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What are the best VPNs for the United States and to browse with greater privacy? 2022 list

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Privacy has become one of the most important factors for everyone, and that is that private browsing brings with it a lot of advantageyes, especially because you will avoid the risk of being tracked by third parties.

In the case of the United Statesthe use of VPNs It has become very common. And it is that these applications offer you a series of benefits to people who use the network of that country, as well as to Americans leaving the country and they want to continue accessing exclusive websites of his nation.

Notably the United States has more than 800 servers worldwide, that will give you a faster and more secure connection to each of its residents. Bearing this in mind, here we are going to show you which are the best VPNs So you can browse more securely and privately.

What features should a good VPN for the United States have and why should we use one?

In the case of the United States frequently Internet connections are monitored, that is to say, that the North American Government is constantly spying on your activities through the network, all this has forced users to look for a way to be able to increase your security online.

For this it is important to make use of these tools that will help you ensure privacy while browsing the internet. And not only does it help you navigate anonymouslybut also allows you to access all those Websites that the US frequently blocks. In the event that you are outside your country, you can also use it to access those websites that are only available to users with US IPs.

It is important that these programs have some special features so that they can offer a correct and guaranteed service. To do this, they must fulfill the following functions:

Offer security & privacy

In the case of american governmenthas some laws where it is allowed view the electronic communications of its citizens for security purposes for the nation. However, all this has led to its residents not being able to have privacy on the network.

To this end, a large number of applications have been created that are capable of hide internet connections from US citizens. These will prevent you from being monitored by the governmentas well as being an easy target for hackers or cybercriminals. In addition, they avoid detecting the locations of emails that are sent or websites that are visited.

Avoid data retention

Due to the Stored Communications Act, the government has the right to spy and invade your privacy, for this they store each of your conversations and movements within the network. Therefore, it is important that these programs use encrypted to protect each of your dataas well as generate an IP different from a local one, preventing it from being detected.

Stay connected from abroad

In the event that you are abroad, it is important that the VPN that you use be able to stay connected to everyone local websites that can only be open with national IPs. This will allow you to enter your bank accountsa your favorite shows What Scandal, Hulu, Netflixamong many others regardless of the location where you are.

Avoid identity theft

Note that it is not only the local government who can monitor your every move on the internetd, but there are also many cybercriminals who may be accessing your private data and carrying out identity theft. Due to this, it is important to use a program capable of preventing these thefts, especially when using wireless networks.

List of the best 10 virtual private network providers for the United States

Considering the importance of the VPNs, It is important that before using them, we keep in mind that benefits they bring us. This will ensure that we make use of those programs that offer us a safe and reliable service. Especially since today there are a huge number of them, where many of these services are not reliable.

Because of this, here we are going to present a list with the 10 best virtual network providers for the USAso you can start making use of them.


vyrp It is currently considered one of best vpn services in the USAit offers a large number of elements to its users that will help them to have a completely safe and reliable navigation at all times. In addition, it increases your security levels when using wireless networks where the insecurity for the user increases.

In this way, this server will help you to have a anonymous navigation and outside the scope of national laws, thus avoiding that the State can monitor each of your steps. In addition, it offers you one of the fastest connections in the world and with servers in almost every country.


This is another of the software that we will find available today. Unlike many, Nord is not freebut it has a premium version It offers some of the most advanced features on the market. Furthermore, in case of cancel your service and not being satisfied with the results obtained, you can request a refund within 30 days.

In the case that go abroad you can also make use of it to enter those exclusive websites for your country. It also helps you get into all those web portals blocked by the government and this way overcome censorship. a form of power browse privately and without any restrictions and limitations.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield offers two versions for its users, a free one that has a great browsing speed and a great protection encryptionwhile one premium version that offers a large number of tools that will help you enjoy a completely professional service. where will you have protection and privacy at all times, as well as fast navigation.

It also gives you the opportunity to access all those geo-blocked websites from anywhere in the world, you can navigate the way anonymous and use IPs from other countries. The free version has a total of 500MB dailyand is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.


Unlike most of these softwares, in the case of ProtonVPN in its free version it offers unlimited data, which will allow its users to access different websites without any limitations. However, it offers regular speeds that will depend mainly on the server where you are connected.

It also offers multiple servers for what it is torrent download and, in the case of free accounts have limited access to countries that allow P2P file sharing. Regarding its interface, it is very simple to use, it offers very strong security encryption and protocols to make your navigation much safer.


Le VPN is another of the tools that we will find available for The USA, It is also one of the most used today where it offers a large number of ideal functions for improve user experience while using the web.

This is how with her you can have a private browsing from anonymity, enter those geo-blocked websitesprevent identity theft, access programs from other countriesamong many other functions.

It is important to mention that this service is not free, however, offers very affordable prices for most of the public. Also offers torrent file download, does not require a Registration for its operation, it is present in more than 120 countries and it is very simple to use.

VPN Mentor

VPN Mentor is known by most users for its excellence and smooth operation, where it allows each of its members to be able to browse different networks securely and privatelypreventing your data from being tracked by third parties. In addition, it gives you the possibility of entering those sites that are with restricted access in your country.

A way to stay safe and secure while browsing the web. VPN Mentor will help you enter anonymously to all the websites you want, as well as enter web portals of other countries around the world. A very reliable and safe service.


ExpressVPN has become another of the large companies that lends its services for the USA, and today it is still one of the most used by the citizens of that country. It offers you a lot of advanced options that they will help you enjoy the best possible servicehaving ahead the security and privacy of users.

This software has become an excellent tool for protect users from hackers, spies and state surveillance. For this, it offers its users the possibility of browse with another IP that allows them to be out of the reach of third parties. Finally, it is important to mention that it is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.


TunnelBear is another of software available in the United States, it offers its users a very simple and easy-to-use interface. It currently has more than 22 servers in different countries thus offering a great download and browsing speed.

This app is ideal to be able to keep the security of your connections and also keep you in anonymity, preventing some of your personal data from being compromised. Uses a AES 256 bit encryption and ensures that no record is left in the system. However, it only has 500MB daily browsing.


PrivateVPN unlike many other VPNs, it does not offer a free version, but only has one paid version. However, it also offers a refund after 30 days if the client has not been satisfied with the service received the first few weeks. It is currently available in more than 56 countries and it has more than 4000 IP addresses available to its users.

In the same way, it has 100+ servers worldwidethus offering a great data speed and an internet connection from anonymity. In the same way you can access locally restricted sites and enter Exclusive websites from the USA and other countries.

surf shark

To finish this list we are going to present you surfshark, this VPN also has a paid version, But as same as PrivateVPN also offers a system refund in case the user is not satisfied with their service. Is available in more than 60 countries and stands out for its excellent performance, thus offering you security and privacy to each of your clients.

surf shark has 500+ servers all over the world that will help you to enjoy a completely professional and trustworthy. In case you are out of the United Statesyou can access local websites through this program in one anonymouslypreventing any of your data from being detected by the state.


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