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What are the best VPNs for private browsing on Linux? 2022 list

What are the best VPNs for private browsing on Linux? 2020 list

While it is true, Linux is a free software operating system compatible with UNIX and at the same time, it is cross-platform, multitasking and multi-user . Which, has taken great fame and provides a graphical interface and commands that transform it into an attractive proposal.

However, as with all operating systems, it also requires certain tools for privacy and security when browsing and for this, the famous VPNs have emerged. These provide all the necessary functions so that users can navigate safely when connecting to a public network and also allow the geographical blocking of certain platforms to be skipped.

In this sense, it is necessary to make use of the best VPNs in Linux to enjoy all these benefits in order to achieve greater privacy on your computer. So, below, we indicate the most special features that must be displayed and 15 of the most optimal solutions in this regard .

What features should an ideal VPN have for Linux users?

Before specifying the main solutions that currently exist, to obtain greater security on a Linux machine, it is of great importance to take into account the most essential features that a VPN must have to provide the best assistance to all users of such an operating system.

Therefore, in this section of the post, we will proceed to detail these most significant features:

  • You must maintain the online anonymity of each and every Linux client. With which, any of your data may be in full protection.
  • Apart from maintaining anonymity on the users website, it is also relevant that you can block access to any hacker .
  • Of course, it is essential that you show the ability to have access to all blocked content . Either for geographical reasons or for any reason. This unique feature may reveal that the VPN is an excellent solution.
  • It is considered very interesting that the VPN to choose has a large number of servers available in various countries of the world. Since, with this, Linux users will have where to choose.
  • It is important that you display the highest possible speed . That is, reach a remarkable amount of MB per second. So, I also managed to avoid speed restrictions.
  • Another feature that a VPN for Linux should have is that is completely free . In view of the fact that many users of this OS do not have the economic freedom to pay for certain proposals that are on the market and it is really necessary to have an optimal VPN on the computer.
  • As far as possible, it is valuable that can be used through the Linux command line and also from the graphical interface ; without any limitation.
  • A feature of great relevance is that the VPN has a remarkable range of possibilities when it comes to security settings .

List of the best 15 free and paid VPN services for Linux

Now, it is time to proceed to know some of the best VPN proposals for Linux users who want to obtain better privacy when browsing and can also skip the locks and restrictions of certain websites and applications.

So, then we start ranking the best services :


First, we find the fastest alternative of all , since it provides the best possible speed. So, if what you are looking for is to get faster, this VPN is ideal for you. Apart from this, it has all the characteristics of an optimal VPN, starting because does not keep records of user connection times (but dates).

Added to this, the service is listed as a “armored car for the Internet “, thanks to the fact that it retains the anonymity of its customers at all costs. Additionally, it supports the OpenVPN protocol, provides its own DNS services and having its base in the British Virgin Islands, is far from the reach of the Five Eyes (an intelligence alliance). Reason why, it generates certain doubts about what may happen with the data.

It is paid : Prices fluctuate from 12.25 euros per month, 56.70 euros every six months and 94.60 euros annually.


Although it is not one of the most recognized alternatives today, it is actually considered a great alternative to navigate safely from the equipment of this operating system. Since, it is available for different Linux distributions and best of all, it is a VPN that can be used from the graphical interface and also through the command line .

In addition to this, it allows you to connect using OpenVPN through SSH and SSL. Which means that, in that way, you can redirect traffic from a remarkable variety of alternative ports . It should also be noted that it has many possibilities to adjust security, according to the preferences of each client.

It’s free .


It is another option compatible with Linux and the vast majority of operating systems used today that stands out from the rest because makes use of the recognized 256-bit encryption and additionally, ensures that has a lot more than 500 servers that are distributed in around 141 countries in the world. Taking into account that, its base is located in Hong Kong and for that reason, it is located far from the Five Eyes.

Among other features, we detail that it includes the recognized “split tunneling” , which routes some specific applications simultaneously to access the Internet using the user’s local connection at the same time that others go through the VPN connection directly. For its part, keeps a record of connections on its servers and the bandwidth used , to better optimize their management.

It’s paid : You have a special offer of 70.80 euros for a two-year plan. But, if you want to pay monthly, the price is 10.40 euros.

Compatible with Linux and also Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, this VPN is considered another of the most optimal options to surf the Internet safely, thanks to it has an encryption with AES-256 bit protocol and apart from protecting your individual devices, it also protects the home router.

For its part, it has no bandwidth limits, but it does have data transfer restrictions for users who use the free version. Among other features, we specify that offers the main protocols (OpenVPN, IPsec, SS TP, etc.), guarantees the maximum possible privacy and unlocks all restricted sites in your area.

It’s free and paid : While with the free registration you can only connect one device simultaneously, with the premium version you can connect up to five computers at once. Which, has a cost per month of 4 or 8 euros depending on the one you choose (Plus version or Premium version, respectively).


Being one of the main solutions for all Linux clients, this VPN has excellent features that allow users to navigate safely, as it protects private information and also protects devices from any virus or malware with the built-in firewall . Taking into account that, also adds an advertising blocker .

Among other details, it should be noted that it is possible to use it in an unlimited number of computers and laptops. However, it will only allow you to change your IP to another one from 11 different locations, if you use the free version. Now, if you use the paid version, you can select from 50 countries .

It’s free and paid : Plans paid per month start from 7.65 euros and if you prefer to pay the annual plan, you will have to cancel 3.47 euros and for the full two-year license, only 3.14 euros.


Also available for Linux, this VPN is very famous for the great security it provides, since its encryption levels are higher than in most cases thanks to its “DoubleVPN” option that refers to a key encrypted with the AES-256 CBC method twice. With which, it goes through a relay server located in the Netherlands.

It should be noted that, is based in Panama and operates under a very strict policy of not storing user records and thanks to that, they will not be left with anything about your activity in the net. For more details, has 500 servers to choose from in more than 51 countries, is simple to configure and provides a high level of anonymity.

It is paid : It offers three types of plans and one of them, is the one that is canceled monthly for one 11.30 euros. The others refer to the semiannual that costs 39.7 euros and an annual one of 65.30 euros.

Private Internet Access

Another of the most popular options for Linux users, is this VPN that has more than 3,000 servers available in more than 30 countries worldwide and exhibits a specific user interface for this device. Therefore, you can adjust much more to the requirements of Linux for more security.

For its part, this VPN supports PPTP, L2TP / IPSec and OpenVPN, can be used on up to five devices simultaneously without any restrictions, has a remarkable speed and, in short, is considered as one of the safest solutions because does not keep records or any customer data .

It’s completely free .


Basically, it’s a multiplatform alternative that shows a different proposal to the vast majority of VPNs for Linux. Since, instead of installing normal software, the program installs new network drivers that are responsible for managing and monitoring your web traffic. To do this, to ensure optimal navigation security.

It should be noted that, it is an open source tool ideal only for those who prefer to have full control of their Internet activity. However, it is appropriate to clarify that, at first, it can be a bit complicated to make it work. So, more advanced users will have the lead here.

It’s free .


This proposal is available for both Linux and the vast majority of current operating systems, in order to provide excellent coverage. That way, it allows you to select from 28 countries to end content restrictions that cannot be seen in your area.

But, unfortunately, only allows you to connect from a computer simultaneously . Among other details, it should be noted that, initially, this VPN was only a plugin for Chrome and thanks to its good results, a desktop application was created to provide greater security to computers. Additionally, although your base is located in Germany, shares information with the Five Eyes .

With a free trial period, but payment period : The monthly billing costs 7.99 euros and if you prefer to cancel it annually, the price is 59.99 euros.


If, first of all, you prefer long-term anonymity ; The best solution is the Buffered VPN that has its company based in Hungary and with this, very far from the famous Five Eyes. In addition to this, has its own DNS and also supports VPN, it even has its servers in 30 countries which you can access without any restriction in bandwidth or speed.

However, it is appropriate to highlight that, in matters of privacy, it may cast certain doubts. Since, the VPN saves the time records and IP addresses of all its users .

It is paid : In reference to the monthly plan, it has a price of 12.30 euros, but if you prefer to pay it for six months the cost is 56.72 euros. Now, annually, it is worth 93.68 euros.

Opera VPN

VPN de Opera

Although it is not the most used web browser, it reveals a notable advantage over others, given that contains an added VPN for its users . Which, it is not an extension but a complete service that can be obtained from the latest version of Opera. So, is compatible with any operating system and among them, is Linux.

Referring to its main characteristics, it is worth noting that it does not present any limits with respect to the speed of navigation and data transfer, this being its main advantage. But, it reveals certain restrictions that are based on that you can only modify your location by choosing between three regions (Europe, America and Asia) so the origin of the servers is not the best.


It’s free . To use the VPN, do the following: Click on the “O” icon in the upper left corner> Click on “Settings”> Select “Privacy and security”> Click on the “Activate VPN” checkbox.


With full compatibility with Linux and most desktop and mobile operating systems, this VPN is a great solution to have more security when surfing the Internet. Thus, among its most interesting features, we find that it is extremely easy to use and has a very attractive interface .

For its part, it allows you to choose the connection you prefer between 35 servers and 27 countries , so it can be estimated as a complete alternative. In addition to this, it is possible to install the VPN directly from your web browser, either Chrome or Firefox and best of all, is that does not keep records of user activity and provides complete anonymity .

It’s a payment solution : Per month, you’ll have to pay around 9.99 euros.