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What are the best sports betting websites? 2022 list

What are the best sports betting websites? 2020 list

Sports have always raised passions to pitchers all over the world. This is the main source of entertainment for millions of people who live the passion to the fullest for their love team and celebrate each goal, home rum or 3-point basket as their own. Therefore, it is not surprising that an entire multimillion-dollar industry has been built around it .

The latter means that there are currently two types of fans; those who watch the sport and those who earn money with it, how is the latter possible? Well, thanks to the sports betting houses that allow you to obtain economic gains using the passion and confidence you have in your favorite teams of each sport. You just have to guess a result and with that you could easily generate enough money every week to live on it .

If you are thinking of turning your hobby into a business, you are in the right place. Next we will show you which are the best sports betting houses to bet on in Spain and we will give you interesting information so that you learn to choose the most reliable house of all.

List of all the best websites of sports betting houses in Spain with license

The offer of sports betting websites in Spain is quite wide, with highly recognized brands that offer different bonuses and game moves to their users.

Here are the best ones in the entire market so you can decide for yourself which one is the best way to invest your money .


Casa apuestas Bet365

It is the sports betting house in Spain with the greatest track record. It was created in England in 1974 and quickly became one of the first to acquire the online gaming license is Spain . One of the largest and with a lot of variety, with modalities such as live betting that brings both visitors and players.

This sports betting house, offers a welcome bonus that covers 100% of the amount with a maximum of € 100 . And if you place the bet through the app for mobile devices it also gives you a 100% bonus with a maximum limit of € 50.



It is one of the most popular sports betting houses, with more than 15 years that was launched to the market . Bwin has achieved greater popularity even by sponsoring renowned sports clubs like Real Madrid in the Spanish Football League. Complies with all important aspects; international licenses, security and a modern and elegant website, in addition to an app with the same characteristics, without forgetting the fact of having international recognition.

Bwin offers a great variety, with more than 90 sports disciplines with events worldwide and 24 hours a day , with live betting even if the event has already started. It has one of the highest betting odds, with a 100% welcome bonus with a maximum of € 100 to use at least 4 sports bets.


It is the result of the union of two other houses; Cirsa and Ladbrokes. Sportium is exclusively sports, with an attractive and easy to use website and app. It has more than 1500 physical positions to carry out operations in Spain and Europe.

The welcome bonus offered doubles the initial deposit that is entered with a maximum of € 200 , with a condition that involves making 4 bets at least 8 times that amount. In addition to this, it offers promotions for outstanding events such as the great football finals or the Olympic games.

William Hill


It is one of the oldest betting houses, created in 1934 but came online in 1998 . This house offers one of the highest odds, with a 50% welcome bonus with a maximum of € 50 for sports betting and € 300 for casinos. William Hill also allows you to watch sporting events through streaming video and offers you a wide variety of payment methods.



It is one of the largest and most reputable in the world of bookmakers, since its creation in 2000. It has positioned itself as one of the few betting sites that allows “Cross Betting ”, that is, betting directly against another person. The web can be a bit confusing at the beginning but its handling is learned shortly. It also offers a € 100 welcome bonus to which certain conditions apply.



Despite being one of the most recent betting houses, created in 2008, it is recognized worldwide, with a very attractive and elegant website. It has multiple forms of payment. He has stood out in the world of betting houses for offering online casino and competitive odds, which although they may not be the best, is a welcome bonus of € 150, nothing negligible . This bookmaker is characterized by attracting its customers with good promotions and bonuses.


Apuestas deportivas Betsson

It is one of the newest in the market but it has been adding more and more punters. Betsson offers its users a wide variety of options to bet on their favorite sports. He has managed to characterize himself in the world by broadcasting more than 30,000 live events that you can follow from his application. It has an extensive catalog of events to bet on and also a full section of eSports .

Bet Stars


Recognized for being the Poker Stars platform , a Poker website but also has a casino. Bet Stars gives its users a very dynamic interface, with a modern design and easy to understand the operation of bets over the Internet.

Betting Mark

Web Marca Apuestas

It is one of the most recent but in turn, it is one of the most developed . Apuesta Brand is characterized by a website whose functionality is fast, simple and attractive, and is constantly updated that makes it more attractive.

You can access from different devices, either by your computer, mobile phone or tablet. In addition, he started offering streaming events since 2018 , not forgetting that it also offers large fees, as well as a € 200 welcome bonus.


Apuestas con PAF

This page originally from Finland has managed to position itself as one of the best sports betting houses in Spain. And it is that offers a wide variety of sports, in addition, to make great efforts to encourage legal online gaming but without addiction .

He has managed to stand out in the other sports betting houses by allocating part of his earnings to charitable and social works . Without forgetting that he is a sponsor of different first division teams, which has helped him consolidate that prestige he currently possesses.


Apostar futbol Interwetten

It has managed to stand out for offering a Hot bets service, that is, last minute bets or what is called «low odds» . Since its creation in 1990 until today it has been dedicated to sports betting, casino and online games.

It has managed to position itself within the first sports betting houses in Spain for having specialized in different types of bets, a bit far from the conventional but it is what has made Interwetten increasingly attractive to its customers .

In addition, it offers bettors good odds as well as great deals. It sponsors not only football teams but also motor sports and charitable projects.



It is one of the most recent betting houses, being in the online betting market since 2015. It has been characterized by bringing great development and innovations in terms of technology. Offers a wide variety of services both online games, promotions and betting markets .

The Wanabet website is one of the easiest and most comfortable for users to use . It offers a wide range of betting offers organized perfectly by sports, countries and competitions. It has a juicy welcome bonus, in fact one of the best paid in the market to bet up to 120% of the first deposit with a limit of € 150 .



This house has a great track record in the gaming sector, with casino gaming machines, bingo and sports betting for over 30 years. It offers a welcome bonus maybe not very attractive, since offers to double the first income up to € 120, but the interesting thing is its new section “the porra de luckia” and the “luckiapuesta”.

By means of these sections, you can forecast results of events chosen by the page in “la porra luckia” and through “luckiapuesta” forecasts combined events generated by the house .



This sports betting house has managed to position itself in Spain as one of the riskiest. Betaway manages to separate itself from traditional sports and encourages betting on eSports . This is a fact that can boast unlike most brands we have mentioned so far.

You can enjoy the welcome bonus that offers 150%, with up to $ 60 in free bets . It is impossible for you to get bored since it has a powerful online casino section.



He has been present in the market since 1998 and every day he has established himself as one of the leaders in the world of sports betting. The 100% Sportingbet welcome bonus on your first deposit is one of the best currently available .

In addition, the web is one of the fastest and safest, offering a protected environment for your data through the best technology on the market, not forgetting that it has an excellent customer service available 7 days a week and in different languages ​​.



It is one of the most competitive with a wide range of sports to play. GoldenPark stands out in the market for its sports multi-offer and live betting, as well as other important aspects that make you spend all day betting without stopping.

The mobile app is excellent, with a great resemblance to the web . Other aspects that stand out are its wide selection of quotas. Without forgetting that it has a wide range of sports in which to play your money.



Despite being one of the most recent in Spain, Marathonbet has a great track record and experience in the British market for being the official sponsor of Manchester United . He has managed to stand out not only for its great variety in sporting events, but also for offering its results and statistics services for each game .

In Marathonbet you can consult all kinds of information to help you in the bets to be made , especially in the world of football and basketball. It also offers an excellent casino service, as well as an excellent design of its website and its app.