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What are the best Root applications on Android to make the most of your smartphone? 2021 list

What are the best Root applications on Android to make the most of your smartphone? 2020 list

The big question that all Android users ask themselves, no doubt, refers to the fact of being root or not root . Which transforms the experience of the device and with it, you can make the most of a smartphone. Taking into account that, although it means absolute freedom in the mobile, at the same time it opens the door to the dark side.

That is why, many users do not know all the advantages and disadvantages of rooting a mobile and, for fear of the unknown, do not dare to do so. However, to solve all your doubts about it, in this post we will focus on what is about being a root user on Android and the benefits of this .

Now, beyond that, we will refer to everything that has to do with root applications , that is, how they can be defined and the different possibilities to customize your device by doing use of them. But, also detailing the main risks that exist when installing them.

What is being a root user on Android? Freedoms and benefits

Qué es ser usuario root en Android? Libertades y beneficios

Also known as “being a Superuser” , basically being a root user on Android means having access to the system’s root directory , that is, where it is located installed the entire operating system which, in this case, is Android. Just like what happens in Windows when the user has administrator rights.

In this sense, a root user or “root” differs from a normal user, because the latter does not have the rights required to delete or modify the files of the same operating system Which means that, once customers dare to enter the world of root, many doors open that, until now, Android had closed for them.

In short, rooting a smartphone means having more permissions than the rest of the Android consumers and, logically, this can generate many more possibilities to enjoy the device’s capacity to the fullest, which translate In remarkable advantages. Bearing in mind that, the process to be root depends entirely on the manufacturer and both the phone model and the version of Android it contains.

For its part, below, we refer to the main benefits of rooting an Android smartphone :

Further customization

Although, par excellence, this OS is considered one of those that allows greater personalization of experience to its users, the truth is that for many people this is not enough . For which, the most optimal solution is to become an Android Superuser.

That way, personalization will not be limited to a superficial aesthetic change (wallpapers, icon packs, keyboard sounds, tones, etc.), but it will be possible with it Modify the same system files as you like, including boot animation and system sounds.

A new world of apps

Generally, Android stands out as an operating system that provides a wide range of apps of all kinds. However, when you want to do something more advanced through these, root permissions are almost always needed . Or, even if they are not required at all, being Superuser it is possible to obtain extra functions .

In this sense, by having root access, it will be possible to use uninstall apps preinstalled on the computer , as well as countless possibilities to change system files, make use of management systems for multi-touch control with gestures, etc.

You have complete control of the device

Many users look for all the possibilities to use, freely and without restrictions, their same cell phone. But, when it comes to a normal user, this is truncated by the nature of the operating system .

However, Android was also designed with the idea of ​​offering a somewhat independent software and hardware ecosystem, so getting root permissions can be the only ruler of your smartphone . So, you will not depend on any manufacturer again.

Better performance is acquired

Although, currently, there are many methods and applications that allow you to improve the speed of the phones and simultaneously free up the RAM; Sometimes this can get complicated when you run it as a regular Android user .

But, when you become a Superuser, it is possible to maximize performance and with this, overcome all limitations imposed by the same hardware. That way, it will be very simple to speed up the CPU speed through overclocking, for example.

What is a root application and how much can I customize my Android with one of them?

It is also worth noting what a root application refers to. Which, is based on a type of app that needs Superuser or root permissions to run correctly. For example, just like when an app needs to use the camera, it requests permission from the system and well, the same goes for root applications.

Bearing in mind that, these permissions are usually referred to as “Superuser permissions” which are a series of permissions that common Android apps cannot enter. Therefore, if you root the device, the application will instantly show the ability to access the entire system without any restrictions .

But well, you will surely be wondering to what extent it will be possible to customize your smartphone with any of these root apps and to clarify this dilemma, first of all, it is appropriate to highlight that the amount of customization options, gesture settings and buttons is truly huge and considerable .

Therefore, the extent to which you can make changes to the OS to your liking, will only depend on you and the root applications you choose to use.

What are the main risks of installing a root app in my root app? Android “superuser”?

¿Cuáles son los principales riesgos de instalar una app root en mi móvil siendo

Beyond all the advantages guaranteed by the fact of being a root user, it is also important to know what are the disadvantages or risks that exist when entering this world and of course, when install a root application on your smartphone.

In this sense, in order that you are fully informed about it before deciding if you root your device or not and if you make use of such a mobile application, here we announce some of the risks more significant about it :

  • They pose a great risk to the security of your Android : Both rooting and root apps jeopardize the protection of your mobile. Since, when you install such an application, you are granted all existing privileges and with it, you give access to each and every one of the system files. Which means that, they will not have action limits and they can access all your data easily.
  • Being a Superuser can become very complicated : Before using a root application, please Of course you must root your phone and this can be extremely difficult in many cases. Taking into account that, each team supports this process in different ways and you should be as careful as possible when browsing certain websites, knowing where you connect, as well as the files that you will delete from the system.
  • < strong> Applications may have problems with updates : Once you become a root user and make use of these apps, chances are that notices of new updates disappear completely. So, these tools can not be updated or the firmware of your terminal via OTA.
  • It is possible to lose your phone warranty : In many places in the world, you can lose the guarantee of your mobile immediately by rooting it. Given that, root access privileges is something that is not allowed by manufacturers, officially. Although, in the case of Europe, users have some advantage because the legislation is more generous, in these cases.

List of the best 30 apps for rooted Android phones

Now, once you choose to be an Android root user, you will surely want to know what are the best apps that you can use to get the most out of your smartphone and thus, fully enjoy the Be a Superuser.

Consequently, we have reached the most anticipated section of the post to know the best qualified alternatives for it :



It is no secret to anyone that, in many cases, mobile performance can be affected and get worse day after day because of the applications that normally run in the background without Android customers realize.

Then, in order to solve this fault, this application has been designed that exhibits the ability to prevent these applications from running after use . So, it allows you to recover and maximize the performance of your smartphone, in reference to battery saving and fluidity.


If you are an Android client that usually installs custom ROMs, this app is ideal for you. Which, has a free version and another one of payment. In reference to the free version, it has a limit of three flashes daily and because of that, if you need to do more, you will need to purchase its premium version.

In short, it refers to an app that facilitates the flashing processes and its greatest advantage is that it has the option to program flashes without the need to restart your phone. Thus, it is based on ROMs, zips, mods, kernels, recovery images and much more.

System App Remover

While it is true, in this operating system, by default, come a series of pre-installed applications that ordinary users cannot remove. However, by rooting your device and downloading this app from Google Play, it will be very easy to remove all the filler applications you want .

Which means that, it is an excellent tool that simplifies the elimination of “bloatware” , which is the term with which this type of programs pre-installed in the systems is identified.

Startup animations

Animaciones de inicio

It is, clearly, an application dedicated to the customization of the devices that operate under this OS, thanks to the fact that it offers you different options to modify the startup animation that is shown every time you start the terminal, as the name implies.

In this sense, it has hundreds of completely attractive startup animations for root users, it allows you to convert animated GIFs to startup animations, it has preview of the animation, you can modify the background color, the frame rate and dimensions . However, it is not compatible with Samsung device.

MacroDroid – Automation

It is a solution that stands out as a powerful application for the configuration and automation of tasks , with an extremely simple user interface that focuses on usability and offers step-by-step processes logical step.

In this sense, its functions are based on automating tasks so that your smartphone manages to perform actions that you do regularly, but by itself . Among these tasks, the following stand out: silence the mobile in certain periods of time, activate the WiFi when you are in each, etc. However, it has a lot of publicity.


It is an application that has two versions, that is, one free and one paid. But in general, it refers to an ideal solution for true “geeks” or lovers of technology and computing who are eager to impress their colleagues.

This, because, the root application allows you to see the start of the terminal at the same time that you observe all the service log that are being activated in the background, as well as the animation. That is, as is and as if it would be the renowned Linux desktop system.

Wakelock Detector

Wakelock Detector

It is one of the most useful services for root users, since the app is responsible for detecting if some other tool, application or program is consuming more resources than usual . In addition to this, it helps you find the cause of your battery discharging at an incredible speed or that your screen takes a long time to turn off, if that is the case.

In reference to its most important functionalities, we emphasize that offers a remarkable productivity . Thanks to that, it gives you the option to organize all the apps by execution status or in alphabetical order, easily. It also shows green applications running.

ROM Manager

Also available in the Google Play Store, it is an application that operates as a ClockWorkMod ROM manager , which is one of the most qualified tools to manage custom ROMs. Taking into account that, it is very easy to use and thanks to that, it already has more than 10 million downloads.

Among other features regarding its free version, we mention that it has the ability to organize and make backups and restorations from the operating system and you can install ROM from the SD card directly. On the other hand, it also has a paid version that performs automatic backups and has other additional functions.

SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

An optimal tool to transfer applications from the internal memory to the SD card and with that, allows you to increase the capacity of the smartphone to the maximum. So, it guarantees very good results and also has other functions of interest. One of them is based on removing residual files from the system very easily.

Apart from this, it allows you to search for files by name, content or by date; It also manages to detect duplicate images or documents to free up space, check those old files belonging to apps already uninstalled, you can run tools through a program or by widgets automatically , clean the cache, etc. < br>

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Without a doubt, it is the best option to record everything that happens on the screen of your terminal, that is, it provides the best screen recording capabilities and with that, it is considered a very flexible and useful app for youtubers, gamers and vloggers dedicated to providing technical support to this renowned operating system.

Among its main features, we find that it has an extremely intuitive user interface that shows a great design, guarantees audio quality using the microphone, allows you to save your preferred settings as default, you can stop recording before of time only by shaking the mobile , etc.


Once you are Android Superuser and download this application on your mobile phone, it will be possible to move applications to the microSD card. For which, you will simply have to format the card with two partitions (one in UNIX format and the other in Fat-32), with the latter as normal memory and UNIX, as part of the application of internal memory.

Now, detailing other particularities of Link2SD, it should be noted that it shows a very simple user interface, you can create shortcut for applications, system applications become user applications, you can delete data and cache memory from the apps, is free and available in 40 languages ​​.