicated to all people with health problems in eyes and back who need to create texts; It is defined as a very effective voice recognition tool . Which is online and free, so it does not require downloads or installations and best of all, is that you should not register on their platform . In addition, it supports several languages ​​and has support for different operating systems.

Among other details, we note that this tool has functions with which you can save, copy, print or send the result text . In addition, it offers you the possibility to pause or stop the dictation, it has intelligent capitalization and has the ability to recognize voice commands for punctuation (if you say “comma” , the synthesizer will type such punctuation ). Apart from audio, also manages to transcribe video .

Listen N Write

Listen N Write

This is a simple application available for Windows computers , with which you can record any talk or conversation and then transcribe it into a text document, without any complications. Thus, it has options from which you can move forward and backward in time to adapt the writing to your liking and for this reason, it is considered very useful for conference attendees, journalists, students, etc. .

Added to this, Listen N Write is optimized together with an integrated text editor that has all the functions required to create a digital document to your liking and truly appropriate. It should be noted that, this transcription tool has a very easy to use interface and because of this, any user will be able to record their voice and write from the voice dictation system quickly.

Download Listen N Write Windows



Compatible with Windows and Mac, as with Android and iOS mobile devices , this application is one of the most recommended to convert your voice into text automatically. In other words, it is based on a tool that helps to transcribe an audio interview to text and manages to do so quickly. Best of all, is a completely free solution .

For its part, its operation is based on recording voice memos and, instantly, transforms them into text format. In addition to this, one of its most valuable features is that apart from saving the created file, it also has the ability to store the audio in question . However, it will always be necessary to have an Internet connection to use it.

Download Evernote Windows

Express Scribe

Express Scribe

It consists of professional software available for Windows and Mac computers , from which it will be possible to transcribe digital texts using audio recordings. Taking into account that, it is a tool designed with the aim of increasing productivity remarkably . Which is why it is compatible with both audio and video playback.

Now, highlighting other details of interest, Express Scribe offers excellent functions for playback at a variable speed (constant tone), has file management and multichannel control, is capable of Play most formats (including encrypted dictation files) and it works with other programs and hardware. Also, use “hot keys” to play without the mouse while transcribing in Word or any digital word processor.

Download Express Scribe Windows

IBM Watson Speech to Text

IBM Watson Speech to Text

This is a utility provided by Watson or, Artificial Intelligence that IBM has been developing for a long time. Which is an online tool that exhibits extremely simple operation and supports several languages ​​for voice dictation , among them we find: Spanish, Brazilian, English, French, etc.

Once you access the web platform in question, you can proceed to upload an audio file or record your voice through the microphone that contains the platform , to start the conversion. Taking into account that, before starting, it is important to select the language in which you want the system to perform the transcription. Finally, the tool will show you the result in the box below.

You can access through


To conclude with this list, we refer to this other online alternative that you can use with just having a good Internet connection. That way, the platform has one of the best features to convert audio into text, from your completely lightweight interface. In addition, has an integrated translator that manages to translate the text in real time.

Now, its operation is based on accessing the website and pressing the button that says “Start recording” . After that, you have to confirm the action in the pop-up web browser toolbar and then start talking on your computer’s microphone. Thus, it has a “Undo” button to delete the last sentence entered and allows you to execute various voice commands to simplify the voice dictation process .

Is it better to use a voice to text engine than a classic one?

¿Es mejor utilizar un motor de voz a texto que uno clásico?