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What are the best programs and applications to edit videos? 2022 list

UPDATED ✅ The list of the best editors to edit your videos like a professional and be a successful editor ⭐ ENTER HERE ⭐ Discover which are the most used

Editing videos is becoming a essential skill for anyone who wants to start a brand on the internet. The world continues to evolve and over the years, this format is positioned higher and higher in terms of content. If we say that content is king, video is undoubtedly the best way to share it.

Currently we see how search engines are constantly updated giving greater importance to videos, which is why more and more searches have a result in this format as a suggested click. Beyond that, there is a clear preference on the part of users to consume it over texts and even images, you just have to see the excessive growth they are having platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

If you want to learn how to exploit this format, the first thing you should do is learn how to edit it. That is why in this guide we will teach you what are the best online and download software and platforms for video editing. You will know which are the most sophisticated to produce professional-level content and the most basic so that you can begin to take your first steps in this complex world that is audiovisual production.

Complete list of the best video editing apps and tools:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • sony vegas pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Lightworks
  • Shotcut
  • Movie Maker
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Corel Video Studio
  • iMovie
  • Final Cut Pro
  • VideoGrabber
  • YouTube Editor
  • WeVideo
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Video Show
  • video shop
  • iMovie iOS
  • Filmora Wondershare
  • kdenlive

Uses and advantages of editing our videos professionally

Investing in video production is something that sooner or later all companies will have to do if they want to be competitive in different markets.. This is not something new, since the emergence of television advertising, the big brands have allocated large sums of money to the development of television campaigns that bring them closer to their target.

This has been the key to the success of brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Adidas, Nike And a long etcetera. And it is that the advantages of the production and assembly of professional level audiovisual content there are many.

Advantages and use of video marketing

Increased engagement

The increase in engagement of video content is infinitely higher than that of written content or images. That is why the traffic generated by a YouTube channel can exceed in a few months that of a consolidated website with years online.

This is due to a natural and almost biological factor related to attention. It is easier for a person to listen to a video than to read a text since doing so has to involve many more senses (sight and hearing). Similarly, it will be easier for you to remember the information you receive this way.

Improve brand recognition

Recognition is that faculty that brands have to make their content is intuitively identified by its target no need to have your name written on it. This is achieved with many other factors, but video marketing is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Establishing such recognition takes time, but as people repeatedly listen to a message, they will associate it with a brand. This is what differentiates a company from the competition.

The message is transmitted better

In a survey conducted by Geodilab it was discovered that more than 85% of online shoppers acknowledged buying more on websites that used audiovisual content to present their products since in this way they better understood their usefulness and need. Undoubtedly joining moving images with audio is the best way to convey any message.

Improve search engine rankings

SEO is also starting to lean towards video content. According to Forrester, more than 80% of the first organic search results contain use video to support their content.

The preference of the SERP’s towards video content is increasingly evident. It is because of that various APIs are being developed that allow search robots to analyze and interpret audiovisual material to make their positioning easier.

Improve the Dwel Time

The Dwel Time is the residence time that your content has. It refers to the period that passes from when a person enters your website until they close it or leave it to go to another. This is one of the biggest headaches for webmasters as it is a clear indication of the user experience and influences positioning.

Audiovisual content is a winning card in this regard since the time of permanence of the users is superior in relation to the images and the text. That is why many programmers add videos to their posts to increase the dwel time.

Improve relevancy

All of the above advantages will result in an evident increase in the relevance of your company over the competition. In addition, video is a great way to differentiate yourself and create a brand personality that is more attractive to your audience and significantly improves their metrics.

List of professional video editing software

Professional video editing programs are the most complete currently available, but they are also usually the most expensive. Nevertheless, the investment is worth it since with them you can produce much more dynamic and attractive audiovisuals for the user. Here are the best options you have in this type of software.

Adobe Premiere Pro

East editing program developed by Adobe It is one of the most complete and possibly the best. It has a wide variety of functions that will allow you to create very high quality videos for your projects, among which Its multiple effects, filters and options stand out to clean the audio and improve the image, being able to retouch its brightness, contrast and sharpness.. He is a professional editor in every sense of the word.

As it was expected, It has tools that will allow you to correct recording errors, such as the image stabilizer that will be very useful if you do not have professional film equipment. In addition, you will be able to navigate and expand the timeline to apply changes in the most precise way possible.

Premiere Pro has support for edit videos in 4K quality and export them without being affected. In addition, you will be able to render everything you produce in a wide variety of formats so that you don’t have to worry about sharing them on the various playback platforms.

Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

An excellent tool that serves as plugin for the above program. In it you will be able to apply special effects of professional level in the videos that you want. Although it is not an editing program as such, but rather an enhancer of them, it is useful to learn how to use it to considerably improve the quality of the audiovisuals that you produce on other platforms.

Here you will have a wide library of special effects already designed that you will simply have to apply or create your own effects if you have the necessary knowledge to do so. Like Premiere Pro, tIt has support for editing videos in 4K quality and render in multiple formats.

Video and sound editing software Adobe After Effects

sony vegas pro

This is another professional video editor that will allow you produce high-quality audiovisuals. In addition to the advanced functions that it obviously contains, it has effects that can identify and correct localized errors, so you don’t have to do it manually scene by scene. This greatly speeds up the editing process and allows you to focus on retouching other aspects.

It has tools to clean and improve audio with remarkable accessibility, allowing you to do it practically with a couple of actions. In addition, it has its own image bank and copyright-free soundtrack, so you don’t have to worry about copywriting when sharing content on platforms like YouTube.

As expected, it has support for editing material in 4K quality and exporting everything produced in various formats, including include MP4, AVI and others. Although you may find inconveniences in its price of 599$USD/525€EUR to be able to use it freely without restrictions.

sony vegas pro professional video editor program

Avid Media Composer

not a publisher very popular among fans of audiovisual editing, but with regard to the post-production professional guild for television series or cinematographic works, it is highly valued. The functions of it are very powerful, but what stands out the most is its accessibilitywhich allows you to make clean edits quickly.

Among his virtues is his wide variety of visual effects and tools to clean up and improve the audio quality of each video. With support for editing material in the highest resolutions and exporting it in multiple formats, this is without a doubt one of the best professional editing software available today.

Best Free Video Editor Avid Media Composer

DaVinci Resolve

This program has come a long way from its first version, when it was just a simple image editor, to the amazing and powerful video editor that is now, used by professionals in the American television and film industry. Its wide variety of powerful features put it on par with all the programs on this list, with the ability to mount videos in 4K quality and render in all existing formats.

Among its most outstanding functions are its multiple effects, the easy identifier and a wide range of tools that will allow you to automatically identify and correct localized errors so that you do not have to do it manually. Professionals are not lying when they say that this is one of their favorite editors despite not being as popular as others.

Software mount videos images sound DaVinci Resolve

List of tools to create and edit videos with photos and music on our PC

Although the software mentioned above are available for Windows and MacOS computersthere are other alternatives for editing that may not be professional but meet the objective of editing quality audiovisuals.

for Windows

Windows offers the largest number of options when it comes to video editors, since it is the most widely used operating system, practically all programs have been developed to work on it. The best are undoubtedly:

Windows Movie Maker video editing software


This publisher has so advanced features which might well be on par with one of the professional programs above. It is a software that to fully exploit it will be necessary to have some editing experience. In it you can apply interesting effects, edit each frame to improve the quality of imagesclean and enhance the audio, add text and other elements on top of the image, work with videos in 1080 FHD quality and export in basically all available video formats.


Another advanced level software with features powerful enough to let you edit and create high-quality videos. Besides multiple filters and effects, has an easy recognition function so you can add all kinds of elements on the faces of the characters in your video without having to edit everything frame by frame. This without forgetting that everything you produce can be exported in multiple formats and with 1080 FHD quality.

Movie Maker

This is the quintessential Windows editing programin fact it comes installed from the factory in operating systems Windows Vista or higher. In this case, we are dealing with a much more basic editor with which you can simply cut, join, drag, add images and background music to your videos. But do not have the slightest doubt that with enough imagination you will be able to create very attractive audiovisual pieces. In this case you can export in different formats but only in 720p quality.

Pinnacle Studio

This is quite a powerful editor that could also be considered professional. In fact, if this is the first time you handle software of this style you will have some trouble getting used to its interface and to the diverse functions that it has integrated. However, after a few days handling it, without a doubt, you will be able to start editing real gems. In it you will be able to apply multiple effects, improve the audio, stabilize the image and export in 1080p quality.

Corel Video Studio

With this editor you can do wonders visually thanks to its multiple effects and a wide variety of filters that you can apply To this is added several interesting functions such as a corrector of imperfections and a face identifier to add all kinds of elements on top of them without having to do it frame by frame. With support for editing in 4K quality and exporting in a wide variety of formatsCorel Video Studio does not have much to envy to the professional editors available in the market.

on Mac

MacOS is unique terrain in many ways, especially when it comes to video editing software. This operating system has several programs that you can only use on it. The most outstanding in audiovisual post-production are:

Best video editing software for Mac computers


This is the basic Mac editor, very similar to Windows Movie Maker in terms of functions and power. In it you can simply cut, join, apply effects, place a musical curtain and little else. It is a full-fledged beginner’s program.

Final Cut Pro

This is a very powerful professional video editor that is only available on the operating system of Apple computers. It has advanced features that allow you to edit videos in 4K quality by applying a wide variety of effects and filters to make them much more dynamic. In addition, it has very practical tools to speed up the editing process by correcting errors by default so that you do not have to manually do it scene by scene.

List of programs to edit videos Online and free

There are other alternatives for editing videos without downloading any program. These are online platforms that, although they are much more limited than installable software, will allow you to do a good job.

Youtube Editor free online audiovisual editing program


A simple editor with an easy to use interface. The edition is very limited by its basic functions, although it has its advantages since it allows you to put your own watermark on the videos to prevent them from being used without your permission.

YouTube Editor

This is a basic editing platform. It only allows you to do things like cut, join videos, add background music and apply some skin effects. to improve your appearance. Its main advantages are that you will have access to a wide variety of high-quality music and videos free of copyright, and everything you edit will be automatically uploaded to YouTube.


This platform has all the basic functions that an editor must have, with the added bonus of allowing you to access a vast library of copyright-free music and images. In its free version you can enjoy 1GB of space to edit everything you want and export what you produce in 480p quality. You can improve this by paying a monthly subscription that will give you unlimited space and the freedom to export the material in much better quality.

List of apps to edit videos on mobile devices

On mobile devices there is also a wide variety of applications that will allow you to edit quality videos both on Android and iOS.

Best apps to edit videos on Android

for android

Android is where you will possibly find the largest number of applications to edit video since this is the most widely used operating system for mobile devices in the world. Some of the best are:

Adobe Premiere Clip

This is the mobile version of the professional editing program that we mentioned before. It is not on a par with its namesake for desktop devices, but it perfectly fulfills its functions to cut, join, add music in the background, apply visual effects, add text and share on any of your social networks once the application is finished. edition.

*Note: This app is no longer available on the Google Play store, R.I.P. 🙁

Video Show

Winner on many occasions of the title of “Best Application to Edit Videos” of the Google Play Store. It has all the basic functions that an editor should have, with the particularity of allowing you to do live dubbing thanks to its real-time voice recorder. That without forgetting its facial recognition function that will allow you to add all kinds of elements to the faces of the protagonists of your videos.

video shop

An application similar to the previous one although a little more limited. It does not have a timeline, which makes the editing process a little more difficult. To cut a video you must select the clip and determine the cuts manually. However, it does have cool features like the ability to apply filters and effects to videos, which can make them more visually interesting. Also, you can upload videos directly to YouTube once the edition is finished, with an extremely fast rendering process.

videoshop: video editor
videoshop: video editor
Jajijujejo Inc.

for iOS

In iOS the options are more limited since Apple is fond of producing its own applications for its terminals. But the options out there are pretty good.

iMovie iOS

This is the mobile version of the editor that we mentioned earlier for Mac. On this device, its functions are much more limited, but it has the peculiarity of being able to export what you edit here to the desktop version via iCloud.


List of tools to edit our YouTube videos

If what you want is to improve and assemble our audiovisual creations with a video editor thinking for youtuber and do it without many problems, you will be pleased to know that there are several programs that meet these characteristics. Here are the best options you have in this regard.

Filmora Wondershare

This is one of the most popular software among the community of youtubers. It can be said that it has just what it takes to create quality videos. Also, has an almost perfect combination; an easy-to-master interface, multiple audio and image enhancement features, library of royalty-free content, and the ability to upload the videos directly to YouTube once they finish being rendered.

It also contains a wide variety of effects and transitions that will give each production more personality and dynamism. While it doesn’t have very powerful features, a person with enough editing skills can do wonders with it. You can export everything you produce in 1080p quality and in multiple formats, all accepted by youtube.

Edit youtube videos with Filmora Wondershare


Like the previous one, this is a intermediate level editing program that can be used by anyone who wants to learn how to produce audiovisual material. It has the most basic functions that an editor should contain and others that are a little more powerful, such as being able to clean and improve the audio, add transitions or stabilize the images if necessary.

The best thing is that you do not need to have very powerful hardware to edit and render the material. quickly since it is a fairly light program. Finally, it should be noted that you can export in 1080p quality and in multiple formats.

Online video editing software Kdenlive


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