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What are the best Telegram bots to automate conversations in your chat? List 2021

Telegram Messenger is an application that allows us to communicate with our friends and family just like any other social network. It was released in the 2013, although in its beginnings I did not have as much fame as now.

The big boost obtained by Telegram is thanks to the famous bots, which attach quite striking activities to this social network. Each of these little robots have different functions and allows us to enjoy the application even better.

If you want to know a little more about the bots available in Telegram, their functions and even knowing which are the most recommended, then you must read below.

What is a Telegram bot and what are the advantages of using them?

Due to the low visibility that this instant messaging application had, they began to integrate, since 2015, some extensions or add-ons that run extra functions, known as bots. The bots are not really applications that we can find displayed in a store, because they are developed by people and Telegram users.

If you want develop a bot, you need to know that to do it, you must first possess even a little bit of programming knowledge. These bots are very useful if we need to search news, contacts, games, or do something else, and this will allow us to have a better experience in this instant messaging App.

How do Telegram bots really work?

The operation of the bots is quite simple. First, you will have to search for them as if they were another type of user, using @SuNombre or the internal search engine of Telegram. There will be times when you find a direct link that leads you directly to open a conversation with them. When you get into a “conversation” with a bot, You will only see a description of how it works. Below the description you will have to press a button that says Start, and that is used to automatically send the start command of the Bot.

In doing so, the bot will reply to you with a message explaining its operation again and telling you the main commands to start using it. You will start to use your operating commands, and depending on the type of bot, you may have other commands in its responses to go browsing your content menu and your messages. And the type of content and the functions that you will find depend on each bot and what it was designed for.

There are some that will simply show you information from one or more specific sources, others will create reminders, and there are even some that will propose games through text. Here, It will be up to you to find bots for the functions you need from them.

What are Telegram bots for and what uses do they have?

The reality is that we cannot limit bot activities with a definition, because they have practically no limits. Currently, with just a simple search on the Internet, we will find huge lists, according to the activities that we want to be executed in our application.

If we want an application that remind us or send us daily updates, so that we can order our day, with Telegram and the bots can do it without any complications. Even if what we are looking for is to consult prices of products of Amazon or eBay, through bots we will be able to do it.

The main uses of Telegram bots are these, although the limit is in the imagination:

  • Receive personalized news and notifications: A bot can act like a smart newspaper, sending you relevant content as soon as it’s published.
  • Integrate with other services: A bot can enrich Telegram chats with content from external services.
  • @Gmailbot
  • @GIF
  • @IMDB
  • @Wiki
  • @Music
  • @Youtube
  • @GitHub
  • Accept payments from Telegram users: A bot can offer paid services or function as a virtual showcase.
  • Create custom tools: A bot can provide you with alerts, weather forecasts, translations, formatting, or other services.
  • Create single and multiplayer games: A bot can deliver rich HTML5 experiences, from simple arcade and puzzle games to 3D shooter and real-time strategy games.
  • Build social services: A bot could connect people who are looking for conversation partners based on common interests or proximity.

List of the best Telegram bots to make money with the application

They are many bots that the Internet offers us, deluding ourselves with earning a lot of money through Telegram, and the truth is that it is pure deception, and mostly they are SCAM.

But don’t worry, here we bring you a small list of the best ones, offering us total security in earnings, and they are the best when it comes to 100% payments:


East it’s a bot for Telegram, which offers us to earn a lot of money but in Bitcoin cash, without any need for investment. One of the most outstanding feature of this bot is that it allows us to earn money in the most comfortable and simple way, practically generating income with just the installation of the bot.


With simply read his name We can already have a notion of its way of working, and that is that it allows us to earn money in bitcoins for free, and without having to spend all day within the application. As we know cryptocurrencies today are the revolution. For this reason the payment is by bitcoin, being at the level of cost and commission per transfer a lot more affordable. With this app we can earn money while using our Telegram messaging. An opportunity that we must mark as a must-see.


Zec Click Bot it is one of the best bots, which allows us to earn money through Telegram, with a good mechanism and 100% of its functionality operating. With this great bot, we can be making a large amount of money in the cryptocurrency known as Zcash. Although it is not bitcoin, this currency is also very commercial.


A good bot, that allows us to earn money in the form of cryptocurrency, but not for bitcoin, but in Litecoin, completely free of charge. Thanks to this bot, we can have a wallet with a lot of money, by means of this messaging, that little by little grows in number of users.


With this bot we can win Dogecoin in a comfortable and totally free way. Just install it together with our Telegram user. It is a very good option, plus it will not take us long collect money through this bot.

List of the best telegram bots to download free music from my chat

Listening to music is for many part of Our day to day, since thanks to this we can better cope with the stress of our daily life. As we already said, bots allow us to obtain all those benefits that we want, including music download.

So we invite you to take note of the following:


This is the main bot to download free music, allowing us to extract any audio, wherever I’m from, although mostly specializes in extracting audio from YouTube. With this fabulous bot, there will be no songs that we do not have on our phone, and with excellent audio quality. We can search by artist, song, album or from a link that a friend sent us. It is enough to simply obtain the address of the file to proceed to extract it.


To download music, without leaving Telegram, we can install this bot that has a quite easy to understand. It allows us to extract the audio from any video, and even order them, depending on your cover or artist.

@Quorra Bot

Quorra Bot gives us the opportunity to obtain audio in mp3 format, in a free and very simple way. Giving us virtue to extract the sound of movies, TV shows, applications and PC programs, if we want to. Quorra can be said to be one of the most complete free music download bots we can find.

List of the best Telegram robots to download free videos

In order to have the videos we want on our phone, we need to download an application, or by default if we have the Telegram App installed, install a bot, so that it allows us to obtain them in a free way and in a very simple way.

Let’s see below:


With fbvideo bot, we can download all those videos that we love so much, but that you can find on Facebook. By simply getting the address of the file, we can get them how and when we want.

@FBvidz Bot

Like the bot we showed above, FBvidz Bot allows us to download videos from Facebook in mp4 format. On the other hand, it is one of the bots with more simplicity in all its operations, making a totally clean file download.


Facebook is not the only platform that shows video compatibility, so is its sister social network, so to speak, known as Twitter. With this bot we will download all the mp4 files we want, converting them from a format loaded on the social network, to one that is compatible with the cell phone.


As a second option we can find this bot, which allows us to download videos from twitter without any complications. On the other hand it is very practical in the downloads, offering very good quality files, both audio and image.


The videos that found on YouTube They are the most famous, for this reason wanting to have them on our phone is very common. With the help of this bot, we can download any video, no matter how long.


Instagram is one of the most famous social networks, and in it we can find a large list of videos, both published by influencer and others. With this bot, all those videos that we love so much we can get them, and share them with our friends.

List of the best telegram bots to search for product bargains

And if that was not enough, we can also get bots to see the best products on the market, with the most competitive prices.

Here are some of the most used bots to see offers and check product costs:


This is the most used bot to check product prices, and because it is the one that shows us the queries in a list, with results of Amazon, already says a lot about its usefulness. Simply with install it and write the name of the product we want, it executes a command that makes the search by Amazon be reflected in its mechanism showing a list of results.


As we know, whenever we seek alternatives to Amazon we will find EBay, and the truth is that this is a great platform where we can find products at a very low cost. So don’t forget that you can do it from your user in Telegram.


Adelcobot is a bot that allows us to consult prices in Argentina and make comparisons to choose the best offer. Its mechanism is very simple, allowing us to find products in an effective and efficient way.

Store Bot A bot that allows you to find other bots that do whatever you need!

@storebot it’s a bot that allows us to consult by category, functions, activities, other bots. In other words, it can be said that is the bot search engine, being in it where we can find all the robots that we mention in the list, and the others that you find on the Internet.

It is a truly useful tool that makes it easier for us to search, finishing to complement what Telegram with its bots needed, allowing the user find all the bots you want in a simple and fast way. If you want to join the Store bot channel, just go to