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What are the best programs to send free SMS from PC to mobiles? 2022 list

What are the best programs to send free SMS from PC to mobiles? 2020 list

Despite the great use of WhatsApp and other mobile instant messaging applications, the famous text messages are still used . Since, although you imagine that these elements of communication remained in the past, it is not so. Rather, in representing a great revolution in the way we communicate for many years , SMS is quite important, since in addition to being the main precursors of the famous messaging apps that are handled so much today today, were also implemented to solve problems .

Indeed, text messages allow you to communicate with whoever you want and at all times , since they do not need an Internet connection. However, on several occasions, users can run out of credit on their mobile or simply be in a hurry, such as not having their Smartphone at hand at any given time; so require quick solutions to send a free SMS . That is why, various programs have been created and developed that, from a computer, allow you to write and send text messages that arrive directly to the mobile of the person to whom you want to send a message.


Consequently, through this post, we want to provide you in detail, the best softwares currently available to send text messages from a PC and without any cost , so that in this way you can solve certain problems that arise.

List of the best programs to send free text messages and SMS computer to mobile

When selecting one of the programs on the market to send text messages to mobiles from a computer, it is valuable that you take into account certain details and particularities , in order to ensure you that you are choosing the best solution.

In this sense, we have prepared for you, a total of five softwares that relieve a good functioning and offer additional functions for greater coverage , these are:


This is a Spanish program that has been developed to achieve send text messages to all parts of the world , since it guarantees global coverage thanks to its support for more than 40 recognized operators and thereby can reach more than 200 countries worldwide .

Which means that wherever you are, SmsUp makes it easy for you to communicate with other people, in great magnitude. In addition to this, allows you to send bulk SMS messages from your platform , with just three simple steps: loading contacts with the agenda you contain in the program, creating the message without limit of characters and Finally, shipping schedule. This means that is fast and easy to use software .

In addition, enables database management , integrates functions to customize your shipments and senders , has templates to make the process easier, It is absolutely reliable with direct access to all operators , taking into account that the SmsUp Gateway with bandwidth is around 100 text messages per second .

Among other peculiarities, it is necessary to inform you that it is not a completely free service but if it is very economical , compared to other programs. Since, their rates range from 0.0450 to 0.0320 euros depending on the amount of SMS that at least provides 250 messages. With this we affirm that is an extremely profitable program . Especially for online marketing workers who use the renowned SMS marketing constantly.

Virtual SMS mobile

Móvil SMS virtual

It is a free program but only compatible with Windows . However, it looks like another of the best solutions to send SMS through a computer and regardless of your location or the recipient’s location. You can download it easily, virus free and free from here .

This program has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from the rest and is an excellent advantage, since as well as having the ability to send text messages, also adds a function that allows you to receive SMS on the same computer >. Which is perfect in case you don’t have a mobile phone or find it more comfortable to do it in such a way.

Thus, in order to receive text messages on the PC, you simply have to create an account that allows you to pay for sending messages . With this, a number is assigned to your computer which of course is unique and fortunately, does the same functions of a mobile phone .

It also has the ability to send certified SMS , has elements such as: addresses, a phone book, registration of received and sent messages, prior programming to launch SMS automatically , unicode keyboard, acknowledgments and for greater benefit, makes it possible to send voice messages, photos and videos . This guarantees great savings on your mobile phone (if you have one).


In case you are looking for special software for sending bulk SMS , this is a perfect alternative for you. Since, MDirector allows you to establish chat conversations with several people at the same time and regardless of the location of any of them .

Thus, it is a multichannel service too, since it has a CRM that allows you to chat with anyone through various channels, whether mobile, email, social networks or display and this It works perfectly well for those who have clients in various countries and wish to retain them. Since it has been proven that in such situations, the software saves a lot of time and effort .

Among other features, its interface is easy to use and ensures a very simple operation , so it attracts hundreds of users every day and thus, reveals a large number of downloads on computers. Also, guarantees a remarkable personalization of your text messages that allows you to increase your conversations through the program and call the recipients by name almost automatically.

As an additional feature, MDirector offers an ideal tool to create reports with data on SMS shipments , which allows analysis and measurements, if you have a company and with this, specify the results of the actions you carry out.


It is another software that shows excellent features to catalog it as one of the best when sending free SMS from a computer. Since, allows you to do it wherever you are .

Thus, it has options to share individual or massive text messages , includes confirmation of SMS delivery , contacts and groups agenda for recurring shipments, option custom sender, scheduled or immediate SMS , extra fields to customize sending, rich SMS, historical messages sent , smart import from text files or from Excel and Mass delivery schedule with exact date and time of individual delivery for each person .

Additionally, it allows the sending of Unicode SMS, perfect edition of landings to send rich SMS, export of sent SMS and statistics and if that were not enough, also guarantees statistics of sending, SMS delivered, read SMS and customer response , in case you run a business.

To enjoy all these benefits you have two options ; The first is to download the program on your computer and access from there whenever you want or on the other hand, you can use its web service to manage the information of the contents of your messages or manage any data of your saved contacts.


Finally, we suggest you make use of this program that supports several operating systems and exhibits several advantages and functions that are completely successful. Taking into account that, the software gives you the ability to customize the sender as you wish, either to write your name or your brand name as a sender and with it, ensure more personalization and greater recognition of your business, if that is the case.

It also has additional options to customize the text message , so you can make it more effective and direct for recipients. For which, offers you 11 fields and makes it easy for you to include the recipient’s name and notifications in order to offer a more efficient service that distinguishes itself from other solutions.

As if that were not enough, allows sending SMS with images and at no additional cost. Also, for great coverage, has a gallery where you can upload the images you want to constantly add in your messages . You can also attach documents through this program and therefore, ensure a more complete, efficient and simple communication system.

Among other features, we can highlight that Mensatek allows you to insert short links in your SMS , send voice calls totally free and with high quality, as well as get delivery statistics for your messages to each of your recipients , in order to have a statistical system that facilitates the effectiveness of sending.