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What are the best uses we can give a Raspberry Pi to get the most out of it? List 2022

The Raspberry Pi is an innovative device that since its creation in the year 2009, has not stopped receiving praise so much by experts, like ordinary people who have decided to adopt this little computer as a frequently used tool.

However, both the users themselves, as people who are not drenched in this resource, They are unaware of the use and benefits that it can provide, allowing you to do magnificent things such as retro video game consoles and servers, among many more, which you can take advantage of, that not even you can imagine.

In the following article, you are going to know what are the benefits of getting the most out of your Raspberry Pi, as well as a detailed list of the best uses that you can give them.

What are the benefits of using Raspberry Pi for your development projects?

Uses that can be given to Raspberry computers

Given its characteristics, the Raspberry Pi offers multiple advantages and benefits to all users, for this reason, many people choose this option, as an alternative to desktop or laptop computers for the execution of their projects. On the other hand, when using this device, you will not need any extra tools to be able to develop what you want, since it has all the essential elements for optimal operation.

The best benefits of using Raspberry Pi for your development projects are:

  • You own the Linux system, which allows you to carry out any type of tasks and projects.
  • It is small in size, allowing comfort when working.
  • Its cost acquisition is under.
  • Led sensors can be connected and other electronic components thanks to its input and output pins.
  • Its use and handling is really simple.

List of the best uses we can give a Raspberry Pi to get the most out of this board

Despite its small size, The Raspberry Pi has amazing versatility, in the same way, you can choose to create machines or servers that will serve well either for work or recreation activities. Next, you will see the best uses that you can give to your Raspberry Pi, You will surely be surprised at how useful this device can be by creating very attractive things.

These uses are as follows:

Retro console or console emulator

Arcade console on a Raspberry pi

Relive the thrill of playing old games on your Raspberry Pi, you can emulate platforms of 16 bit, as well as games of PC, Atari, Commodore 64 Y Super nintendo, among others, all this in an optimal and easy-to-adapt way.

As a twitter bot

You only need use the Python application on the Raspberry, in addition to internet connection, and in this way you can tweet all the messages you want, allowing you to have activity on this social network.

Raspberry Pi as Tablet

How to use a Raspberry as a tablet

To create this device you will need connect a 10-inch multitouch display with approximately four hours of battery life at your Raspberry Pi, and you will have a Tablet in your hands, it should be noted that Raspberry can run the operating system Android without any problems.

Minecraft game server

The Raspberry Pi operating system comes with a pre-installed version of minecraft on your system, so if there are several devices in the same place, you can create a home network and thus enjoy this game in the company of your friends.

You can control a robot

You can control a robot with a Raspberry

Through the control wiimote from the Wii console, and a connection via Bluetooth, you can control a homemade robot through the Raspberry Pi, this use is one of the best known by all users of this device.

A laptop

You only need one screen, a keyboard, and a small Case and so you can create a computer with all its functions. The Raspberry supports various operating systems, you only need a micro SD card that can support the storage of all these programs.

Transform it into a Smart TV

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a Smart TV

Thanks to Raspberry Pi, You can transform your television into a Smart TV, to achieve this you must install Kodi, an application to update the television, connect the device to the internet and this in turn to the television and voila, in addition to using the Plex system so that everything works perfectly.

Email server

Through Raspberry Pi, you can store all the emails you want, as well as create the email addresses you think necessary with your own domain, all this in a secure way, providing the greatest privacy.

NAS server

Convert your Raspberry PI into a NAS server

To make it you need to have an operating system installed, and the hard drives you need connected to your Raspberry Pi, and thus have a portable NAS to use it wherever you want.

E-book reader with voice

You should only enter the text you want to hear on your Raspberry Pi through the micro SD, and the software will take care of executing the reading so that you can listen to it comfortably, it is also advisable to add a keyboard, so that in this way you can handle the reading in the way that best suits you.

Radio transmitter

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a radio transmitter

Can be used for short distances and in sparsely populated centers, to create this type of radio you require a portable battery connected to your Raspberry Pi and the message to be broadcast stored on a micro SD, and in this way the sound will begin to loop through the specified space.

Digital photo frame

In a touch screen and a memory card where all the photographs are stored you can achieve it, in addition, from the keyboard connected to the Raspberry Pi so that you can synchronize and manage the photos and create appointments, in order to make a good presentation to project.

3D printer

Turn your Raspberry into a printer

To create a printer, it is necessary to put together a structure according to what you plan to execute, you should have a maximum of approximately 100 Raspberry Pi devices, all of them with the respective micro SD card with a camera module, on the other hand you must install a 3D scanning software already programmed, make the necessary adjustments and voila, you will be able to print elements in three dimensions.

Home spying

The Raspberry Pi allows you to read any type of software, including hacking and key tracking programsYou only have to install one of these systems on your device, and it will be in charge of searching for a Wi-Fi network with weak keys, data of connected people, capturing images, addresses, and a lot of information.

Cathodic clock

Turn your Raspberry into a cathode clock

These They need a kind of valves to tell the time, for this it is necessary to connect them to a Raspberry Pi and this with an internet connection, will allow you to have the time synchronized at all times.

Device for streaming music and video

If you don’t have a Smart tv at home, because this is the best solution, with your Raspberry Pi and the micro SD To store all the content, you just have to connect a mouse and keyboard to the device and voila, you will enjoy all the streaming content you want from wherever you are.

Air quality meter

How to use a Raspberry in air meter

With a Raspberry Pi, and an SPS30 particle sensor you can do it. And it is that by means of the Rust language, an element that is responsible for reading the environmental data and processing it, it will facilitate this task, in turn, it is necessary to upload this information to Microsoft Azure Cloud and voila, in this way you will see the graphs of the situation atmospheric in real time.

Wifi repeater

The router broadcasts the signal throughout the space, while Raspberry Pi will take care of distributing it so that it can reach more places permanentlyIf the signal is weak, you will need more routers for the process to be successful.

Control a model train

Using a Raspberry to control a model train

The Raspberry Pi has multiple ports, from which you can connect it to do wonderful things, one of them is to drive a railway from a model, and it is that from here you can control the speed, direction, change of lights, and brake, making this project one of the most attractions that this board can offer.


Connect the Raspberry Pi, either to an HDMI port or a USB port, and so you can show all the images and content you want on a giant screen, showing great quality in what is projected.

Multimedia center

Use a Raspberry as a multimedia control

In you Raspberry Pi you can store any amount of content, in the same way it works as a music player, movies, streaming services and Spotify.

Voice control to open the garage door

Thanks to Siriproxy software from Apple, you can transform your Raspberry Pi into the ideal control for your garage door, just record the voice on the device and the software will take care of issuing the message so that everything runs smoothly.

Smart mirror

Use a Raspberry to control a smart mirror

In a one-way mirror, put a monitor and the Raspberry Pi, and so it will show you many elements that are useful for everyday life such as the time, the weather, appointments, annotations, and endless functions.

Led window

Through led units, and the Raspberry Pi, you have the possibility of emulating sunlight in your house or room, allowing you to change the environment according to the time of day, all of this created through an interface, in which you can manage the lighting according to your needs.

Irrigation system for indoor plants

Risk system controlled by a Raspberry

Through a humidity sensor connected to a pump, you can water the plants that are inside your home, all this using a Python 3 software source code, will make this whole process possible and your plants look fresh and decorative.

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