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What are the best templates to make a professional cover letter? 2020 list

What are the best templates to make a professional cover letter? 2020 list

A cover letter speaks for itself , so it is necessary to perform it in the best possible way so that our data, such as our academic background and all the skills and attitudes we have can be reflected in it.

There are different ways to write a cover letter, as well as several models of these documents. In order to work faster and dump our content so that they are highlighted, there are templates that have preset formats.

We will present in detail below how we can create a cover letter according to the different programs that exist . We will also mention the best templates according to the program as well as classify them according to their design and use.

In what programs can I create a cover letter to present in a company?

En qué programas puedo crear una carta de presentación para presentar en una empresa

The cover letter is a brief report about the tasks we have done before visiting the company or any other place where we want to present it.

Among the data we have to include, in addition to the work we have done (if it is for a company, otherwise it will be studies, or any activity related to the place) we have to add different issues related to our family and social environment , aspects of our personality and motives that argue the presentation of this document.

There are different programs with which we can create a presentation, which we will analyze below:

Microsoft Word

With this letter we can get a professional presentation, in which we will detail our address under our name and we also have the possibility of incorporating the phone and an email.

Later we will indicate the date of issue, the name of the recipient, the company and the address of the same. In the next paragraph of it, we will write directly the intention of our letter.

In this way we can get colors or fonts to customize the document in the best way to make it a template accessible to our needs.

Download Microsoft Word Template

Google Docs

Another way we have to make a cover letter is using the Google Docs tool . With this document format we can use modern designs.

We recommend the file in which we will put our name, profession and any other information necessary to identify ourselves within a red background.

On the left side of this document we will include our address, and on your right we will find all the data related to the recipient, company position, address and the text of the presentation.

At the end of the document we can have through icons , different data such as email, Twitter account and a Linkedin URL.

Download Google Docs Template

Microsoft PowerPoint

When we need to make a professional presentation through a digital mode we have the possibility to use this form, with which we will be able to edit it and highlight the most important skills we have.

It allows us to choose the recipient and his address, as well as add or take slides.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint Template

Adobe Photoshop

With this program we can edit the cover letters so that they look professional, youthful or of any style that we need to give them. We include a file in a word processor, which we must save in format to be able to make the subsequent edition.

Download Adobe Photoshop Template

Corel Draw

This program will also allow us to edit the templates according to the modifications we need to make to adapt it to our particular situation and reflect the profile we want.

The form is formed by the names of the recipient and also the address, we can add or remove data from it and thus confirm its edition.

Download Corel Draw Template

Microsoft Excel

Thanks to this template we can obtain a cover letter in which we can edit the name of the recipient, as well as modify its contents.

It is a very simple but effective design that will allow us to present our person in a formal way.

Download Microsoft Excel Template

List of the best presentation card templates according to the program

Lista de las mejores plantillas de cartas de presentación según el programa

We will present below the best templates we can get for the cover letters according to the program.

Word templates

When we use Microsoft Word to choose the templates of our cover letter we can choose the following:

  • Gray blue : With this template we will have to write our name below the photo that we can include, as well as add our phone number Contact and websites. It is divided to put on the right side all the data that we create convenient.
  • Impoluta : With its elegant and modern design , allows us to create an excellent tool for the presentation of ourselves. It has a section in which we will place our personal data highlighted in yellow which we can also change. The name of the recipient is well highlighted by what gives a certain closeness to the template.
  • Monogram in bold : We can accompany our curriculum vitae highlighting our experience in tasks related to the position to which we want to apply. Its design is modern and the predominant color is white with red and can add in a prominent way the contact details to which we want to refer this letter.

Templates for Google Docs

When we need to work with templates for Google Docs we can recommend the following:

  • Creative : Designed and provided by Microsoft Corporation, it is a template that allows us, through simple steps, to have a very clean cover letter, which will stand out our name; the name and position of the recipient. It is composed of two columns, in the first we will enter the different data of us and in the second column we will add all the information that we consider necessary for our presentation.
  • Blue : When we need to stand out for simplicity this is an ideal template for the mentioned occasions. It has a very simple design that will allow us to put our name first in a prominent way under our address. Next, we will write the data of the person who will be the recipient and all the relevant information that we need to include in it.
  • Medium : When we need to have a presentation In a formal way, we can use this template perfectly, since our name is highlighted above it and the recipient will also have a privileged place in the format of this letter. It has a two-color design, highlighting its proximity.

List of the best themes to make cover letters according to your design

We will show next which are the best themes from their design:

Formal templates

In this cover letter we can add a picture of us and if we have a logo, we can also add it. It stands out for its easy readability, as well as for the intention with which we want to introduce ourselves, that is, showing all our resources to be able to reach the job or the person.

Download Formal Templates

Creative themes

Thanks to the creative design we can add our information in a very readable way, in addition to being able to add our personal photo. The recipient is very well placed within the structure of the template so it stands out along with our professional experience.

Download Creative Themes

Templates vintage

With this design we can grant, according to the paper on which we print, a vintage style. Our name will be highlighted in the upper right of the page and the recipient will have a place highlighted in the template. If we want to give it more old style, we can change the font format .

The paragraph of the data that we have to add is very readable, therefore, we have to really consider the data that is necessary.

Download Vintage Themes

Flashy themes

If we need to draw attention, this is an ideal template with which we will only have to upload few data and add our main photo in a prominent way.

It gives us the possibility of exposing our ideas or tasks in a very summarized way therefore we need to take into account the most important data that we want to dump in this cover letter.

Download Flashy Themes

List of the best templates to make a professional presentation letter according to its use

We will now detail the best templates according to the use we need to grant:

To get a job

Para conseguir trabajo

When we need to get a job, we can use a template in which we highlight our personal skills and the ability we have to meet the requested profile. The same happens if we have a company and we want to demonstrate all our operational capacity.

It is for all this that we offer a template of two or more sheets , in which we will put the name of the company, we will detail our services and all the additional data of the same. Later we will add our data and each of the positions or requirements that we need to meet.

Download Templates to get a job

To append to the curriculum

When we need to attach a cover letter to the curriculum we will have to do it in a neat way, but at the same time presumed since our detailed data will be in the curriculum.

In this template we propose to simply show our data and the most outstanding elements that we have to show the person who will make the decision that we are in a position to work with it.

Another very useful way is to accompany labor references.

Download Templates to attach to the curriculum