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What are the best PS Vita emulators for Windows or Mac PC? 2022 list

What are the best PS Vita emulators for Windows or Mac PC? 2020 list

Over the years the entertainment industry in charge of video games has been given the task of innovating in all areas. In the case of Sony, the second generation of PSP, known as Play Station vita.

But as usual, there is never a lack of someone who wants to emulate the consoles to play the same games but directly on their Windows or Mac computer. So, to make everything easier, we have already given ourselves the task of looking for those who will serve you for what you want.

In this article we will show you the most solid emulator of the PS Vita, and where to find the Roms of the games to run on your computer.

The best Play Station emulator for computer ready to download for free

Here are the best and the only one so far, PS Vita emulator so you can start having fun the way you like the most.

Vita3K Emulator

It is the first Play Station Vita emulator that came out and although it is an experimental version, that is, it is not yet complete, since it is an open source software, There are a lot of developers who are part of a community and a team to carry out this project.

To download this emulator you just need to go to the homepage and choose the type of device you are currently using. It should be noted that it is only available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. With this emulator you can run some games, but not all, since it is not ready yet and the developers are still working on it.

Anyway, the developers have been in charge of making a blog in which they upload any important advance and update, so if you are interested it would be good to have a look. On the other hand If you are a developer and want to join the project you can contact them from their official website and give your support to the community.

Portal Roms

This is one of the best pages to download Roms, Here you will undoubtedly find the best games of all types of consoles and categories such as races, combat, multiplayer, strategy, role among others.

Being more specific, you just have to enter this website that you will easily find with a Google search and then once you are on it you must choose between the PS Vita categories. We are sure that you will be surprised with all the games you can find.

DNA Games

Juegos ADN

This is a page full of all versions of games compatible with the PS Vita console . Best of all, they are just one click away, you just need to have your emulator, download the Rom of a favorite game and play.

Nitro Blog

This is a Blog that has a lot of Roms from Play Station Vita to enjoy in your spare time, they are very easy to download, you just have to enter the games section and then look in PS Vita.