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What are the best social networks for children and young people? 2022 list

What are the best social networks for children and young people? 2020 list

How important is the safety of our children to us, although we know that today technology has evolved significantly and many of the children already prefer to sit in front of the computer than play hide and seek.

Of course, the fact that that a child can access the Internet and social networks that we use on a daily basis can carry great risks and we do not want their integrity to be compromised.

In the content of this post you can find a list that we have prepared with the five safest social networks for them. In addition here we also highlight the risks of our children having access to conventional platforms.

List of the 5 best social networks for safer children

It may not be the right thing to allow the little ones in the house to have access to social networks like Facebook or Instagram where personal information is provided and where anyone from anonymity can contact them by instant message. Well, as we have spoken many times in different posts, the dark side of the Internet has been exposed many times.

But this does not mean that there are no secure applications for them, so to avoid inconvenience we have created a small list with the safest networks on the web. It is important to clarify that there is never any other adult surveillance.

Lego Life

Lego Life red social

Yes, surely our children are fond of these toys manufactured by the Danish company. Well, now Lego moves to the world of computers and has created in partnership with UNICEF a social network itself called Lego Life aimed at the smallest of the house, although It can also be used by adults.

It guarantees these to be able to develop the imagination and guarantees fun. They will be able to make and share their most great Lego creations, interacting only through emoticons. It is aimed at children under 13 years old and is currently available for a limited number of countries .

Lego Life is a very secure social network since children require their parents’ permission to access it. In addition, to create a profile you will not have to upload any photographs but the avatar will consist of Lego figures that can be customized.

Mundo Gaturro and Picapon

Mundo Gaturro y Picapón

Mundo Gaturro is a game for children that has its own social network called Picapon, where children can entertain and interact without having to access social networks where their security is unprotected.

The project was born in Argentina but has spread throughout Latin America . Picapon is a social network that will allow our children to watch and share videos with exclusively children’s content. They can interact with other children safely, since messages and comments are previously moderated for publication.

How fun it will be for them to be able to play and share the best Gaturro content on this fun social network that will give them security and peace of mind.

Banana Connection

banana connection

Another great alternative in safe social networks for our children and adolescents is Banana Connection , a community aimed at children with ages between 7 and 12 years in which they can interact with other users , previously with parental authorization. It should be noted that it is available in two languages, Spanish and English.

This social network reaches our children thanks to one of them named Mateo Echeverry, who asked his father to allow him to create a Facebook profile and upon obtaining a negative response, he suggested to this the idea of ​​creating a social network for children.

Banana Connection has the peculiarity of having an app available on both Android and iOS so that adults can control their children’s activity on the social network. It does not allow the fact of collecting information or content from others, does not accept to supplant identities, does not intimidate to spread offensive content or any that generates violence or has to do with pornography.

In this community our little can share and interact with others using even a profile picture, exchanging content or listening to music and watching YouTube videos, of course everything under our supervision. It’s the idea, right?



If we are looking for a social network dedicated especially to children so that they can make friends online, who learn to use the networks correctly but even allows them to make their own posts, KizWorld we will surely love it.

This social network is aimed at children between 6 and 12 years old who want to have fun for a while like adults knowing more friends, having conversations with them, sharing photographs and much more.

This community provides the opportunity for children and young people up to 17 years of age to register and share content about their favorite music, video games, among others. It has a chat and a forum so that they can interact with others. Of course, the content that is published is supervised by those responsible for the site.

Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids

Another option to consider is the official Facebook application, in this case especially aimed at the smallest of the house. We already know how Messenger works, the messaging application of this platform. In this case, this app developed especially for children keeps certain similarities.

Through Messenger Kids our children can chat, send photos, GIFs or make video calls. Yes, everything will be monitored by parents to ensure their safety and ours.

Messenger Kids is aimed at children under 12 years old. To access them, they must create an account that will be linked to an adult’s Facebook, which should be one of their parents for added protection, as well as to view and view the content they will see.

Only the adult’s friends can send a request to the child, either from their account or from their children’s linked account. This factor helps us to breathe and be relieved assuming that they are not contacted by strangers.

One of the disadvantages of Messenger Kids is that the content is sent and then it is that parents can see it, something that does not completely guarantee that it will be used properly, so the most It is advisable that they can guide you regarding the correct use of that social network.

It should be clarified that unlike its conventional version, Facebook ensures that it does not share the information of Messenger Kids with third parties. This is definitely a relief for parents who do not want to expose their children to such circumstances.

What risks exist in social networks for children under age and how to prevent them?

riesgos existente en las redes sociales para niños menores de edad

We know that social networks are an attraction for our children, but that they access conventional platforms is a very high risk for their security. Well, although it is true there are malicious people and as these networks are prone to many staying under anonymity or impersonation, it is not healthy to handle it.

It also happens that a lot of explicit content is disseminated daily on social networks that is inappropriate for minors. As well as the filtering of information to third parties or the location with GPS. But not everything is based on privacy, there are other dangers in social networks such as the realization of challenge, challenges, sextorsion, wasted time, cyber bullying, hate speech and many others that can be generated through these.

Now, in an era where everything is digital, information has a lot of power, so risks like these and many others are very complicated to prevent. They can be significantly reduced by instructing our children in the right way use of social networks, however, this is sometimes insufficient.

It is very complicated to also constantly monitor your accounts and sometimes we would not even have absolute parental control on what they do.

That is why surely the best option is to try to make our children use some of the alternatives mentioned above, those that allow us to completely monitor what they write and share with their friends. In addition to choosing who can have contact with them or not, avoiding access to strangers.

Other options would be:

  • Set up the privacy of the account properly.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Talk about how important it is not to disseminate private information.
  • Do not add to unknown people.
  • Do not send photos of any kind.
  • Limit the use of social networks.