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What are the best voice recording programs for PC? 2022 list

What are the best voice recording programs for PC? 2020 list

If something deserves to be surrounded by quality, it is without a doubt the most universal of hobbies: music. Next we will be presenting you a list of professional programs to record and edit audio on your PC. In this you will find the perfect option to equip your computer with a tool that allows you to record your favorite songs without any interference , those annoying noises that pollute the audio track.

A good sound editor is not limited to helping you make your favorite songs more enjoyable , which is why you have them recorded on your computer. This, because in addition to taking better advantage of the tracks of the songs that you like so much, it allows you to customize them with a unique equalization, at the same time you can add additional sounds of guitar, bass, drums and other instruments of percussion or air, and even voices and echoes, among other benefits.

While it may be worth saying, you should keep in mind that you will always find differences between one of these professional programs to record and edit audio , which are given by reason of their benefits and their quality. In this sense, before making a decision, keep in mind your needs and your budget, since although some of them are free, others instead require a payment . See our recommendations for various operating systems and their main features.

List of professional programs to record and edit audio on PC

Desktop devices have many more advantages when it comes to audio recording and editing software because they allow more powerful platforms to be developed. Among the wide variety of programs to perform this task, without a doubt the most prominent are those that we present below in the following list.



C expertly described as one of the best options when it comes to a powerful and flexible audio editor, it is also much appreciated as a sound recorder. This program is available for download on any desktop platform for free. If you don’t have much experience, Audacity is undoubtedly your best option , since its interface cannot be simpler and easier to use, with a complete manual to help those who start in the activity.

With this program you can capture live audio, edit pre-recorded sounds, as well as use its noise mixing and suppression tools, in addition to a wide range of effects. Another great advantage is that is compatible with a wide range of audio file formats .


mpr direct cut

If you are looking for a basic sound editor for music in mp3 format , you have the option of the Mp3DirectCut program. It is available for Windows and Linux operating systems for free. With it you can carry out actions such as cutting, copying and changing the audio file. It also allows you to suppress noise and apply some audio effects.



Unsurpassed by its ability to open any audio or video file, either in 32 bits or 64 bits, Ocenaudio is a completely free multiplatform application. In case it is not enough with its super simple interface, it allows several editions to be made simultaneously, which should give you an idea of ​​its great power.



This audio editing program is dedicated to the Windows operating system, and is used for mp3, WAV and OGG file formats. Record sound in real time and features include support for plugins, the possibility of mixing and adding sound effects, among others. Its weakness lies in the absence of updates since 2013.



Available in 32-bit and 64-bit presentations, with the Free Audio Editor program you can make audio edits on Windows and Mac operating systems, and we assure you that it is one of the best thanks to features such as noise suppression, cutting, batch conversion, automatic logging and analysis. That and more makes it easier for you to record and process audio.



Users of the Windows and Mac operating systems can install the Power Sound Editor program, with which they will be able to record live sound for later transfer to disk and even send the material via email. It is compatible with all Windows audio file formats .



Available for both Windows and Mac operating systems, the WavePad Sound Editor audio editing program allows you to use it for free whenever you do it for non-commercial use . You can work with different audio file formats at the same time, making the job more interesting. If you use it for commercial purposes, you will need to buy the license, which we will discuss below.



If your computer has the Windows operating system and you are moved by music composition , the Crescendo program is for you, since it will allow you to print your musical projects, whether these for recreational purposes or be part of a larger idea. It comes with an excellent editing tool.



Above we have referred to the free version of WavePad, which although it will be providing you with many satisfactions when it comes to personalizing your favorite musical themes, it is nothing other than the younger sister of the program dedicated to sound professionals, which you can be part of when using the paid version, with its wide variety of smart features. It supports multiple operating systems and all popular music file formats .


Adobe Audition

The precision with which you can perform your audio editing work using Adobe Audition, will make you forget its cost. The program is designed for Windows and Mac OS, and is one of the favorites by professionals in the sector.

With the program installed on your computer, you can achieve optimal mixing, sound restoration, audio correction and a host of advanced features. All in a matter of minutes and without needing to be an expert, since you will be provided with a tutorial for each function .



Reaper Editor can be installed on computers with Windows and Mac systems, and has a great reputation for being a very light and easy-to-use audio editing tool, even for those who start in the activity with plans to professionalize. In addition to being compatible with an interesting range of plugins, it gives you a very pleasant user experience when you do editing work .

AVID PRO TOOLS (for a fee)


If something distinguishes the Avid Pro Tools audio editing program from the rest , it is without a doubt its constant innovation. This makes it the preferred tool for users of the sector of all levels, who see in this brand the best way to stay updated at all times, in addition to a technical support always available online.

As if that were not enough, it has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, together with a plugin support to extend its impressive functionality. Avid Pro Tools is compatible with PCs equipped with Windows and Mac operating systems .