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What are the best strategy games without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play on Android and iPhone? 2020 list

What are the best strategy games without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi to play on Android and iPhone? 2020 list

We all love those games where we have to find resources that allow us to survive, build, train, requiring the ability of our technical and intelligence skills to lead us to victory, simply They are something fascinating.

Strategy games have become very popular and have moved into the world of our smartphones and tablets. Both Android and iOS have in their stores games of this theme that enjoy a lot of downloads and that millions of users in the world already enjoy.

But you should know that there are dozens of strategy games on Android and iOS without connecting to the Internet that will allow us to have a good time from our mobile and defeat boredom. Some of these work without being connected to the internet.

Surely you’ve seen a lot of Clash of Clans ads or maybe you’ve already played Clash Royale, two games that are quite famous nowadays but that require internet connection and maybe you don’t want to spend Your mobile data That is why we have prepared for you a list of the 10 best strategy games without connection to mobile data or WiFi.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs zombies

This great strategy game is well known and is one of the most entertaining options we have to play from our Android or iOS device, without having to be connected to the internet.

The zombie apocalypse has arrived! We will have to prevent the zombies from entering our garden and eating our brains, for this we will have a series of plants that will protect us and help attack the enemy. This is the second version so you will understand that it is very popular worldwide. An extremely fun game.

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android

Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for iPhone

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom rush frontieres

If you are a lover of the subgenre «tower defense», Kingdom Rush Frontiers you will love it. This game is the sequel to one of the best tower defense that exists today. This subgenre of games consists of building towers that prevent access of enemy armies to a certain place.


Without a doubt, its predecessor Kingdom Rush is one of the most popular games of the genre but cannot be used without an internet connection. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a wonderful game that will allow you to have maximum fun without using the data connection or WiFi.

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers for Android

Download Kindom Rush Frontiers for iPhone

XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM Enemy within

This great game is the second of the saga of these video games that have been adapted to be played on Android and iOS. Its predecessor gained a lot of popularity in users around the world and this second version is also quite good, but best of all, you don’t need an internet connection.

The destiny of humanity is in your hands. Playing Enemy Within you will have to take control of a military squad called XCOM and fight against an alien threat using different tactics.

Download XCOM: Enemy Within for Android

Download XCOM: Enemy Within for iPhone

Defender II

Defender II

If we are going to talk about tower defense we will also have to talk about Defender II. This great video game allows us to have a fun time without having to be connected to the internet spending our mobile data.


Preventing enemy armies from advancing to their goal is what you will have to do in Defender II if you want victory. No doubt this game you will love, as it is very entertaining because it comes with new features and more powerful than the previous one, waves of monsters, fast movements and blows with fury is what it brings to you.

Download Defender II for Android

Download Defender II for iPhone



At first glance anyone would say that it is a little entertaining game, but the truth is that this game is totally fantastic and addictive. You will have to slide the boxes containing numbers, collect them and get results until 2048. This excellent game does not need an internet connection to give us a great time in front of the smartphone. It is available on both Android and iOS and you can get it in their respective stores.

Download 2048 for Android

Download 2048 for iPhone

Alien Creeps

Alien creeps

If you are looking for a great tower defense game, you will surely like Alien Creeps a lot. In this great game we must prevent an army of aliens from moving towards their goal, installing towers at strategic points that will be in charge of shooting them until they defeat them. There are a lot of aliens and possible level improvements for each tower that make the game, certainly quite entertaining.

Alien Creeps is fantastic and you can play it without being connected to the internet, so you can have fun without worrying about spending your mobile data. Great, right?

Download Alien Creeps for Android

Download Alien Creeps for iPhone

Kingdom: New lands

Kingdom new lands

This game is simply great. A strategy game in which you must travel to new lands, gather resources, stand there and avoid unusual threats to defeat you.

Kingdom: New lands is available on Android and iOS and you can find it in their respective stores. The most interesting part is that you can play without connecting to the internet, so enough of worries about our mobile data bill.

Download Kingdom: New lands for Android

Download Kingdom: New lands for iPhone

Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Enough of saving humanity in different strategy games, in Plague Inc it is time to exterminate it. This simulation and strategy game will allow you to play offline from your smartphone, in a context where the purpose will be to extinguish humanity that you will have to infect with a disease and you should do everything possible so that your Attempts to combat it are frustrated.

Download Plague Inc for Android

Download Plague Inc for iPhone

Star Command

Star Command
Sin duda al hablar de juegos de estrategia no podríamos omitir a Star Command, una excelente opción si estás aburrido y no tienes internet en tu smartphone. Este genial juego trata de tripular una nave espacial donde tendrás que ir sorteando de forma estratégica cada ataque que se presente con diferentes habilidades tácticas, científicas y de inteligencia.

Star Command is one of the best games without an internet connection . It is available from the Android and iOS stores, and although its content is not free, it is worth any expense.

Download Star Command for Android

Download Star Command for iPhone

The Banner Saga

the banner saga

An excellent role-playing and strategy game that we can play from our smartphone with Android and iOS . Best of all, it is not necessary to have an internet connection to play this wonderful game.

This game will make you embark on a great adventure in a fantasy world where you will have to save your people. Fight with different clans, make decisions and fight to survive in this fantastic game.

Download The Banner Saga for Android

Download The Banner Saga for iPhone