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What are the best programs to send SMS and bulk messages? 2021 list

What are the best programs to send SMS and bulk messages? 2020 list

After the arrival of the different instant messaging applications everything indicated that SMS or text messages came to an end. However, despite all the applications that exist today messages remain an important part of users.

This is how the different programs of sending SMS to mobiles via the Internet are still being used . A very economical, safe and fast way to send mass messages .

These types of programs give you the possibility of submitting texts without limitations and in a short time, thus offering you guarantees that the submission was successful. A tool fundamental for people and companies. Because of this here we present the best programs for sending text from the Internet .

List of the 6 best software and tools for sending bulk sms

On many occasions it is necessary to be able to share some important and valuable information with other people, but the problem occurs that not all of them have a smart mobile device and therefore do not have an app of instant messaging. In such a way, that the best way to share this information is through text messages through your mobile.

But, nowadays the programs of mass sending of text messages over the Internet are still being used, which becomes a great tool for these types of cases, since This will avoid having to write one by one or make phone calls, this type of action would cause a waste of time , as well as an increase in the terminal bill.

In this way, here we present what are the 6 best software of today to send massive text messages and unlimited .

TextMagic Messenger

TextMagic Messenger

This program is currently considered one of the most complete when you want to send mass messages and unlimited from the Internet. In addition, it allows you to create all texts that you want regardless of the number of characters of the same, therefore, extending into them will not be any problem.

TextMagic Messenger has been designed primarily for all those companies that daily need to be sharing information with their public, in order to provide a useful, secure and economical tool for the sharing of informational texts . A program designed for what is large-scale marketing , allowing to send and receive messages from your computer.

This Internet text messaging program is available for more than two hundred countries and you don’t need to configure it with any mobile phone or install any additional hardware for its operation. In it you can select contact groups for sending group messages , a way to speed up any type of process of informational text sharing via SMS.

Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS Sender

Another of the programs that we can find for what text sending is Atomic SMS Sender , an ideal application to send massive texts to your contacts , which will prevent you from having to be writing individual messages over and over again, which ultimately results in a waste of time.

Atomic has become an ideal program for those companies, organizations and workgroups, where they constantly have to be sharing information through messaging, either to share news, new products, breaking information , among others.

All this you can do from your computer, simply you must create your registration in Atomic SMS Sender and start enjoying its services. Keep in mind that the system will only let you send the first 10 messages for free, then you will have to check their rates. Usually, this program is characterized by having one of the lowest rates on the market.



Esendex is a software that will allow you to send texts and is compatible with almost all countries, and is available in more than 15 languages ​​. With Esendex you can incorporate the API into your work system in a very simple and fast way without any complications.

As for its installation you will have a help and technical assistance that will guide you step by step to be able to integrate the SMS API. Allowing you to install it on your computer in a very simple way, which will help you to send mass messages to your clients in just a few seconds.

An ideal software for businesses and merchants who constantly need to be sharing information and news with their customers. A method that will help you to marketing your company for customer prospecting. In addition, with Esendex you have the opportunity to automate and program the mass sending of texts, as well as include hyperlinks that refer your customers to your promotions or new products.




Another of the software that we can find in the market is SMS UP , a Spanish program dedicated to SMS communications and is based mainly to help and improve the operation of companies and organizations so that they can interact in a better way with all their customers at any time they want.

This is how as SMS UP allows text to be sent to almost everyone , thus having a global coverage, including more than in your system 40 operators and managing to provide their service in more than 200 countries in the world . With this software you will be able to perform data management of your company , thus allowing each of your senders to be customized so that it will be to send massive texts, as well as use templates or create a contacts calendar.

This program can be used mainly to be able to communicate with your clients in a fast, economical and simple way , where you can pass information, show your new products and services, Organize a calendar with your customers, inform your new promotions and offer real-time shipping tracking.

Simple Texting

Simple Texting

This is another of the applications that we will find available on the web and which we can use from the cloud . Therefore, we will not have to download it to the PC , which becomes a great advantage. Another advantage that it offers us is that we can access it either from the computer or from any mobile device no matter where you are, as long as you have a Internet connection.

In this way, Simple Texting will allow you to be connected with your clients or friends at any time, as well as send mass messages without any limits , which you will avoid that you have to write the same message over and over again, especially if it’s about sharing information to a group of people.

It also allows you to send a SMS to a client automatically, simply by setting that option. As for the message scheduling it is another feature that stands out in the application, since you can choose the day and time you want your messages to be sent, a Ideal tool for those people who are busy most of the day and need to take advantage of their little free time.



Finally, we present this program called Instasent, a platform that like Simple Texting does not require any installation and which we can use from the cloud , this being a great advantage for most users. You can access it from your computer or Smartphone without any problem, you just have to make your registration that is completely free .

With this app you can start optimizing your time in the best possible way, since it allows you to send massive texts to more than 200 countries worldwide . A way to publicize your company, share information with your customers, teach your new products.

Among the main features of Instasent we find that it has a global coverage that allows operation in more than 200 countries , a service multilingual, which allows you to use it in the language of your choice and finally allows you to create individual or massive texts with a maximum of 160 characters .