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What are the best programs and tools to make schematics and concept maps? 2022 list

What are the best programs and tools to make schematics and concept maps? 2020 list

Who has not used this tool at least once in their life? Surely in school or work you had to elaborate them, so you should know that conceptual maps and schemes are extremely useful for representing an idea in a graphic way, thus linking different concepts.

So if you have done it you should know that they are one of the best ways to study and explain any knowledge, but sometimes this can be a bit tedious to elaborate. Reason why we access the Internet to find ways to simplify our work.

So in this section we are going to teach you why you should use them in your life. We also bring you a list with the best programs to design them more easily and quickly.

What are maps and conceptual schemes and what types exist?

mapas y esquemas conceptuales

A concept map is a learning tool that works by outlining concepts of a specific topic . It is considered excellent when retaining information because it is a slightly more graphic representation of the subject in question, and it is proven that visual communication is much more effective for the brain.

It is also an active knowledge, since the individual who is doing it must soak the content well in order to develop it. So that this fact of elaborating them, executes in itself a deep study, this because the ideas have to be sorted and linked so that in this way everything you do is left in your memory and so make the most of it when it comes to showing off that information.

There are several types of concept maps, but they all have the same characteristic bases, the main one of them is the hierarchy , that is, that the scheme starts from an idea main and it develops according to the importance of the following sub-ideas. The other basic feature is the simplicity with which the subject is developed and which allows rapid visual absorption and rapid understanding of the content.

Then each branch of the map responds to a sub-idea and communicates through propositions, that usually at the end synthesizes a general idea or final conclusion that gives the understanding of the content.

Basically there are only four types of concept maps from which some derivations start, these are:

  • Hierarchical: is to place the main idea at the top and develop the other concepts by scale of importance.
  • Spider: in this case the main idea goes in the center and from there the secondary ideas are detached in branches or “spider legs” clockwise.
  • Organization chart: These structure the information in a linear way, so it can be read in only one direction and are easier to understand. The disadvantage with respect to the previous ones, is that they only allow keywords, so they are not so complete.
  • Systematic: have great similarity with the previous one, but these are more complete because they can be shelled into branches in which they understand other ideas.

List of the 20 best programs and free tools design schematics and concept maps

Surely with what we mentioned before you will want to study or perform different activities with these. Well, as you saw, they are an important tool to which we can benefit a lot and apply them to a lot of work and processes.

Next you will know the ones that will work best for you to get a good organization in your tasks:

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

Despite being a vector drawing tool, Microsoft was gradually reducing its design capabilities in this tool and leaving more functions for creating flowcharts, network diagrams and flowcharts.

Although is not a specific one to make conceptual maps, it is a leader in the creation of corporate schemes and very useful in the meeting tables of many companies. It is licensed by Microsoft and is available for all systems.



This is a program for the development of concept maps and schemes, especially for the presentation of professional projects, whether they are academic or work. It is a free license software so you can have it on any computer for free, you can also use the portable version, just download it from its official website.

It fulfills different functions that facilitate the work and also has the possibility to share the work online with project partners, for when they need to work together. The most important is that they can then be printed in all the necessary sizes or exported to Microsoft or PDF formats.



It is a software for creating diagrams and conceptual maps that works through a processor that simply receives the information and throws the content already organized and aligned in different components, according to the template that we have chosen, already it would only be for us to give it the personalized touch.

With this software you have the opportunity to use it installed on your computer or use the online version and save this step. It should be noted that you can support your projects in any virtual cloud you have by linking the profiles. It is a free program and compatible with Windows, iOS Mac, and Linux.



It is a software for creating projects using diagrams with a large number of models. It is an online service and has an installable version, but only for mobile phones. It is a Simple program to use and something interesting is that you have the possibility of working together with other users related to your project, and thanks to all those minds working together there will be a greater variety of ideas and a better synthesis of concepts.

Inspiration 9

Inspiration 9

This is a tool for project creation, oriented and adapted to enhance creativity and content learning embodied in the different schemes we are doing. It provides many functions that help to project the information in the best desired way.

It also has a library of images related to pedagogical subjects and some basic themes that can be used in our maps. It is a paid license program and is available on Windows.



This is one of the best professional tools for the elaboration of conceptual maps and schematics. It is widely used by academies, corporations and even government entities for various purposes.

This is a computer software but it also has a full version for iPad. It gives you the possibility to add multimedia content that improves the reader experience and all the content is supported by an online server for greater security.



You don’t need to be an expert in design anymore with Canva and its incredible templates you can create and design concept maps of professional size without much effort and saving time. This is an excellent graphic design tool that It includes many useful functions for developing maps and schemas.

The best thing is that it is online, therefore it is accessible from any browser and also for any operating system, since it even includes mobile applications.



It is a virtual online environment that facilitates the creation of concept maps and that includes very useful tools for learning. It also allows the creation of mind maps.

This service is oriented more towards the area of ​​youth learning and is recommended as a complement of study in high school and high school.



This concept mapping software is geared towards the work and business area, because it provides tools to carry out professional presentations and to meet your business needs with well structured ideas and Simple for quick understanding. It is a simple and compatible computer software with many formats.

Mind Manager


This wonderful software meets the expectations of large companies that require the creation of collective concept maps, through a virtual cloud backup. It is available for Mac OS and Windows. Its advantage is that documents can be easily exported to Microsoft Office.

Free Mind

Free Mind

It is a program of design of mental and conceptual maps, with which you will have several instruments to develop your projects from your computer. It is a useful program in the analysis and collection of ideas that, after being organized and structured, come out in Java format, but can be exported to any format of your choice. It is available for free for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Mind Jet

Mind Jet

This is another great work tool widely used for creating schemas and is excellent when structuring user information through a simple interface. It is possible to share your projects with other users and has integration with an infinity of related applications , some mentioned in this post, including Microsoft Visio.

Personal Brain


This is an interesting mapping program, highlighted in the graphic representation of network information through mind mapping and diagrams. It includes its own search engine and it is possible to add any element to your project. It is available for any browser and also in mobile versions.


mapul mind mapping

This is a web application that enhances the creativity of its users and facilitates the creation of conceptual maps on any subject they like.

You also have the possibility to illustrate it as you see fit, without a doubt each project will be properly categorized and developed. It is found on any device and in any browser, with a free and paid version.



This is another new web application that has the peculiarity that all its diagrams are created with hexagons, a method that they have implemented so that there is a relationship between ideas, one next to the other, as if it were the cells of a tissue.

All hexagons are tight and can be classified with colors to give a better look to our scheme. The data can be exported to other formats once the project is finished.



One of the best online software for the creation of mental, conceptual maps and the schematization of ideas by stimulating brainstorming and innovation. It allows you to fully customize your project giving you absolute control over the backgrounds, themes, typography, colors and patterns. It is a paid software, but it has its free trial version and is visible with any browser.

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