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What are the best videogames in all-time history of the Gamer industry? 2021 lists

What are the best videogames in all-time history of the Gamer industry? 2020 lists

The video games play a great role in the story , and it is because they are the ones who have allowed us great experiences. As we move forward also do the games , with great news and features, considering today to be professional playing video games.

Of so many video games that exist we may find it a bit difficult to know which one is the best, for this reason today we will show you some characteristics that you can evaluate so that you can consider it as the best.

Also we will show you in this post , a list of the best games according to their category, you will surely love them, leaving first the shooting games, which are one of the Most wanted video games today .

What does a videogame need to be considered the best in history?

We will always be looking for a good video game where we can specialize and be the best, but we cannot say that today all games are the best , because for be considered so it is necessary that they meet the following characteristics:


When we talk about innovation we can have a very broad sense that we can use to explain, but in this case we will only sectorize this term to consider whether video games are good or not . Of course, the one that is good or bad determines it is its players , but this can be a feature that most of us agree to be the best video game.

Video games that do not meet this great detail are quickly displaced, it is because there is so much competition in the market that if the creator is not updated according to what is most sought after (without losing its essence) the game can go to oblivion.

For this reason many video games, are updating their scenarios , tests, challenges, creating new events and many other things that continue to trap the player in that world.


Is it true that a video game that is of mystery or that has a rather striking story (good plot) are the most sought after? These are because the current world every day interests him more being the hero or the villain of a story, if that video game has a good story that allows us to dive into it and catch us is the that more audience will have .

This is one of the details or characteristics that are most studied , because it must not simply be an innovative story but must be very important so that the player can move to them.

This we can affirm with the great game of Pokémon Go and many others, where people already knew their history and characters, motivating the player to be part of those great heroes of the Pokémon world. Another example of this, we can name Dragon Ball Heroes , which due to its large audience, created a game that is closely related to each chapter that premieres from its new saga.


Nowadays games must be adaptable according to the level or experience of people , for this reason many games ask at what level the player is before setting up the scenarios. If we are of little experience we would quickly obtain skills to be the number one in that game.

As part of the gameplay it also includes tutorials , or videos of other players that allow us to get faster experiences and skills . We cannot confuse gameplay with the easy, because a very easy game is displaced very fast , while others with attainable challenges (but with difficulty) are more played .


Time graphics

This without a doubt is what we first look for in a game , because the more real the scenarios and characters are, the better experience we will have. As a basis for this, we can introduce you to Fornite which is one of the most played today.

This can be similar to a movie , if it does not offer us good graphics that allow us to move to the stage we consider it bad, while if it meets excellent graphics we can call it as one of the best. The same goes for video games, since you should look for the same in your audience.

Units sold

Although many are not guided by this, we can use it as a reference to decide if it is a good game or not, because the more units sold have , it means that it is very attractive and that is why we must play it too.

As a complement to this we can use the comments and ratings of the other players, since they are who can tell us if the game is truly attractive or not. Remember that when we talk about video games it is good to hear references and help.

If you want to know about the best-selling video consoles, you can read this post .


As we mentioned must have a good story , and the sagas are a complement to this, since a game that has many sagas, means that it has many updates (innovations), and a good plot.

Recall that these are the things that attract the most attention of the players , and it is used as motivation for the player to continue in the video game and not move it.

List of the best shooting video games (Shooters) in the history of all the times

We start with one of the most popular genres like; FPS or shooting game . When they first appeared they were a revolution, presenting scenarios in which we could move more freely through a map where we would have to use our ingenuity to ambush and kill our opponents.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

call of duty

This is an Action, Adventure and Battle game . Account with a fairly large community that is constantly interacting with them, the highlight of this is the multiplayer mode that makes it quite striking among its users.

Its constant war and wild world are characteristics that make it one of the best games of today.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Already many of us know Star Wars , and it’s because his great movies have attracted a lot of public, this is an action and adventure video game set in a great universe whose builder is George Luca, focused directly on the episodes: third and fourth of the great saga.

If you dare to play it, you will plunge into a war for freedom, fleeing the terrible empire and its sinister inquisitors.

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne

Nuclear Throne is an important videogame , which refers to roguelike, its indie production carries with it the great features that we seek from a good videogame. It’s a world where running away should be our first choice , because each level is an arduous, challenging and captivating experience.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

It’s a video game based on the foundations of Blizzard’s great Hero-Shooter game , where it allows players to enter a competitive era, although this includes new scenarios, and game modes, with a large multitude of additions , which you will surely love.



We could not fail to name this wonderful game that has caused a great revolution in the world of videogames. This is a creation of Epic Games, which presents us with a cartoon appearance that takes us to a great world, that we can explore and find new things, but that we must survive the great dangers of the night .

And if you want to build, create your best fortresses using rubble, but make it the best one to resist the attacks of our enemies.

List of the best graphic adventure titles in the history of videogames

We continue with the graphic adventure games, those in which they take us through a unique world to live an incomparable adventure. In the history of this industry we have had very interesting titles in that regard, and then we mention the best .


This is one of the most recent titles , but despite that it came stomping because in a short time it has won a very good position in the list of the best graphic adventures, offering a good audiovisual field, unique that allows us to move into your world.

It is totally inspired by the Indian culture, where we can use our temporal powers to change the way we play.


the wolf among us

This is a great world where fairy-tale characters come alive and are more sleazy than ever, where only the fierce wolf is the one who can unmask the mystery of the great murders that cause a lot of panic in Fabletown . This is a great adventure where you will dive for hours and hours.



If you are able to solve the great mysteries of murder , then you are the one, because in this world you are looking for the most skilled person in solving the great riddles that cover the guilty.

Be the best of detectives, and the most important in this world.



It’s a graphic story, considered as one of the most important , since its world is in chaos and only a group of people can save it . Despite being created in 1995, its modality focuses in the distant future where US cities turn upside down due to the large amount of crime and crime.


the walking dead

Many of us already know this fabulous story, where in the future we plunge into chaos and destruction by zombies that come out of nowhere. This game was created by Robert Kikman as it was one of the most acclaimed by the great audience of this series.

List of the best strategy games in the history of the Gamer industry

We continue with the strategy games, a genre that has occupied the eSports scene for many years, with League of Legends as the main exponent.

StarCraft II

 StarCraft II

It is a Blizzard game, launched to the market in 2010 , being from that time until now one of the mythical sagas of more important strategies, in fact every day it increases its users more.

This belongs to the sequel to StarCraft , based on a population of three races, constantly facing each other on the battlefield, where we must collect enough resources to expand our base and thus be able to do war on all our opponents.

Civilization VI