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What are the best Super Nintendo SNES emulators for Android? 2020 list

What are the best Super Nintendo SNES emulators for Android? 2020 list

The SNES video game console, also known as Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was released in the year 1990 to 1999. It was one of the most emblematic of the time, with incredible and endearing games like the popular Mario Bros and others.

Currently devices that can use these games are difficult to find, and even companies have thrown a little nostalgia and have returned to bring legacy consoles, although they are somewhat expensive to buy.

For this and other reasons there are emulators of the SNES that you can use on Android mobile devices , which you can use to enjoy a wide variety of unrestricted games.

List of the 8 best free SNES emulators for Android ready to download Payment

There are many emulators of SNES for Android that can be downloaded, the performance and speed of them depends clearly on the capacity of the mobile equipment. That is, if you have a low-end device or something old, some emulators or games may not work or go slowly.

Many of these emulators can be found in the Play Store, if not, just googling their name in the search engine you will get their apk and you will have the opportunity to enjoy them from these.

Snes9x EX +

Snes9x Ex+ emulador para android

This emulator is one of the best you can find on the Play Store platform, the same can be used in low-end equipment, as well as in high-end without problems.

For older devices there is a version that can work correctly, this can be downloaded directly from the programmer’s website (we leave the link above).

The emulator has the Bio Worm game included, other ROMs (games) must be added by the user in question. You can use them from your storage card, either the internal or external memory of the device. The accepted formats of ROMs are: .SMC and .SFC, including ZIP, RAR or 7Z files.

Multi Snes9x (SNES emulator multiplayer beta)

Multi Snes9x emulador de SNES multijugador beta para android

As the name implies, it is an emulator in beta phase, however, in the Play Store already has a positive download history and comments from its users, because it allows you to play alone or with another person through the network.

Although this service may fail, this depends in many cases on the quality and speed of your Internet, as well as the distance between both servers. It does not contain any rom, therefore it is necessary to download them in the device memory and the program will automatically recognize them. Supports different types of files among them are: .ZIP, .SMC, .SFC and .SWC.


SNNES emulador para android

There is not much to say about this emulator, fully functional, as well as many, does not come with a previously introduced rom. So after you have downloaded it you will only have to search for the roms of the games that interest you, save them in your internal or external memory and then start playing.


RetroArch64 emulador para android

This app works on virtually any Android operating system, you can download your roms and use them quietly from the emulator without restrictions. This program is available on different platforms, not only on computers with this operating system. This ensures that you can enjoy different SNES games on a wide variety of devices.


John NESS emulador para android

This app can emulate NESS and SNES games , as well as many apps of this type, it does not have its own pre-installed Roms, but once you have them, the same program will recognize them in a way automatically, regardless of whether they are in the internal or external memory of your device.

It has a modern control system, which translates into a better experience when playing, since they are easy to use and comfortable. This app has been designed for Android 6.0 or higher systems. Therefore, only install it if your device meets these requirements.

Super Classic Game Emulator for SNES

Super Classic Game Emulator para SNES

An easy-to-use emulator, where you can enjoy a great variety of classic games. This promises not only SNES game compatibility, but also a great variety of consoles. You can download different roms and play them without problems.

SuperRetro16 (SNES emulator)

super retro 16 emulador snes para android

A striking and great emulator for the SNES that has a large catalog of games that are compatible. The app also has a paid version, however, the designer is currently having problems with the Play Store platform, and only its free version is available.

One advantage is that it has continuous updates and technical support in case of problems with the program. The use of roms is the same as the previous cases, you must download them, save them on your device and it will immediately take care of scanning them until you find them. Also, allows multiplayer, so you can play with friends or family using your device’s bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

The Retro Pocket For SNES

The Retro Pocket For S.N.E.S emulador para android

Supports SMC, FIG, SFC, 7z and ZIP file formats. In particular this will show you a list of the available roms that you already have on your device, in case you don’t have them you just have to look for them and download it for later use. Allows the use of wireless controls or touch panel buttons on the computer screen.

An App that is slowly growing in popularity and every day its numbers of users increase, it is certainly an excellent option to try.

Where can we download the Super Roms for the games of the games on the Android phone or tablet?

Roms de los juegos de la Super Nintendo

Sometimes you just have to put the name of the game you are interested in getting on Google, for example: Mario Bros for SNES, so you can see a wide variety of pages that this game can have. The drawback of these random searches is that you can enter websites of doubtful origin, or that they are not reliable. Even the procedure to download a rom is very tedious due to the amount of invasive advertising.

In these cases it is best to enter those that are recognized or have a degree of reliability, that makes you feel that they are safe, among these we can name the following.


This website has 561 thousand ROMs available for 541 different platforms. What makes it almost 100% sure that you get the game you want. The page is very friendly and easy to navigate on it. It has reliable and operational servers, in addition the download speed is decent, but keep in mind that this varies according to the servers and the quality of your Internet service.


It has a huge database with many retro games and a wide variety of roms that can be run on virtually any existing emulator.

An addition to this, is that users can download movies, high quality music and much more, has a high download quality that can obviously vary by third party actions (Internet companies and other service issues).


On this platform you can get different games. You’ll get almost any type of video game for almost any type of console, be it the classic Atari 2600 or PlayStation.

You can see detailed information with images and screenshots of all or almost all the games that the web portal contains. A true rom-wiki, if such a wonder could be defined in some way.


You can get different classic games, it is a very striking alternative and this is due to its point system that was designed to prevent download abuse.

This works from the moment you register with RomUlation, because you are credited with 10,000 points, and every megabyte you download or install will deduct one point. In other words, you have a limit of 10 thousand MB to download. Regular members receive 500 points a day credited to their account.

Es una gran plataforma en línea para conseguir ROMs gratis. Puedes encontrar de todo en esta plataforma, no obstante, la misma se especializa en consolas portátiles de la vieja generación.

Emulator zone

This site mainly specializes in providing a variety of emulators for its users. Although it also provides detailed information on the ROMs, even showing the classifications of its emulators with these roms.


It gives you instant access to ROMs and emulators. It has a great download speed on its servers, which makes it an excellent tool to download the games that interest you and much more.

The list of games is kept updated regularly. In addition, from the beginning you are provided with a gallery where users upload screenshots of the games.


It is a site where you can get almost any title you want completely free. It does not contain advertising and has a very short waiting time. It provides you with a user manual which is available online in case you have doubts when browsing the portal. It also has a large catalog of games.


It is a very simple website, it has a wide catalog of roms from different consoles, just choose it and find the game that interests you for it. The games are organized numerically (0 to 9) and then followed alphabetically (from A to Z).