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What are the best PS1 emulators for Android? 2022 list

What are the best PS1 emulators for Android? 2020 list

Surely you very much remember the time when you played Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tekken or even Crash Bandicoot, if you are one of those who like the oldest, and you feel that none of the games you find in the Play Store they have the same potential as what you used to play before .

Then it is very likely that you want to go back to the origins and what better way to do it than from your Android device smart, without having to just play at home, but you can play anywhere you like .

But so you can run Play Station 1 games on your Android you need to have a good emulator that is capable of adapting all the best features of the PS1 to your mobile, all that and more You can find this article today.

List of the 5 best PlayStation 1 ready emulators to download free and paid

Here is a list of the 5 best emulators you can get both in Play Store and in APK format to be able to open your favorite Play Station 1 games on your Android device.

Classic Boy


It is an excellent Play Station emulator, it has two versions one of these is free and the other is paid, with this emulator it is possible to configure external controls, and it is possible to have up to 4 four joystick in action , connected and configured via bluetooth, it is possible to fully customize the gameplay, screen size, decide which buttons to use on it, among other things.

It is true that the free version has some limitations, but it is still an excellent application to have on your device . However, if you opt for the paid version, you will be able to increase fluency when playing, perfectly calibrating all movements and you will also be allowed to save your processes.

Classic Boy allows you to play through gestures, works with tilt sensors and accelerometer, in addition to all this presents a good performance that is why among fans and experts in the field is considered the best PS1 emulation application, and it should be noted that it is cross-platform so it is not limited to PSX only .



This is another of the best emulators for Android, which has excellent playability when using it on tablets and smartphones, it is possible to have all the buttons on the screen with a virtual mapping, but it is also possible with physical controls and analog controls, thanks to the support provided by .

Originally ePSXe is known as a PC emulator but due to the great changes over the years, companies must adapt to new markets that is why in its Android version They are not left behind.

They have improved the graphical user experience through a Peopsxgl plugin that allows processing with OpenGL, in addition to including native support for ARM and IntelAtom X86 processors Although it is a paid application, It is one of the best and enjoys the best returns from the community of users who use it.


FPse para Android

We are talking about the direct competition of ePSXe and when it comes to Play Station games this emulator earns a position among the best, it is a payment application very similar to the previous one but this one has an even greater integration with OpenGL , so you may be able to run games with a high resolution, and is even able to ignore some restrictions or limitations that the game may have or the same device you’re playing with.

Although everything will depend of course on having a good device since not everything is software in life, and the hardware must also do its part, it is said to be an excellent emulator for combat games thanks to the high graphics quality of course and that in addition to having the game buttons on the screen you can also integrate analog controls via bluetooth .

Another of its many features is that allows you to connect two phones via LAN for multiplayer games, it is also possible to make ISO images of each game to play at any time.

Ultra PS1

Ultra PS1

This is a simple but excellent PS1 emulator completely free, we can play our favorite games with the respective ROMs, and we can save the game and resume at any time. It is compatible with any device, It also provides us with good support for ISOs and ZIP.

With this emulator we will have the games with excellent sound quality, it only has the disadvantage of not being able to use external analog joysticks as we have seen in all previous payment emulators, and we can only emulate them on the screen.

But this becomes an advantage if we add the fact that we can connect the emulator with a TV and play via bluetooth therefore the cell phone would do the joystick function . Another important fact is that within the same app it is possible to search with internet connection and download the roms of your favorite games.



It is a very versatile multiplatform emulator with which it is possible to run Play Station 1 games on your Android Tablet or Smartphone device, despite being a bit complex when using it due to the way to enter the games, this is an emulator widely accepted by users and many are satisfied by the functions offered.

As it is an open source software, the user can really freely use the Sony console and other consoles for any purpose, it is possible to customize the gameplay in the way that you Feel more comfortable with the device and choose the size of the buttons, which is excellent for ergonomics when playing.

In addition, online can be obtained to download and adapt various components and other elements that can improve our experience with this application .

Before starting to download our favorite PS1 games to play with emulators, it is necessary to know what are the basic requirements for this task since we do not force our devices and we avoid unnecessary problems .

One of the best emulators we saw in the previous list is ePSXe, and as it is very complete in this area we will take it as an example, the minimum requirements to work with this emulator satisfactorily are to have a Intel Atom ARM or X86 processor and also have commune Android version higher than 2.2 so that from this data we can already have an idea of ​​whether or not we can play emulated PS1 games on our mobile device.

Having said all the above, I will now recommend some pages for you to find the Roms of your favorite games and download them, and then pass them to the memory card of your Android device and that the emulator of your choice can recognize it .


This is one of the best pages to download Roms, here you will undoubtedly find the best games of all types of consoles and categories such as races, combat, multiplayer, strategy, role among others. Being more specific, you just have to enter this page that you will easily find with a Google search and then once you are on the main page, you must choose between the categories of PS1, but I’m sure you will be surprised with the amount of Roms for different consoles you’ll find here.


This is another excellent page to find and download the Roms of your favorite games of yesteryear , and to be more precise of the Sony Play Station 1 console, although in a sure page we can also download games from other newer consoles, all you have to do is enter and in the PS1 section you can find classics like the Tekken, the saga of the Evil Resident, Crash Bash among many others for you enjoy your free time.


This page really is a paradise of games to emulate in almost any console, here we will find Roms and Isos of all kinds of games just search it on Google and then enter the PSX ISO section this page claims to have more than 5000 games so you never get bored again in your spare time.


So you have access to a greater variety of Roms and Isos of games for different consoles , you can access this page, and in the Play Station One (PSX) section you will surely find everything you search and much more, without viruses, without annoying ads.