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What are the best programs to delete duplicate photos on your Windows and Mac computer? 2022 list

What are the best programs to delete duplicate photos on your Windows and Mac computer? 2020 list

In this article we want to focus on the problem that arises when we sit down to organize our photographic memories (or work files) and we find the ungrateful news that we have the same photos with different names or in different folders.

It would not be a difficulty if there are a few and we could eliminate it manually. The issue is when these duplicate photos are many and we are afraid to delete them and not know if there is another one equal .

This confusion is generated not only in our head but also in our computer since having more images that occupies more space on our hard drive, thus generating a lower performance of our PC.

Why is it important to delete duplicate photos from your hard drive? Benefits

When we can identify duplicate photos and delete them from our hard drive we will obtain different benefits that we will see reflected not only in the performance of the equipment but also in the reduction of errors on our part.

We will detail, next, the most important :

Improves the performance of our PC

By having less data , the RAM will work more efficiently since it will have less information to process and that it considers important.

Seen from the hard drive, other programs or files that can increase the efficiency of its work can be installed. An example of this is installing an antivirus or backing up important reports.

When we delete duplicate photos we also help coolers and other cooling components , because the disk will work less times since it will know where the information we need in less time is.

Sort our folders

Por qué es importante eliminar fotos duplicadas de tu disco duro. Ordena nuestras carpetas

Once we have deleted the photos we had twice recorded on our computer, we will obtain a greater order in our photographic records folders.

In this way we obtain a greater concentration in our work because this way we will be avoiding waste of time or choose badly in the image we want to upload to the Internet or edit, among other things.

And if we wanted to delete it we could do it without a doubt because we would know that it is duplicated and we don’t need it.

This also improves students, because when we handle, for example, applications like WhatsApp, we receive and forward the same images through the same or another application, and may fall into errors if we take the wrong photos to study send them because some maybe they were edited.

Improve our privacy

Sometimes there are on our computer, photos that are not convenient for others to see .

If we have this kind of photos in duplicate, we can make the mistake of believing we have already deleted it without realizing that the copy exists elsewhere in our team.

List of the best software to remove duplicate images and free your computer on disk

In order to solve the great disorder that is having duplicate photos and similar images, there are different software that can do this detection task and leave the hard drives of our Windows PC or Mac OS as the first day.

To free up space in our storage unit we will present you with the best software that currently exists and we will show you every detail or steps you should do in each of those programs:

Duplicate File Finder

It has a free version and a commercial version . It has tools for which you can scan the computer for files. One of the important advantages offered by the user can choose whether or not to delete.

To be able to clean duplicate files or photos we will have to perform these steps:

  • We open the program
  • We choose on the left side the disk drives that we want to detect the duplicate files
  • Select the search criteria between ignoring small or large files
  • We choose if we have the option by file names and also by file dates in order to find an exact finding of duplicate files
  • We select the criteria that the elimination will have if we want to send it to the «Trash» , to a «Rescue Center» or eliminate it definitively >
  • In this way, when we have chosen all of these criteria, we press respectivelyAccept whatever

Download Duplicate File Finder Windows


VisiPics, mejores software para eliminar imágenes duplicadas de tu ordenador y liberar espacio en el disco

When we have many images on another disk and some of them are duplicated with this program we can perform the task of deleting them in a reliable way.

If we want to clean our disk with Visipics we will have to follow these steps:

  • We choose «My Computer»
  • We click on the disk we want to analyze
  • We choose the window «Auto-Select » If we want it done automatically (if that is not our wish we will have to choose ” Filter “ or ” Loader “)
  • We mark all the boxes with a tilde
  • Each of the photos we have duplicated will appear graphically, indicating with an orange or red color those that give more Repeated times
  • Choose «Actions» on the right side
  • Choose between «(Move) Move» or «(Delete) Delete»

Download Visipics Windows

Image Comparer

Present in the market with two versions, one free and the other paid. This program searches for images that are repeated 2 or more times on our computer, as well as similar images.

Offers the possibility of automatically or manually deleting each of the detected photos. If we need to perform these actions, we will follow this step by step:

  • Open the application
  • We go to representedGallery gallery
  • On the left side we will see all those images that are similar
  • If we choose “Pairs of images”
  • We will get the location and similarity between the “Image number 1” and the “Image number 2”
  • Click on the location by checking the corresponding boxes
  • You will ask us the preferences we want to make these operations
  • We can check «Always start with the comparison assistant»
  • Click on strictlyOk accounta
  • We choose a group of images or between two groups of images

  • We choose clearlyNext†
  • We choose if we want similar or exact duplicate images li >
  • We select subsequentlyNext ________________

Download Image Comparer Windows


If we need to search for duplicate or similar images, this software is one of the best in the market. Deliver a trial version that lasts 30 days.

The user interface is designed to guide you through the process of searching for duplicate or similar images.

To perform an analysis on our computer with Windows operating system or MacOs we will have to do this procedure:

  • We enter the application
  • Choose between «Delete and then recycle» , «Permanently erase» or » Move then find it »
  • Select the disk we want to control
  • And check the boxes ” Search for similar images “, « Save the results in a program list when you exit » and « Use cache »
  • We click on ” Next “ li >
  • We will see all the results with the filters that we have indicated and select them
  • We click on accepted Accept for

Download PhotoSort Windows


It is an application that can be downloaded for free. It not only locates duplicate photographs but also gives us the ability to sort our folders according to a logical order.

The following guide that we present below will explain the steps you must follow to work with this tool :

  • We go to the application and open it
  • We select the place or disk we want to study
  • We choose where we want to send the images that arise from the analysis strong>
  • We press importantNextly
  • Choose accountedOkpointed

Download MyPixelVault Windows

Avast Free for Windows and MacOS

Once the application is downloaded, we can automate the process of searching for photo analysis or duplicate image files.

The procedure is very simple and you need to perform this process :

  • We click on “ Open
  • Choose “ Protection
  • Select “Specific analysis”
  • We choose the disk we want to verify if there are duplicate photos
  • We look for « Execute analysis «
  • An analysis chart will appear in the that the images that are repeated most often will be shown, those that are apparently similar and the photos that we will have to manually review
  • We click on each of them that we want to delete
  • Select « Delete «
  • Click on “ Accept

Download Avast Windows

Download Avast MacOS