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What are the best VPNs to watch content online on IPTV? 2022 list

What are the best VPNs to watch content online on IPTV? 2020 list

It is no secret to anyone that, users have left traditional television aside and currently prefer to access certain online streaming services to enjoy series, TV shows and movies from their computer. Either through Netflix or Hulu , for example.

Basically, these sites are perfect for viewing content on demand whenever you want. In other words, you won’t have to tune them at a certain time to watch your favorite shows. However, does not allow access to traditional live television .

Therefore, if you prefer to watch live sports news and events, for example; You can use IPTV or Internet protocol television , where you will enjoy traditional television content, but directly from the Internet . However, there may be some legal problems with your employment and because of that, it is important to use a VPN to watch IPTV .

Why should I use a VPN to watch series and movies by IPTV?

As we indicated earlier, due to certain failures regarding the use of IPTV, it is considered very valuable to use an optimal VPN to be able to watch movies, series, programs or any transmission from this service without any restrictions.

Thus, among these failures, it is important to highlight that programs, movies on demand and any other type of video with IPTV, may be limited with respect to your location (that is, the country where you are), as well as your type of subscription. So, using a VPN, it will be very useful to access international broadcasts and also enter certain free IPTV .

Added to this, if you’re attracted to cheaper subscriptions with black providers , it’s also very useful to make use of a good VPN for it. Taking into account that, in reality, these providers do not have transmission rights.

However, it should be noted that, in general, VPNs are used to secure connections, legally . In such a way that, although they can be used in a negative way, they are normally used in the right direction.

List of the best 15 VPN services to watch online content via IPTV

As you have already seen, VPN services are essential to view any content online through the IPTV channels and therefore, it is necessary to take into account which are the best VPNs there are for it .

So, here are some alternatives in detail:



If you want to have a specialized VPN server, this solution is ideal for you. Given that, NordVPN encrypts your data when you watch IPTV using the recognized 256-bit protocol , it has special servers to perform P2P downloads and thanks to this, you can download content with torrents. In addition, it contains a function with which you are assigned a unique IP address.

For its part, it should be noted that this VPN handles a non-registration policy and apart from that, it provides a large number of servers because they are more than 5,100 different in more than 60 countries ; with its base in Panama. As for its compatibility, is varied and therefore, you can use it on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, etc.

It is paid : It offers three types of plans and one of them, is the one that is canceled monthly for 11.30 euros. The others are paid semiannually (costs 39.7 euros) and annually (65.30 euros).


Without a doubt, this is one of the most recognized VPNs by Internet users and streamers, thanks to the excellent features it shows. Among them, we emphasize that contains a combination of fast connections , is a software with an interface very easy to use and guarantees a remarkable security. The latter, because includes strong 256-bit encryption and thus, will prevent any third party from accessing your data.

Among other details, it should be noted that also handles a non-registration policy so your personal information will not be shared with any company or organization. Taking into account its greatest advantages, we indicate that it contains more than one thousand servers in 145 locations in 94 countries , and they are all extremely fast. It is a multiplatform program with browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Paid : Costs range from 12.25 euros per month, 56.70 euros every six months and 94.60 euros annually.


In addition to being one of the best VPN today, this service also includes a complete package as security software . Therefore, it provides all the essential features to keep your data and your activity safe while enjoying an IPTV. Starting, because it contains an optimal 256-bit encryption and operates with a non-registration policy.

Also, PureVPN adds anti-virus and anti-malware protection, as well as an antispam filter in order to keep your email inbox free of clutter. Additionally, it offers you a unique IP, a NAT firewall and several options for DDoS protection. It should be noted that this VPN ensures very fast connections to transmit video and therefore, IPTV will not be interrupted at any time. This service covers more than 750 servers in 140 different regions.

It is paid : It offers a special offer of 70.80 euros for a two-year plan. But, if you want to pay monthly, the price is 10.40 euros.


It refers to one of the most recommended VPN alternatives for IPTV users, since provides a high level of security thanks to the use of 256-bit encryption, a policy of no Registration and the possibility of choosing the type of activity you prefer to do. Either browse anonymously on websites (to watch IPTV, this is the best one), torrent anonymously or unlock.

For its part, it is also estimated as an ideal solution for users who use a VPN service for the first time. In view of that, it has a very simple graphical user interface that simplifies the configuration of the type of connection. In reference to its servers, we specify that has a total of 1,300 in 59 countries and is therefore one of the networks with more access. It is also cross platform.

It’s paid : Today, it has a special offer of 2.45 euros per month. Thus, one of the most accessible solutions to use when watching IPTV.


If you prefer to have advanced settings, this is one of the best VPNs to perform them and of course, to watch online content via IPTV safely. Since, it has those essential functions such as 256-bit encryption, a non-registration policy and provides different settings to customize connection security. Like, guarantees the change of your IP address regularly , it has DNS leak protection, etc.

For its part, among its best advantages, we find that it ensures really fast speeds and very fast connection , which is perfect for IPTV users, in order to prevent live broadcasts from being slow down. On the other hand, it is a multiplatform software and has a thousand servers available in around 60 countries worldwide.

It’s paid : Usually, it costs 9 euros. But, in general, it offers certain offers to pay for the service for a full year and with this, you can save much more.


This VPN, despite being one of the most innovative options today, the truth is that it has taken a remarkable boom and is considered the best security solution for families and small businesses, but also to view content on IPTV. Since, offers double encryption and a function called “CleanWeb” that is responsible for blocking advertisements and preventing malware.

It also has a strict policy that focuses on not storing the data of its users on the network. Among other details, it should be noted that it has about 800 servers located in more than 50 countries in the world and provides unlimited connections simultaneously. Also, downloading IPTV, streaming or torrent works very well

It is paid : It has a price of 10.5 euros for each month, approximately.

Windscribe Siendo una de las principales soluciones para todos los clientes de Linux, este VPN cuenta con excelentes características que les permite a los usuarios navegar de forma segura, ya que resguarda la información privada y también protege los dispositivos de cualquier virus o malware con el cortafuegos que tiene incorporado. Tomando en cuenta que, también añade un bloqueador de publicidad. Entre otros detalles, cabe destacar que es posible emplearla en un número ilimitado de ordenadores y portátiles. Sin embargo, únicamente te permitirá cambiar tu IP por otra procedente de 11 ubicaciones diferentes, si usas la versión gratuita. Ahora, si empleas la versión de pago, podrás seleccionar entre 50 países. Es gratuita y de pago: Los planes pagos por mes inician desde los 7.65 euros y si prefieres pagar el plan anual, tendrás que cancelar 3.47 euros y para la licencia completa de dos años, solamente 3.14 euros.

As another effective solution, we highlight this cross-platform software that allows users to navigate safely and, of course, also watch IPTV content with the greatest possible information backup. Taking into account that, apart from that, it has the ability to protect devices from viruses or malware , by using the firewall that has been added and even contains an advertising blocker.

For more details, it should be noted that you can select from 50 different countries , but it will only be possible to change your IP address to 11 different locations, that is, only 11 times. Being this, a limitation that exhibits its free version. But, best of all, it can be used on an unlimited number of computers and laptops.

It’s free and paid : Plans paid per month start from 7.65 euros and if you prefer to pay the annual plan, you will have to cancel 3.47 euros. In addition, for the full two-year license, only 3.14 euros.


Although it is not one of the most famous VPNs at present, it can be estimated as a good alternative to surf with great security on the network and also to enter the IPTV services you want . Taking into account that, it is available for all operating systems used today.

Now, specifying its main features, we indicate that the program has many options to adjust security to your liking, has a considerable number of servers distributed in 20 countries and for that reason, In some cases, it may be difficult to connect quickly.

It’s a free solution .

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android, this VPN service is another of the most optimal alternatives to view online content via IPTV with the highest possible security, thanks to its encryption with AES-256 protocol bits and in addition to that, it has the ability to protect the home router and your mobile devices or computers.

In addition to this, it offers the main OpenVPN, SS TP and IPsec protocols, with which it guarantees the most privacy and in an efficient way, you can unlock all the restricted websites in your area. Additionally, has no bandwidth limit , but exhibits certain data transfer restrictions for users using its free version.

It’s free and paid : While with the free registration you can only connect one device simultaneously, with the premium version you can connect up to five computers at once. Which has a cost per month of 4 euros (Plus version) or 8 euros (Premium version).

Private Internet Access

With more than 3,000 servers available in around 30 countries in the world , this VPN is another of the best solutions for users interested in safely enjoying all online content by IPTV Which, is compatible with PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP / IPSec and even, is available for both Microsoft Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as for Android and iPhone.

For its part, it shows an attractive and easy-to-use user interface. As for its main benefits, it should be noted that it emits a remarkable speed and can be used in up to five devices simultaneously without any restrictions , also does not keep records or any data of its users.

It’s free without extra payment plans .


With its base in Hungary, this VPN ensures long-term anonymity, keeping in mind that it is far removed from the famous Five Eyes. That way, it has a lot of servers hosted in 30 countries , among which you can choose the ones you want and when you want. Best of all, it guarantees excellent bandwidth and the appropriate speed to view online content .

But, as not everything can be perfect, this VPN service reveals certain important disadvantages to keep in mind. Which, mean that saves the IP address records and connection times of all its users ; so, on certain occasions, you may cast some doubts regarding the privacy it issues.

It is paid : In reference to the monthly plan, it has a price of 12.30 euros and if you prefer to pay it for six months, the cost is 56.72 euros. Now, annually, it is worth 93.68 euros.

VPN of the Opera web browser

VPN de Opera

Compared to other web browsers, this reveals a great security advantage to its users. Since, contains a VPN service included to ensure as much privacy as possible . Therefore, you can access IPTV services directly from Opera and make use of this advantage.

It should be noted that, has no limits in terms of the browsing speed it reveals and also with respect to data transfer. Therefore, it is an optimal alternative to enjoy IPTV content without interruption. However, you can only modify your location by choosing between three regions, such as Asia, Europe and America .

It’s free . To use the VPN, perform the following procedure: Click on the “O” icon in the upper left corner> Click on “Settings”> Select “Privacy and security”> Click on the “Activate VPN” checkbox.