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What are the best video games in the world to date that you should play once in your life? 2022 list

What are the best video games in the world to date that you should play once in your life? 2020 list

It is no secret to anyone that the entertainment industry sector that exhibits the greatest growth is videogames . Since, from the beginning, these electronic games provided through a device that displays video images took a remarkable boom and, today, they continue to expand worldwide.

In addition to this, the new technologies associated with this entertainment sector, together with their maturity, have achieved that new trends are increasingly accepted by users . Which, usually exhibit a great interest to know what have been the video games that, throughout history, have been listed as the best in the world.

In this sense, in order that you can try these video games, in this post we want to let you know the best games in the world , categorized according to their genre, their theme and also sorted according to of the most legendary consoles in history.

List of the best video games you should play once in your life according to your gender

From the genre, we can gather a lot of truly interesting video games that many users have captured worldwide.

Reason why, to start these lists, we choose to detail each and every one of the main games you should try, depending on its nature as it is an experience of adventure, action, strategy, RPG, fight, sports, etc. That said, let’s start:



If you prefer video games characterized by exploration, interaction with characters, research, solutions and / or certain approaches; It is best that you access an alternative adventure.

Next, we present 5 of the best games of this genre :

  • The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past CV : It refers to one of the best 2D adventure video games that exist. Which, is native to the Wii U platform and is the protagonist of the arrival of one of the most beloved titles of this saga to this platform, being released for Super Nintendo mainly. In it, you must save the world of Hyrule and rescue Princess Zelda , as well as defeat the villain of the story called “Ganondorf” .
  • Draw a Stickman : Being a combination of adventures, imagination, puzzles and role, this experience will wrap you in a world of adventures and fantasies, where you will be challenged to draw a stick puppet doing use of various pencils and tools that provide you there . You will also have to solve puzzles using weapons and other mechanisms; so you can only move forward if you build a good tactic to achieve it.
  • Metroid Prime : This is a first-person venture, in which you must destroy the enemies of history and at the same time, do everything possible to solve mysteries by simply seeing through the case of Samus Aran who is the protagonist. One of his most striking things is that the character can become a ball to take advantage of all the secret passages.
  • Shadow of the Colossus : In this original PS2 game, you’ll have to focus on knocking down 16 colossi that, first of all, you will have to find throughout the experience. To do this, it will be necessary to travel different paths with the help of your horse and orient yourself with your sword , which indicates where the next enemy is by means of a light. It is important that you can identify the abilities of the colossi when you face them, so you can beat them faster.
  • Red Dead Redemption : It consists of an Xbox 360 video game, which It is based on a story of cowboys and outlaws located in a Wild West, where electricity and cars already exist. Thus, in different villages, villages and hidden places, you will have to complete challenges that are related to the hunting of wild animals, ambushes made by criminal gangs and much more. The game offers a multiplayer mode.



There are many sports fans around the world and for this reason, various video games have been created concerning this genre. So, to know some of the 5 best video games that have existed in sport, read on:

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 : It is a soccer simulator that had a remarkable success since its launch for the PlayStation 2. So, it is estimated as one of the best options to run by football fans who still retain their veteran Sony console and in which, you can start this amazing video game that provides a very real experience and that manages to update the templates to current teams .
  • WWE 2K16 : It is based on the new installment of the saga of wrestling games that allows significant customization for each player and has absolute freedom of choice, in view of that allows you to select from 120 WWE fighters of all ages . In addition, it has an improved Artificial Intelligence type, a zero-resident control and an online mode to approve meetings between players from all over the world directly from the Internet.
  • NBA 2K15 : It is a video game created and designed for the PS3 that provides a completely realistic basketball experience and, today, exhibits important improvements that have been adapted to new generations. Thus, the title is starring Kevin Durant and has been able to optimize the animations remarkably, even has a new shooting system in which synchronization prevails .
  • Super Stickman Golf 2 : It is not a video game designed for a console, but it is a mobile entertainment application that has been created for Android and iPhone devices. That way, the game mixes a sports theme focused on golf along with an interesting world of puzzles and there, you will have to face more than 200 holes that increase your difficulty as the experience progresses , where you have to fight against the wind and several obstacles.
  • FIFA 12 : Available for PS3 and X360, this is classified as the most popular and most soccer simulator of users . Once you access this experience, you will have the possibility to choose from hundreds of official teams belonging to the most relevant leagues around the world and thanks to a new animation system introduced, now the clashes between players are more realistic and the development of the experience is much more fluid.



Other genres of video games with greater fame, are those of races that are also known as “speed games” . Although there are practically innumerable all that exist to date, here we present 5 of the most optimal of them:

  • Mario Kart DS : It is one of the most iconic racing video games of all time, which has reached Nintendo DS and supports the possibility of accessing a mode online just by using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. That is, you can face your friends or whoever you want through the network and participate in many races. In that sense, players have the possibility to use weapons and powers that are in the same circuit and also to choose the character they prefer (Mario, Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Toad or Bowser ).
  • Forza Motorsport 3 : Another of the most relevant speed video games of all time, which has returned with news about improved graphics and a system of much more realistic simulation . In addition to this, it offers you the possibility to configure the experience aids for all kinds of players and has an option to rewind the competition in order not to have to start again when a crash occurs, you can also select the ideal car for you between real alternatives of all times and has an online mode.
  • Horizon Chase : This is an iPhone game app, which has the ability to emulate the Graphic style characteristic of 16-bit games (for example: OutRun) and offers great quality, in order to look much more refreshed. In general, the game contains 16 cars to select (they are unlocked) and has 73 circuits, 32 cities and about 8 cups to compete.
  • Trials Evolution XBLA : In his second installment, this game has returned with the premise of reaching the goal in the shortest possible time, that is, it is a time trial experience . Thus, the Xbox 360 native video game combines speed with fantasy, as it immerses you in circuits made in unreal and impossible terrain. In order to win, apart from time, other determining factors will be the pirouettes you can do and the balance you maintain.
  • Burnout Paradise : This is a saga that has been reinvented to itself in the PS3 and now, it has modified the classic races in closed circuits and offers much more action and emotion in a big city known as “Paradise City” . In addition to this, the game offers other entertainment options based on chases, impossible jumps and survival . It should be noted that, a good part of the game is freely downloadable.



Action video games also occupy a very important place in this industry and for that reason, we could not leave them out of this list. Thus, here we have gathered some of the 5 most legendary action games to date :

  • The Last of Us : Exclusive to PS3, the creators of the Uncharted and Jak & Daxter saga developed this game that provides a lot of action and excitement to all its users. Thus, you will have to handle the protagonist of the story known as “Joel” , which is accompanied by Ellie and both must survive in a world full of dangers , after a disaster biological that has provided the presence of a race of mutants considered as a threat.
  • Grand Theft Auto V : It is based on a story set today, which has to do with the consequences of the economic crisis and of developed in Los Santos, Los Angeles. That way, the game is starring Michael, Franklin and Trevor who are three dangerous criminals with various skills, which you will have to take advantage of to complete the missions successfully .
  • Mass Effect 2 : It’s a video game that mixes action and adventure, developed for Xbox 360. In it, you must fight against the reapers to prevent them from extinguishing humanity and One of the best news that includes the experience, has to do with optimizing the combat system and introducing the automatic regeneration of life. It should be noted that, this video game contains excellent graphics and provides a lot of quality with its new kinematics system.
  • Bayonetta 2 : It is the sequel to the first title of the saga and was launched, exclusively for the Nintendo WiiU console. This is a video game that provides a lot of action and provides a frenetic gameplay, interacting with the touch screen of the device. It is valuable to distinguish that, incorporates a multiplayer mode and allows you to choose between classic or touch control .
  • Zelda – Majora’s Mask : Nintendo 64 Original , this is an adventure and action game that bets on the 3D nature of video games. There, the protagonist of the story called “Link” , must travel in time to prevent an ancient artifact with which the moon is slowly falling over the city, impact against the territory and disappear in the middle of a catastrophe . It has a greater number of characters and improved graphics.



The genre of “shooter” also has a lot of fame when it comes to video games, both for game consoles and mobile apps. So, if you are a fan of these types of titles, here we present 5 of the best ones to try them :

    • Galaxy on Fire 2 HD : This is a version developed for iOS devices, which provides better graphics and allows you to handle a young war hero, named Keith T. Maxwell . That way, you’ll have to fight for the release of several systems some time ago and shoot a band of special pranks to eliminate a developing alien threat .
    • BioShock: It is based on a ruined city that was built in the 40s where mutants proliferate and the only authority seems to be gigantic mechanical men who are armed with drills; these men are known as “Big Daddy” . That way, you’ll have to fight against them to be a free people .
    • Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare : It’s based on the Modern War in which the world is threatened by international terrorism. For this reason, you will have to fight this on several fronts with special operations in Russia and the Middle East . It should be noted that, the experience is full of a lot of action and provides a multiplayer mode.
    • Halo Reach : It refers to a video game created and developed for Xbox 360, in which a A group of Spartan soldiers must fight for the entire planet Reach in order to prevent the Convenant who have invaded this place from destroying it . It is valuable to distinguish that, this title allows you to activate a multiplayer mode that has a complete statistics system and also contains the Firefight mode, which you can enable if you want to compete against various enemies who want to get the power to destroy.

< li> Gears of War : For Xbox 360, they created this new action game combined with shooting that takes place in the third person and in which you will have to fight against the Locust race , within an apocalyptic world. Taking into account that, it will be decisive that you use the greatest possible tactic to be victorious. In addition to this, we clarify that it has a cooperative mode that you can play from the same console with a friend or through the Internet.



If you want to test your mind while having fun, strategy video games are the best option for you. So, so that you have good alternatives at hand, then we detail 5 games of this recognized genre :

  • Farming Simulator 15 : It consists of a simulator created and designed for the PS3, which offers you the possibility to manage your own farm. Whether harvesting fruits and vegetables, raising animals, cutting firewood, selling different types of products and managing money to make improvements, buy vehicles or tools. Once you access the experience, you can have 140 vehicles and more than 40 tools and even allow you to invite up to 15 friends through multiplayer mode.
  • Divinity: Original Sin II: Definitive Edition : For the Nintendo Switch, they presented this successful video game that combines the strategy genre with a role-playing game. Basically, the experience gives you the possibility of fighting difficult strategic battles in turn and at the same time, interacting with your environment in various ways. It should be noted that, it provides a multiplayer mode (both competitive and cooperative for up to four players).
  • Hearthstone – Heroes of Warcraft : It is compatible with Android and is defined as a card game that has been inspired by the universe of Warcraft. That way, all players will have to concentrate on forming their deck and thus competing against other players , in order to be extremely strategic to get cards from them and get more powerful ones as far as the possible.
  • Out of the Park Baseball 16 : If you love sports and at the same time you want to work your mind and your level of strategy, this is one of the best solutions that exist for PC. Since, it is a sports management video game that supports multiplayer mode and in which you will have to lead the professional teams of American basketball leagues of all ages . In this way, you will need to hire coaches and agents, as well as make exchanges of players and even create your own leagues.
  • Naughty Kitties : Compatible with iPhone, this game Strategy is another of the most interesting that you can find for mobile devices. There, you will immerse yourself in an experience that combines defense with towers and the most exciting and endless races, within the Gatuno Planet. This planet is hit by the aliens and you must do everything possible to guide and help the cats to flee the attack with their spaceships , as well as manage to kill the enemies. </ li>



Platform video games that are characterized by having to walk, run, climb or jump on a series of cliffs and platforms, are also other favorites of millions of users. So, in order to please them, we mention 5 options of interest here :

  • Super Mario 64 CV : It is based on a platform title starring Mario, which was released for the Wii U and is the first in 3D graphics of the saga. That way, the game retains all the playable elements that revolutionized the genre and is one of the most famous in the world , due to its playability and great quality.
  • Fez PSN : This video game offers you an unrepeatable experience on your PlayStation 3, in which you will have to handle the protagonist of the story that is known as “Gómez” and is about a little boy who lives in a two-dimensional world without frights, only until he discovers a new dimension. In that sense, you will have to immerse yourself in an interesting world where jumps, puzzles and changes in perspective are the key elements .
  • Castlevania – Symphony of the Night : It is based on the life of Alucard, the son of Dracula who must go into his father’s castle to get rid of him . That way, you will have to explore the castle along different and unknown paths with the absolute freedom to choose where you want to continue while you are getting new skills. In addition, you can rely on weapons, armor and other mechanisms until the final fight against Dracula occurs. It’s a video game designed for the PSX.
  • The Swapper : It was designed for the Xbox One and is based on a title that combines platforms with puzzles > and gives you the possibility to create clones of yourself, to change with any of them up to 4 times simultaneous, at most. In this way, it will give rise to various situations in which you have to test your skill with the command and give your best. It was developed by Olli Harjola.
  • LittleBigPlanet : We also detail another of the most original platform games, which was developed for the legendary PS3. That way, the title is starring extremely charming ragdolls that, immerse you in a variety of imaginative levels and also provide you with the possibility of creating other levels in order to give rise to millions of levels more.



Normally, they are known as “role-playing videogames” and refer to a genre of this entertainment sector in which the player has to control the actions of a certain character that is in some specific world Here are some of the 5 best rated games of the RPG genre :

  • Final Fantasy Type-0 : It is a video game designed for the PSP portable console that is based on the world of Oriens that is divided into four great kingdoms that has the name of regions in Japanese (such as: Suzaku, Byakko, Seiryu and Genbu). There, a fighting system will be developed with three characters that you can choose between seven and when fighting, you must exchange control between each character . It should be noted that, it is one of the most interesting role-playing games.
  • The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim : It refers to the second installment of the saga The Elder Scrolls, which It was clearly dedicated to PlayStation 3. In this title, they show you a huge world to explore and where you will have to connect with all kinds of characters at the same time that you will be immersed in various adventures. Thus, it has been described as an open role game full of secrets.
  • Scurvy Scallywags : It consists of a title released for iPhone users that combines an RPG video game with puzzles, pirates and a lot of humor accompanied by the best music. Thus, its playability is based on joining three or more tiles that are the same while the board changes direction . Which means that you can only win if you apply the best possible strategy and avoid your rivals.
  • Mass Effect 3 : In order for players to complete missions throughout the entire galaxy, this video game has been designed where futuristic battles, drama, improved graphics, freedom of decision and the possibility of choosing any parameter prevail. It should be noted that, here you must fight in real time and give orders to the rest of the members of your team to achieve success .
  • Earthbound CV : A native of the WiiU video game console, this role-playing game presents the story of a hero identified as “Ness” whose task is to investigate the fall of a meteorite on Earth . That way, you can spend hours and hours fighting against all the enemies in order to end the plans of the evil Giygas. One of his best points is the incredible music it contains.



Undoubtedly, the fight is also another genre of games with more users and, of course, could not be missing in this list of the most legendary video games worldwide.

In this sense, we present 5 of the best:

  • Mortal Kombat XL : This is an improved and revised edition of Mortal Kombat X, which was designed for all XBOne users. Mainly, adds the main game and some of the contents of Kombat Pack 1 and 2 , which facilitate an excellent gaming experience. Apart from this, they introduce future packages such as “Apocalypse” and also the skins of the suit and appearance packs that have been launched previously.
  • Super Smash Bros : For the WiiU, they created this interesting game that brings together the best of all the worlds of Metroid, Super Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong to create fighting with an action at another level , in which They include new guests (the Wii Fit trainer, the Animal Crossing villager and the popular Megaman). In addition to this, it stands out for conserving gameplay and adds a multiplayer mode, as well as a completely different story mode from what users have already observed.
  • BlazBlue – Calamity Trigger: It is a PSP game that is distinguished by being one of the most renowned fighting games with a really deep playable wealth. By accessing this title you can choose between 12 characters that have powers of magic , with which you must do everything possible to prevent the Dark Beast from disappearing humanity.
  • < strong> Super Street Fighter IV : Among other alternatives, we find this game dedicated to Xbox 360 that introduces numerous novelties as the Street Fighter saga resurfaces, being a solution with new online modes. These novelties are based on new fighters from other games and other totally new characters; taking into account that each and every one of them will have two super attacks instead of one as in the SFIV originally .
  • Jump Super Stars 2 : This consists of a video game starring the main heroes and crooks of the manga magazine series called “Shonen Jump”; reason why, if you are a fan of this type of content, we can say that it is an ideal game for you. It should be noted that the gameplay of this title bets on combats similar to those observed in Super Smash Bros. and the experience contains more than 305 characters and only 56 of them are fully playable.



Believe it or not, another genre that has monopolized a greater number of users in the world, it is the genre “musical”. Since, different video game consoles added experiences of this kind to their platforms and thus, they managed to captivate many people.

Here we present you 5 important musical games :

  • Beat Saber : It refers to a game that, through a lot of rhythm and puzzles, proposes you to hit colored cubes using laser swords just by following the rhythm of the background music. For this, each cube has an arrow indicating the direction of the attack and once you hit the punch correctly, you can build the soundtrack and make magical melodies in this fantasy world .
  • Guitar Hero Live : It is a video game native to the Xbox 360, where the legendary musical saga of Activision is again witnessed. But, in this case, the game is a remarkable change depending on what you have already observed in the original games. In this way, you will have the first person action to see the reactions of the public and your group as you play the new guitar that contains the game .
  • Rocksmith : Being a newer alternative, this PS3 title shows a logical evolution of other games and with it, proposes to make the leap to a real guitar. Through this game system, they give you the possibility of improving your musical skills, even if you are a newbie as well as if you are already an expert . In short, it is extremely interesting.
  • Just Dance 2015 : It is one of the best deliveries they have made for the Wii, where new game modes are introduced < / strong> that have revealed more successes than ever with very famous themes in the world. Basically, you will have to dance to the rhythm of the music to be able to earn and score points. In case you are a dancer or you are passionate about this, it will be a perfect alternative for you.
  • Tetris Effect : This is based on a PC video game that is puzzle and has sought to offer a new proposal mixed with better visual aspects and greater playability. Thus, it refers to the tetris effect that is the ability of any activity to which a user has spent a good time controlling mental thoughts and images. That way, contains more than 30 environmental phases in an environment that is evolving .



Educational games also occupy an important place in the world of entertainment, when it comes to video games. For that reason, here we want to let you know 5 options of this type, in detail :

  • Colors! 3D eShop : It is a video game that is presented as an ideal application for painting based on modern pictorial techniques, which mixes a simple and powerful interface with incredible and powerful painting tools . In that way, it is an original alternative for professional graphics tablets with which both the children in the house and adults can be entertained. Taking into account that, they have used it from serious artists to those with less experience.
  • Art Academy – Atelier : It refers to a delivery for Wii U focused on offering all the tools needed to teach how to draw and apart from this, to improve all your pictorial skills and even to create them from scratch . Thanks to that, you can set up your own virtual art gallery and even compete with other users through the online possibilities that the game offers. It should be noted that, it facilitates the eventuality of sharing these works on YouTube.
  • Sesame Street – Once upon a time a Monster : It is an adventure game combined with many teachings, so That is dedicated to children. In that sense, during each chapter of the game, you will find lessons based on sharing, doing teamwork and maintaining friendship . Mainly, it contains six different chapters and is narrated by the Sesame Street characters. He is a native of the Xbox 360.
  • The Typing of The Dead – Overkill : Instead of using a weapon to kill your enemies, in this game you will have to use your keyboard to write the words that will have enough power to attack such ev