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What are the best streaming video game platforms and forget about physical consoles? 2020 list

Consoles were previously a very important factor for most video game, since thanks to them users could experience a great feeling in each of their games. However, with the passage of time they have stopped be an indispensable device to carry out this type of activities.

This is how in recent years there has been a great flow of players what happened from play with consoles to live the new experience of online gaming platforms. In addition, all this is accompanied by a series of advantages, and that is to play through the PC is usually much cheaper and you usually find one greater variety of titles.

Taking all this into account, here we are going to show you what are the best video game platforms that you can start using today and so forget about physical consoles, something that will allow you save you money and live a completely different experience. To do this, follow in detail everything we will teach you in this post.

Top 10 video game platforms to play online streaming without having a console

To enjoy your favorite video game without the need to have a console it becomes a great alternative, since you can enjoy this experience directly from your computer. This is how all these platforms have become what will be the future of digital games, where more and more companies are deciding to join this initiative and thus offer great titles through their online platforms.

So, here we are going to teach you what are the 10 best video game platforms to enjoy streaming without the need of have a console.

To do this, follow the list that we will show you below:

Undoubtedly, Steam has become one of the most prominent video game platforms today, it is available for Windows and Mac computers, and from it users can enjoy a large number of titles, which is how it currently offers more than 7,300 online games. All of this allows Players can enjoy a wide variety of content where you will find titles of all kinds.

One of its main advantages is that most of these games are completely free, so they won’t have to spend money to have a fun time. For it Steam has the section of 芦Free ToPlay禄 where they will always be get free games. In the same way, there is the section of purchased games where they will meet much more recent and attractive titles, where the user must cancel a value in order to enjoy them.

All this has led to Steam to become one of the most popular portals on the net, where today it has more than 13 million users. Their gamers will be able to directly download and install their video games favorites to access them faster and easier. Also has very low prices and on special dates they usually place offers.

Playstation now

This is an ideal website for all lovers of PlayStation, it consists of a This company’s own streaming service which began to be used in Spain since March 2019, since then it has had an excellent endorsed by the players. This is how users can enjoy more than 700 titles from both PS2, PS3 and PS4 that can be used on the PC.

In addition, this platform has constant updates where all months add new content, as well as the latest and most popular titles on the market. Therefore, with this website the gamers can play games in streaming and so compete with players from all over the world, it also offers a section for download video games and play them offline for those times when the connection goes down.

As for the payment rates, Playstation now offers three payment plans, one monthly plan where the user cancels 9.99 euros, three month plan for a price of 24.99 euros or the annual plan for just a cost of 59.99 euros.

Project xCloud

This is the video game streaming platform from Microsoft company, it is currently one of the most prominent of the moment despite the fact that only it has a trial version which is only available to the United Kingdom, the United States and South Koreaalthough it is expected that for this 2020 this platform become available to a largest number of countries.

This is how through this gamers website may carry out online games where they can face players from other countries, as well as playing different tournaments. Microsoft has been in charge of offering mainly the best Xbox console titles, this being its main base.

For the advantage of the players, this platform is available for PC, smartphone and tablet that they have a Android 6 or higher operating system. It also allows its members to use controls via bluetooth 4.0 or later, thus allowing better iPhysical interaction and better enjoyment for users.

Uplay It has been developed by the company of Electronic Arts and by Ubisoft, it has become a portal for online games that is currently widely used in Spain. Thus Uplay has been transformed into a solution so that gamers can enjoy all the titles registered in Ubisoft and where they can also count on those steam titles.

Agree with this, Uplay may download through two ways, Either for run the available video games or to play them through Steam. In the same way, here you can find a large number of games available that you can enjoy at very good resolution.

Origin is today one of the best alternatives to SteamThis is how this website will allow you to enjoy any video game directly on your PC, for this it offers a great number of tools and items that will help you enjoy the best possible experience. That is how Origin is one of the platforms with more users registered with Steam, who is currently number one.

This website works under two standards, one of them is the method of download and purchase, and the other play online directly from the portal. This means that Origin has some free titles but it really is a payment portal, where the user when having the subscription may access all available titles whenever you want. Without a doubt, one of the best options to try with Steam.

One of the most supported platforms, it is owned by producer Blizzard, and which main objective is to be able to offer a large amount of games of different categories. This is how it mainly specializes in offer new titles so that its users can enjoy the best possible content.

Some of the most popular names that you can find on the website are Diablo III, World Of Warcraft, among others. In the same way, it is important to mention that Battle has a very large community and very well organized that allows this platform to develop successfully.

In addition, it has a very well organized and designed interface which allows players to find your favorite games easily. However, for use the gamers must register and download your official client on the computer where you decide to play.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

It was impossible to leave out the google company which continues to be in all sectors, it is as well as has not wanted to be left behind and therefore has a streaming video game platform that allows its users to be able enjoy really attractive games. This is a payment portal which has a cost of 9.99 euros per month and which is available at All Europe.

In order to use this website in streaming gamers you will simply need a WiFi control to be able to broadcast the video, in the same way it has Chromecast compatibility, that is to say that you will not only be able to enjoy the experience of video game from your computer screen, but you can also play directly from your Smart TV.

For his part, Google Stadia stands out for offering a large number of games of different genre, they may play in 4K resolution what will improve still plus the player experience.

Good Old Games

Another of the most interesting platforms today, it stands out for offering a vast catalog of brand new content, thus offering the latest titles to its users. This platform is currently recognized in a large number of countries, especially in English-speaking ones.

Good Old Games It has been developed by CD Projekt, a polish company it provides a lot of DRM-free games, which means that the user will not need have an internet connection to play your favorite games. Which becomes a great advantage, since they simply must perform downloading it and thus be able to enjoy it at all times.

Finally, it is important to mention that Good constantly offers weekly deals where it allows video game shopping newer to a very economical price. This platform is available to Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

Humble Bundle

Bundle is known as a website that takes care of weekly form game packs or bundles as they are also known. Usually these packages contain titles of all genres so users will have a wide variety to select from, however these games are not free each of them contains a price to be paid to use them.

Mainly packages offered by Bundle they contain only three titles, but if the user decides paying can amplify all this and thus have a large number of them. The minimum payment is 1 euro, a relatively low price that has led it to become one of the preferred sites for most.

Finally, we introduce you GameJolt another of video game platforms that you can find currently and which is very recognized in several countries. It stands out mainly for offering a hosting service for free and paid video games, that is, here the user will have the opportunity to enjoy both categories.

Also, GameJolt It is a portal that can be used by both consumers like for developers, where you will find a wide catalog of available games from different categories. One of its main advantages is developerssince they can upload their own games to the page and select the price they want to win for the same.

As for its interface, it is very attractive and very well organized, where the player can find a calendar with the next releases and a menu for category that will allow them to find the video game of their choice in a much simpler way.

PC vs Console vs Mobiles Which is better to play video games?

Many users constantly ask what is the best option for play a video game, taking into account that today many of them have been developed to run on different platformseither through a console, computer or mobile phone. As is the case of Fortnite, where users can enjoy it in any of these three ways, but where each of them has their own characteristics.

According to this, below we will tell you which of the three is the best:

From the computer

From the computer

This has been one of the most recent ways in which the user can begin to enjoy a lots of games thanks to the portal numbers these have been launched last times, it has had a remarkable growth where have you gone accepted by the majority. That is how PCs have been developed so that you can have a better experience than that of consoles, starting mainly because these computers are more common in users, which also guarantees a economic savings not having the need to buy a console.

Another advantage of play through a computer is that the gamers can constantly update system components, which will allow you to always enjoy the best possible quality. Although it is important to mention that this is a recent change that until now not all users approve, since there are still those who feel more comfortable using a console.

The console

The console

This has been the most traditional method for many years for the gamers they can enjoy their favorite titles, that’s how all these video game companies they managed to get a very pronounced growth where industries like Xbox, PlayStation, nintendo switch, among many others, they managed to become players right hand.

Thanks to the consoles, users can enjoy really unique games, and it can be said that the experience lived so far on a computer will not be the same as that of a console, But is that the consoles are not necessary either To enjoy excellent game today.

In addition, it must be taken into account thatThe price of these devices are usually relatively high, it is there where the question is born Is it worth paying to have it? Bearing in mind that the same thing that will be done there can be done from the computer without spending so much money and with the opportunity to compete against best gamers from other countries.

From the mobile device

From the mobile device

Finally, we found the last way to play today, it can be said that the experience that will be obtained with a Mobile gaming will never be the same that can be achieved through a console or PC, since in these two the its quality is usually much higher and more powerful, which will offer you a better performance.

However, they are currently available excellent video games for smartphone with which you can spend a pleasant time, especially if you are one of the people who spend little time at home. One of the main drawbacks of the terminals is your battery, which usually runs out quickly when using this software.

But considering the feeling of the game who can get a gamers on a computer, console or smartphone, it can be said for sure that mobile phones are not game consoles, and that you can simply enjoy them mobile games, starting with these devices the player it has fewer buttons and they are usually quite limited.

Which is the best?

Being able to decide which of these three options is the best one will depend mainly on the person, since there are those who are going to 100% prefer the PC, while others consoles or smartphones. However, you can see how much computers as a console are able to offer excellent performance and graphicsalthough the traditional way of always be able to play has been the console which has provided excellent results.

But without a doubt the future is streaming, 0 ties and maximum control of where you play, you just have to carry your controller and credentials with you and you can connect wherever you are to your favorite video game platform, Do you sign up for the future or are you one of the most nostalgic? It’s up to you.