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What are the best safety tips on social networks for children, adolescents and adults? 2022 list

What are the best safety tips on social networks for children

While it is true, since the use of the Internet has increased, the risks surrounding the security and privacy of people who use it have increased. But, this became a bigger problem, precisely at the time the famous social networks emerged .

Taking into account that, the main purpose of these platforms is to ensure the active participation of billions of people worldwide. By which, they seek more viewers, intensifying the options to connect with another person and looking for, data to sell and cross .

Given this, logically there are many risks for both children and adolescents, as well as adults. Therefore, it is essential to have key tips so you can optimize social media security .

List of tips to preserve your privacy and improve network security social

For the vast majority of people in the world, it is already a custom to connect to their social networks on a daily basis , given that these types of platforms have already become a large part of the daily life. Since, it is the best way to stay connected, in real time, with everything that happens around you and also away from you.

However, due to the remarkable flow of users and personal data, these platforms expose you to numerous risks continuously . Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social network, the danger that exists is absolutely potential and because of that, it is relevant to have the best tips that allow you to maintain and improve your privacy and security in any social network.

This is why, below, we announce the main recommendations to take into account, to avoid being a victim of any data usurpation or danger on the Internet . Above all, when it comes to children and teenagers.

The images reveal more than you think

Las imágenes revelan más de lo que crees

While it is true, images are the main elements that are published and shared on any social network . But, even though you think it’s simply a photograph or image, this is telling you much more than you think.

Since, you can be revealing, in full, everything related to your habits, your location, your movements and without a doubt, it is absolutely valuable information for the possible attackers that are in certain platform.

In addition to this, when you upload this type of content accompanied by an informative legend , the risk you run is even greater. Because, many times you can be exposing data about your private, family or sentimental life and without a doubt, in this way you will not be able to maintain your privacy.

Which means that, it is very important that take care of what you publish and comment on any social network , because any additional data could put you in great danger.

Make use of selectable privacy

As many of these platforms allow you to personalize the privacy of your account to your liking , it is completely advisable that you make use of these functions. With which, you can ensure that any content you publish and activity you do, is only visible to your family, friends and acquaintances .

In addition to this, there is the possibility of creating lists of types of friends and along with it, you can also customize the visibility of each post. Basically, this allows you not to show all your friends or followers what you share but rather only for your close and trusted people .

Use a strong and hard to decipher key

One of the main recommendations around any account you have on the Internet (not just one in a social network), is to make sure keep a strong key and cannot be guessed by any other person.

So, it is important that, for your social networks, you create a password that cannot be deciphered by anyone but you. This, without a doubt, allows to increase the security of your data , thus preventing any third party or hacker from accessing it.

It is valuable to note that, security professionals recommend using a combination of numbers, symbols and upper and lower case letters in passwords, in addition to being a long combination.

Don’t even think about saving passwords

On many occasions, users prefer to save their access codes, whether their computer or mobile, in order not to enter them each time they wish to access their account on a certain social network. Therefore, it is a very common but also very dangerous practice . One tip and practice to protect us is to use password managers .

Today, it is not advisable to save passwords because if someone physically accesses the computer where you did that, will easily enter your account and without any impediment. Then, it is valuable that you enter your password every time you want to enter the social network. Since, although it takes longer, it is more valuable to protect your personal information .

Be very careful with your mobile’s GPS

Ten mucho cuidado con el GPS de tu móvil

In general, users of social networks manage their profiles directly from their Smartphone and all these devices have a common feature that refers to GPS . Which, although it can be of great help in many circumstances, can also be dangerous in reference to the social media environment.

Currently, these platforms have a particularity known as the “ geo-tagging “, which works with the help of GPS and is based on attach information regarding your location in any multimedia content share or receive . Being a function that is usually used to make a profile of this type more social.

But well, said geotagging is not at all recommended or safe, because it gives the facility to many attackers of the network, interpret information as private and meaningful as your lifestyle, places that you frequent, social status, as well as economic status and even your daily routine.

Use security programs and applications

Thanks to the large number and types of cyber attacks that occur today in various parts of the world, many developers chose to create software and applications that will present the ability to solve this problem . Being tools that, fortunately, provide good results.

Indeed, we recommend that you rely on such security programs and apps so that, in addition to increasing the protection of your data on social networks, you also avoid receiving any attack while using the Internet . Taking into account that, in this way, you can also protect your equipment so that its operation is always optimal.

Avoid accessing links sent to you

It is common to find in the social networks, a lot of links or links for you to access them. But, although they have been sent by a family member or friend of yours, it is recommended that not open them . Unless, you look closely at these and after detailing them, you can make sure that it is something reliable.

Since, on many occasions, viruses are camouflaged in this way and, therefore, are only traps. This, unfortunately, has happened on Facebook or Whatsapp repeatedly.

Application permissions are also determining

As entertainment is very relevant, today you can find lots of games and applications of all kinds that ensure total fun. However, to start enjoying them, it is mandatory to accept certain permissions and conditions to be able to access , and this may be a point against.

Although these permissions are often transparent, sometimes apps are evidenced that request permissions or authorizations that are not really necessary . Like those permissions that refer to access to email, contact information, photographs, videos, etc. Which is not ideal because they are programs with advertising or even malicious purposes , to steal information. Therefore, you must be very careful before accepting any authorization in this regard.

Do not hesitate to act against cyberbullying

Social networks have been used to intimidate other users from threats of all kinds, insults, spreading false rumors or even compromising photos, etc. Thus, a practice that could not be eliminated and basically are led by stalkers who want to get something in return .

Therefore, in these cases of cyberbullying , you should not hesitate to act quickly against it and thus be able to prevent them from becoming much more dramatic situations and dangerous. For this, you can choose to block the stalker in question or even take captures and save the evidence to inform any legal security center in your area.

Do not accept friend requests from strangers

No aceptes solicitudes de amistad de desconocidos

On both Facebook, Instagram and any other social network, it is important to make sure have “friends” or “followers” that you really know and know who it is. Since, by accepting unknown people or you don’t know enough, you’re putting your privacy in danger . Since, many thieves, hackers or individuals with bad intentions, operate in such a way to get into your daily life, know more about you and even attack you.

Do not use another PC or mobile to enter your account

Many times, when you do not have your computer or mobile phone nearby, you choose to apply for a loan to enter any social network. But, even if it is a device belonging to someone known, this practice is not recommended and may endanger your personal data . Moreover, when they are computers that are at work or in a cyber café.

Now, if it is an extreme situation and you have no other option, we recommend that as soon as you finish managing what you wanted in the social network, make sure you close the session . Also, don’t let the web browser you used remember the passwords.

You must be alert for scams

Debes estar alerta en cuanto a las estafas

On any social platform, there is never a lack of the person or company that pretends to be a merchant offering some kind of service or product , in order to quickly gain your trust and thus obtain detailed data Regarding your bank accounts, credit cards, passwords, etc. Which is known as phishing .

Therefore, you should be very careful when attending messages of this type of scammers or phisher and not believe in any type of discount to reveal bank information by such means. Moreover, not even if they make use of some instant messaging system or even a phone call .

What risks exist in social networks for children under age and how to prevent them?

Qué riesgos existen en las redes sociales para los niños menores de edad y como prevenirlos

As we told you at the beginning of the post, the dangers in social networks are even greater for children and adolescents . Since, minors are not fully aware of the true reality worldwide and especially the great risk of using the Internet and social networks, today.

This is why, below, we present a list that contains the main risks in social networks for children under age and in that way, we will detail some tips for manage to prevent these problems present today:

  • The use of photographs of minors in child pornography : One of the most notable phenomena on the Internet, is child pornography promoted by various websites and are certainly fed by social networks. Since, the profiles of innocent children on these platforms, can be of great help to publish their photos on Internet portals that promote this type of pornography worldwide. Because of this, it is best to prevent minors from managing accounts on social networks .
  • Children are potential victims of grooming : This , is based on a pedophile hoax that is managed from a false profile (with photos of models or very general as landscapes) in any social network and aims to, friendly approach to a minor with sexual intensities or even the rapture the same. Indeed, if the child manages a social profile and comments that he has virtual friendships, it is a great sign that he is being a victim of this horrific practice. Therefore, you must ensure that does not maintain virtual contact with any unknown person .
  • They may be affected by cyberbullying : Bullying is a phenomenon that It became a school problem, a bully present in social networks. For this reason, it is important to inform the child very well about the proper use of the Internet, the importance of taking care of privacy and, in any case, having the resources and tools at hand to report on time.
  • Violence generated by communities active in social networks : Today, there are many communities that focus on posing challenges and struggles to encourage children to realize them and this is extremely dangerous. Since this way, quarrels have been generated between children and young people to publish them in said profiles and even, they have led to the death of many minors through dangerous challenges that induce eating disorders, depression, etc. Therefore, you have to be very aware of what the child observes in social networks, who is following, etc .
  • Blackmails to get money or sexual favors : Thanks to the innocence of minors, many malicious individuals do their best to obtain photographs of the children and once they succeed, they start blackmail to earn money or even acquire sexual favors from the child. Everything, in order to remain silent and not publish such content on the Internet. For this reason, it is important to maintain trust with the child and advise that you should never take and send intimate photographs to any person because of existing hazards.