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What are the best VPNs for Windows PCs that increase the security of your computer when you browse the Internet? 2022 list

What are the best VPNs for Windows PCs that increase the security of your computer when you browse the Internet? 2020 list

For some time now, companies have connected between their different units through the Internet, this is due to the increasing use of VPN servers. In this way, communication and control costs were significantly reduced.

Choosing a good VPN is not a simple task , so we have to always keep in mind different features so that our integrity and security are supported.

If you need more information on what these characteristics are, you can find them in the following paragraphs of this article. We will also present you with a list of the best computer tools related to the use of VPN.


What should I consider when choosing a VPN server for me Windows computer?

Qué debo tener en cuenta al elegir un servidor VPN para mi ordenador Windows

If we have decided to use VPN, in our computer with Windows operating system, as a computer tool with which, among other things, we can surf in a hidden way through the Internet , we have to keep in mind the following features that we will mention below.

A virtual private network will have to have a control system that cannot be accessed by unauthorized users. In this way we will achieve high confidence in the network, since intruders will not be able to connect remotely to any device belonging to the network, nor will it be able to deconfigure it.

If we take into account the topic mentioned in the previous paragraph, it will be essential that users have to authenticate their identity to be able to enter and the VPN network will have to have the authorization of the same .

You must allow us to hide our public IP and all personal data that will have to be protected so that different websites cannot access them.

Another point to consider when choosing a VPN is that we can share resources with remote computers , that is to say that it gives us the possibility of using hardware that are connected to computers that belong to the network, but far away.

We also have to take into account how our data handles VPN servers , that is, whether or not they share our personal information with third parties. Obviously everyone says they don’t, but there are cases, especially those free, in which such action was demonstrated.

It has to be easily configurable so that when doing this task we don’t make mistakes that can damage our security.

The more servers there are in the world , the better those third-party applications will be. Therefore, a minor issue is to keep this information in mind.

Finally, VPNs will always be better for which we have to pay, since they have continuous updates and other tools that generate important advantages.

Once we have analyzed all the features that a good VPN server has to have for our Windows computer we have to choose those tools that really protect our security.

This is why we will show a list of the best servers below:

It is a recently created VPN and has less than 100 servers, so it has a risk of being overloaded and having a network congestion, this will generate a slow connection.

But if we want to hire this provider that is economical and has high level security features with unlimited bandwidth we can do it quietly, since it is considered ideal for those people who are starting.

No support via chat. For the trial period we have a maximum of 7 free days with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Many are fans of this VPN because outperforms antiVPN software , which many streaming companies have. Its servers are very fast and have a bandwidth that is totally unlimited, so we will never suffer from a bug.

Once we opt for the paid version, we have a free trial period for about three days or a 30-day money-back guarantee.

PureVPN has more than 150 servers that are spread over more than 140 countries, which increase very quickly.

It’s really a very complete VPN, has fast connections and unlimited bandwidth with security protocols that are extremely high to avoid spies. We can try this service for 31 days with a money back guarantee.

It is a very economical VPN and a very fast and simple solution for those problems of any type of blocking we have.

Many know this provider for their really good speeds and unlimited bandwidth. In addition to all this, it also allows us to connect up to 5 devices at the same time, making it highly recommended for a family. For the Pro version, it offers us a 30-day warranty on any plan.

This tool showed the incredible ability it has to break down any geographic blockade we have.

The speed available is acceptable and the bandwidth is unlimited . In its privacy aspects, it does not keep the records of the users it has. In addition to the automatic disconnection function with 256-bit encryption, it does not offer different plans that are secured with a 30-day money back guarantee.


It is a new VPN and it already has a very good reputation. It allows us simultaneous connections to protect our entire family.

It has a function that is mainly characterized, which is a double encryption split tunnel. The disconnection is automatic and allows us to block advertisements as well as prevent viruses.

It currently has more than 1000 servers that are distributed in more than 60 countries, so it ensures fast and secure access.

This has a very large server network , which offers us incredible speed thanks to the location in more than 190 countries, making it a global VPN.

You can give us very complete security thanks to its 256-bit encryption, but as a point against it we can say that it keeps records of the connections. It gives us a 30-day trial period with refund.

It does not keep a record of our actions, it has many servers distributed in more than 30 countries. It’s not very fast with the download of Torrent , but it’s quite acceptable to watch streaming content.

Although it is not very recognized for its customer support, since they usually take a long time to answer questions. The free trial period is 7 days with a full 30-day refund.

You can guarantee us a protocol with very good security and high speed. It is highly optimized so that allows us to have unlimited bandwidth and a remote connection .

Its servers are spread across all continents, but it stands out more in Europe. It is completely free. The confidentiality of our data is ensured with the implementation of this tool.

It is an easy-to-use VPN provider, since with it we will be able to choose our location and put it in the background. These are advantages that will allow us to hide our IP address and browse safely.

It has a considerable advantage when we change the Wi-Fi network in which we are connected, it will stay on and will not be modified.

It has a reliable encryption and does not keep record of the activity of any user. Their prices are quite accessible so there would be no problem in hiring this VPN.

It is excellent for streaming. The main reason we should opt for this VPN is that it allows you to connect to more than 6 devices at the same time so we will be able to share it with colleagues or family.

It has more than 100 servers, which are located in 65 countries. In this way we will be able to connect to almost any country. Security encryption is 256-bit OpenVPN, which is very fast for Torrent download with unlimited bandwidth. We have a 30-day guarantee, but they return our money with any plan.

Radmin-VPN h3>

It’s completely free and has a very easy to use interface . This program will allow us a secure connection between any computer as if we were connected by the same LAN.

It gives us a speed of 100 Mbps with a secure protocol, so the data is kept safe from spies. It is excellent for people who are just starting with VPN. It allows very easy remote access to other devices.

Download Radmin-VPN Windows


We are going to get really fantastic online privacy with this VPN , as it can encrypt our connection when surfing the Internet and also protects us from viruses.

It has a relatively fast speed thanks to the servers it has, which are located in many parts of the planet. One thing worth noting is that you don’t need to register to use this provider.

If we need to hide our IP address and have confidentiality in our data, this is the ideal VPN.

Download Betternet Windows

It’s very easy to use, since with a single click we will be able to access and disconnect . The security you have is very reliable and protects data with 256-bit encryption with leakage blocking, which is perfect for user access and authorization.

It has more than 3000 global servers in more than 50 countries, so it gives us unlimited bandwidth and fast speed. If you do not meet our expectations we will be able to receive a refund in 7 days without this provider asking us questions.

With Private Internet Access we will be able to browse anonymously for a public WiFi network thanks to its end-to-end encryption. Many users recommend this VPN to watch streaming content, in addition to its 5 connections simultaneously from different devices.

It is currently one of the highest speeds and its plans are relatively cheap, they provide us with a 7-day money back guarantee.