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What are the best programs to stream live online video with Twitch? 2022 list

In this article we will show you a complete list of the best programs to stream videos online live with Twitch. In this way you can increase your followers and, in the future, monetize your channel.

Pay attention to all the concepts because we will explain each tool in detail and where you can download it safely and legally so that your devices and your private information are not in danger.

But this is not all, You can also read tips to create better videos on Twitch and grow your channel quickly. Take a look and don’t miss a thing.

List of the best software to broadcast live on Twitch that you should know

Pay attention to the list that we will show you below because you are going to find the best tools that you can use to broadcast live of your games through Twitch. Don’t miss out on anything!

Go for it:

Twitch Studio

As expected too Twitch has its own free software for live streaming. Its use is very easy, since it has a configuration that will guide you to adjust your webcam, microphone and resolution. Besides this, you will be able to configure the quality of your streaming with the advice you will receive from the platform.

It also has functions that will help you customize your live shows with templates and designs. An important factor worth noting is that software contains built-in alerts, chats and activity feeds, which is an advantage when it comes to streaming. It is available for Mac and Windows and you can look for it in the link

OBS Studio

OBS Studio

This is one of the best software to broadcast live because you can customize the broadcast of your streams according to your preferences. In this way you will have the option to change audios, texts, images, videos, screens and many more. The software has plugins that allow you to increase the capacity of your software by adding more functions.

If you are a person who is just starting out in the world of streaming, this platform is not recommended for you, since it requires a medium to advanced level because its functions are complex and not very intuitive. Is available for Windows and Linux and you can download it from the URL

Nvidia ShadowPlay

If your PC has an Nvidia GeForce graphics card you can use this software to make your live shows very easily and quickly on Twitch. To start using this program you just have to press the keys at the same time Alt + Z. This will open the options to configure the transmission, you will also find the screen of your live broadcast.

A factor worth highlighting is that does not consume much performance on your computer, but you must bear in mind that it has somewhat limited functions compared to other software, such as OBS Studio. You can download the program from

StreamLabs OBS

This program has the built-in OBS functions, but it has other very interesting tools in which You can measure widgets to interact with your audience and thus achieve Twitch monetization. It has free template designs that you can use in a simple way and on which you can base yourself to take your first steps.

Its user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. It also allows importing scenes from OBS Studio With which you will be able to combine two types of software and make your live shows have a quality like that of a professional. You can use it on Windows and MacOS computers, so you will have to to visit to enjoy and edit your live shows to the fullest.

XSplit Broadcaster

XSplit Broadcaster

It could be said that this software is very similar to OBS and therefore it is its main competitor. Its configuration and control panel is intuitive and easy to use compared to OBS, which is an advantage for novice users.

Something to keep in mind is that the free version of this software is very limited and the full potential of this tool cannot be exploited. In addition, you must bear in mind that if you are going to use it for commercial practices you must have a paid subscription, since its use for this area is prohibited. The software is only available for Windows and can be downloaded at

It is a program very accepted by users, which explains its validity and leadership in live broadcasts for Twitch. It has a large number of customization tools in effects, images, fonts, templates and many more, all with a high quality. You can also control the quality of your videos with just one click. A great advantage that this software offers is its video effects. They are very worked, so every time you use them your content will look very professional.

This application, available for Android, the you can download from Google Play Store safely. In this way you will have a powerful tool that will help you make the living in Twitch in a pretty simple way. Among its most outstanding tools is the use of templates for video editing. In this way you can record games of any game on Twitch in a professional way and above all, fast and practical.


This program to carry out your streaming is very complete, if you use multiple input devices, cameras and microphones. But the main advantage when using the software is that you have a lot of effects, animations and transitions, so You will never have problems achieving a unique style in your live shows. With this program they can not only be transmitted on Twitch, but on multiple platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

It is one of the best software on the market for live broadcasting, as it offers a large number of video editing and configuration functions. That is why it is known as all in one. In this program you can create alerts, graphics, surveys, donations, labels and many other things. One of the main advantages is that it is very intuitive to use because it has the drag and drop feature, which will save you a lot of work time.

It is one of the platforms that allow you to create scenes easily and quickly like no other program, This is because it has a large number of designs that you can use as templates. It consumes very little CPU and that is why it is so required by users. In addition, you have the option of dragging and dropping over effects and transitions.

Undoubtedly one of its great advantages is the intuitive customization tool because it has several effects and templates that you can use in your live shows in a practical way. You should bear in mind that the development has not received any more updates for a while.

Tips to create better videos on Twitch and grow your channel

Tips to create better videos on Twitch and grow your channel

Next, we will show you a complete list with the best tips that you can use to create videos more efficiently and grow your channel:

Follow games and channels

If you are just starting in Twitch One of the easiest ways to grow is to follow channels and games that interest you. By following different games that are according to your theme there will be more priority in broadcasts giving you a great chance to grow.

For this you must be constant and do not be discouraged if the first weeks you don’t see the results you expect. Have a little patience because this idea is to obtain results in the medium term. This will also give you ideas of how you have to record, how you should manage the times and the voice and sound volumes of the video game.

Moderate your channel

If you are one of the people who they broadcast live it is very important to have a healthy community, since this way you will tempt more people to want to belong to your group.

The great advantage that Twitch has is that it allows to create conditions for an early modernization with different keywords. With this you will be able to avoid spam by maintaining a better community, your promotion will also be more efficient because the same participants will recommend others. Keep in mind that, if you don’t moderate your channel, you won’t be able to create good videos because haters will always try to ruin the contents of others.

Add friends

You can use this function to create better videos. The add friends tool will allow you to see who is watching your broadcast and, therefore, send them messages privately or publicly.

This function was created with the aim of motivating social interaction within the platformSince if you meet friends who have tastes very similar to yours, you can share your live shows and generate a positive synergy. In this way you will sincerely receive their opinion, which will allow you to correct errors, improve some technical aspects and above all continue insisting on the topics that they liked the most when you broadcast your video.


It is important to be aware of trends because they will allow you to grow much faster. For this you need to consult an external tool, called TwitchTracker. You can find this platform by entering the URL address with your trusted browser Once you are in it you will be able to know the trends of different games, themes and content creators.

Use them and adapt them to your channel so that you are among the most wanted. You must bear in mind that you have to always maintain a logic with the theme of your channel, Because if you don’t, your followers will be confused and, perhaps, stop following you. On the other hand, it will be important that you see how the living edit. This will help you get the good ideas and implement them in your broadcasts.

Create clips

A good idea to have at your fingertips is to create clips while you’re playing. For example, if a player just made an epic move and you are recording your screen you can make a clip and then post it on your profile Twitch.

In this way you will show interest in other users and you will gain fame among Gamers because they will want to see plays like the one you showed. Best of all, it is very easy to use and they are a lot of fun, and you can also react to your own clips. Remember that what you are looking for is to improve your own videos, so reacting to your own clips can be very efficient because it will surprise others.