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What are the best prohibited applications on Google Play that you can install on your Android? 2020 list

What are the best prohibited applications on Google Play that you can install on your Android? 2020 list

Each application in order to be available must go through different analyzes so that Play Store can accept them. However, there are applications that do not pass this study, so they are subsequently considered as “prohibited” .

When that happens, this program puts out these applications, motivated that they violate some laws. In this way they get their community, that we are the same users, be safe and have a good experience with our phones .

But you are here because you want prohibited applications, so later we will mention some of these applications that are not found in the Play Store because they have been banned.

Why does Google consider some applications as “prohibited”?

The applications prohibited by Google, are those that oppose its rules and which cannot be added to Google Play. However, only those that comply with their “rules, design and marketing” , and especially those that are for the inspection of the representatives or for the regency of the companies, can be found in this application.

These applications must be in accordance with Google’s rules, indicating in a concise way their content and without hiding any information to users. That is why those applications that seek to be hidden in the devices or that seek to send user data must be deleted because they are not allowed. Some of the applications that should not be installed on the devices are :

  • Employee Work Spy
  • Mobile Tracking
  • Phone Cell Tracker
  • SMS Tracker
  • Spy Kids Tracker
  • Spy Tracker
  • Track Employees Check Work

If you do not have any installed, but you think you are persecuted, it is best to factory reset your mobile device.

What are the risks of installing this type of apps on my Android and how to do it?

For the well-being and care of your Android it is not recommended to install applications that are outside of Google Play, since there are several dangers that can be run , such as malware, programs that damage your mobile or virus.

Those who place viruses in these apps modify their codes, which does not allow them to differentiate whether or not there is a malicious file in it, so care must be taken when they are installed. In general, Android has the option of being able to install any type of app that does not have a known origin, which are those that do not appear in the Google Play Store .

Now, to install these types of applications, follow these steps:

  • You must go to «Settings» and press the securitySecurity.
  • button Then you must press the button found next to the “Unknown origins” option to enable it.

Habilitar orígenes desconocidos

  • Once this is done, Google will indicate that your device is exposed to any type of damage or virus. However, once you have hit the “Accept” button, you can install any of the applications that are outside of Google Play. You must assume you will be exposed to attacks that can be carried out, as we have already explained above.
  • Once you have clicked Accept in this notice, you will already have the option to install.

List of the top 15 prohibited applications that you can install on your Android mobile

Now that you know well what the risks are and what you should configure so that your mobile allows you to install these applications without problems, we will present a list with the best 15 prohibited apps that you can download outside the Play Store:



This is a program that can be used to archive videos that are downloaded on Instagram, Dailymotion, Facebook, YouTube, among others. Once you have chosen the desired video, is downloaded in the format you want and is archived on your mobile phone .

Download Vidmate Android APK



This is a program directed for Android, although it is not similar to the one already mentioned, this is an application with which you can download videos from YouTube. It is very easy to use, because once the desired video is downloaded it can be enjoyed directly on your mobile phone without having an internet connection. Its operation is excellent, since it is extremely fast .

Download TubeMate Android APK

NewPipe – Download And Convert


It is an open source application, which allows you to access YouTube without having a user, so you can download audios and videos in any type of format, as well as play them in the background. You will also have the freedom to configure it to play content on external players , in addition to having support for the web .

Download NewPipe Android APK



It serves to convert videos, being much better than TubeMate being this much lighter and using fewer resources. It allows you to classify videos in many sections and add the ones you like to favorites, providing a quick download option, since you can download several videos at once .

Among its main features, the possibility of viewing the content in different types of resolutions should be highlighted. There is content in 4K, but to enjoy this level depends largely on the performance of your mobile.

Download SnapTube Android APK



With this application you can get videos to apply to any personal project you have. However, it can be achieved by entering your name in a search engine that is personalized and which analyzes all streaming applications, such as YouTube or Vimeo videos. Once achieved, can be downloaded to pass it to our Android in various types of format.

Download Videoder Android APK



It is used to be applied in Android, being a very useful app to root. Through it modules can be installed to be modified or even to add functions easily.

You can download photos, videos, change the navigation bar, activate the use of the mobile with one hand or play videos in the background . Although this application offers endless options, it will not be available on Google Play.

Download Xposed Android APK



Kodi is an Android application used to store audiovisual content and share it with other mobile devices that are on the same local network. Its use is simple and offers several options, being also known as XMBC . However, it is not available on Google Play, and it is not for breaking the rules but for the decision of their own owners.


NetEase Cloud Music

It is an imitation of Spotify, with it in addition to playing our favorite tracks in streaming mode, we can also download them to listen to them also without an internet connection. It is free and offers endless options.

However, it is not available on Google Play, because it is a Chinese program and because it does not have optimal content for this platform. Also, allows access to other non-copyrighted applications , which violate the rules.

Download NetEase Android APK



AdAway, is an option to remove banners found on the web or in an app . It is very easy to use since its configuration is not complicated, but you must have root to use it. It is not available on Google Play, since eliminating advertising creates conflicts for developers to monetize their creations.

Download AdAwa Android APK

PopCorn Time

Popcorn Time

Provides a very varied catalog with series and movies, which can be downloaded for free. It can be used on Chromecast to be seen on TV, all you have to do is connect it. This application is not available on Google Play, motivated that you can access a wide variety of paid content without paying, which is considered piracy.

Download PopCorn Time Android APK



Used to make better use of speakers and equalizers through its viper suite that helps improve its quality. Through it the bass is regulated, as well as the sound. In addition, it has advanced software that helps make these improvements. To use it you must have some experience, but with patience you can take advantage of it.

Download Viper4Android Android APK

Manga Mania

Manga Mania

It is a web portal where you can download manga series and read them, as well as anime, cartoons or novels. It is considered one of the greatest sanctuaries for lovers of Japanese cartoons .

The reason why it is blocked is because in it you can find the last chapters of the most audited series , which is a form of piracy because you Let it be free, which Google completely disapproves.

Download Manga Mania Android APK



It is not available on Google Play, however the day you want to work there would not have any inconvenience. This is an application that serves as a file explorer , which helps to sort its contents, apart from providing many options . Getting files in this application is quick and easy because its interface is very careful.