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What are the best VPNs to watch Netflix safely and privately? 2021 list

What are the best VPNs to watch Netflix safely and privately? 2020 list

Netflix has become the most famous online television service worldwide, so it already has more than 60 million users . This, mainly, because this platform allows you to select the content you want to see when and where you prefer. In addition, it is not necessary to download content, since these are displayed in real time .

However, depending on your geographic location, you are very likely to find content blocked on Netflix . For which, certain VPN services have been designed that overcome the antiVPN measures that the streaming service handles. That is, Netflix constantly strives to detect and restrict VPNs .

That is why, it is important to make use of the best qualified alternatives for it, so that they allow you to access all the content of said service, protect your privacy and guarantee complete digital freedom. So, below, we detail the best VPNs to watch Netflix without restriction:

Why should I use a private virtual network to watch series and movies on Netflix?

Now, to better understand the utility of private virtual networks or VPNs to fully enjoy Netflix, it is valuable to detail the advantages of greater interest that these services exhibit at the time of watching any series and / or movie hosted on that platform .

Next, we explain the main reasons:

They can release all “geoblocked” content

Many VPNs available today, have the ability to unlock all content that is restricted on Netflix because of your location. Which means that, by making use of a good private virtual network, you can have access to the full catalog of that streaming platform , even if you are not in the United States.

This, thanks to the most optimal VPNs to watch Netflix, manages to deceive their advanced VPN detection measures and with this, they overcome the service crashes. So, just make you think you’re in another country .

Provide higher levels of anonymity

Although, the services that promise to grant you total anonymity are a myth , the truth is that they are responsible for hiding your private information from those who could steal it and harm you with it. That is to say, it offers you a good anonymity in order to not reveal your sensitive data and keep your browsing habits safe, since they also hide your ISP or service provider Internet.

That way, a good VPN will preserve your user rights both within Netflix, as well as on any other website.

Some VPNs manage to improve your Internet connection

In view of the fact that the series and movies you watch from Netflix are enjoyed in real time, it is very important to have an optimal Internet connection to avoid interruptions during the broadcast. So, you must use a VPN that allows you to improve your Internet connection.

Although, in several cases, a private virtual network may slightly affect your Internet speed, could also improve it . This, thanks to the VPNs encrypting your data and consequently, it is very difficult for someone to decrypt and read them, even your ISP. Ensuring a faster and decongested Internet connection .

Taking into account that, you will not suffer any slowdown due to the ISPs that normally slow down connections when they detect that you are watching streaming videos or using a large amount of bandwidth.

List of the best 15 VPNs to watch Netflix securely and private

So, to make sure you watch Netflix series and movies with as much privacy as possible, it is very important to have one of the best VPNs that have been designed for it .

So, below, we announce 15 of the best qualified solutions to unlock restricted content on Netflix and get as much anonymity as possible:


This is one of the best options to choose when you want to browse privately and without restriction on the Internet, but above all within the Netflix platform. Bearing in mind that, it has been cataloged as one of the most optimal services to overcome the antiVPN mechanisms of this streaming platform . Which is a multiplatform program.

It should be noted that, NordVPN is responsible for assigning you a unique IP address to ensure excellent anonymity. Apart from that, it makes use of the recognized 256-bit protocol to encrypt your data, manages a policy based on not saving client records, supports up to six connections simultaneously and provides a large number of servers . Since, there are more than 5,100 in around 60 countries.

It’s paid : It offers three types of plans; one that is canceled monthly for 11.30 euros, the other every six months and is worth 39.7 euros. In addition to the one paid annually, for 65.30 euros.


It refers to another alternative with better features to navigate freely on Netflix and also on any Internet service. Beginning, because it offers a high level of security because uses 256-bit encryption and supports a strict policy of not recording client activity.

It is valuable to highlight that, apart from that, it allows you to choose between three types of activity , depending on what you want to execute on the network. Which are: Browse anonymously on websites, torrent anonymously or unlock content. The first is the one that is most recommended for Netflix users. On the other hand, it is cross-platform and has a total of 1,300 servers distributed in 59 countries .

It is paid : Currently, it has a special offer of 2.45 euros per month. Therefore, it is one of the most accessible solutions to use in conjunction with Netflix.


Basically, these are the most recognized VPNs by streamers, currently. Since, apart from guaranteeing complete protection of your private information and regarding the activity you do on the web, thanks to its strong 256-bit encryption ; it also handles a combination of fast connections . So, it is ideal for watching Netflix movies and series without interruptions for bandwidth.

For its part, it is also appropriate to note that maintains a non-registration policy and with this, avoid sharing your sensitive data with any organization. As well as the other alternatives listed so far, ExpressVPN is cross-platform and even offers browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. It also contains over a thousand servers in 145 locations in approximately 94 countries.

It is paid : Prices fluctuate from 12.25 euros per month, 56.70 euros every six months and 94.60 euros annually.

Hotspot Shield

Today, this is one of the fastest and safest VPN services to surf the web and of course, to freely access Netflix and enjoy all the content you want. Since, Hotspot Shield is responsible for hiding your real IP address and at the same time, safeguard all your activity on the web through military grade encryption.

Among other details, the VPN in question also manages a policy that is based on not storing any type of customer records , is compatible with the vast majority of operating systems currently used and contains more than 2,500 servers that have been distributed in more than 70 countries worldwide.

It is paid : Per month, the price is around 12 euros. But, when paying the full year, each month you can be left at 7.50 euros. It regularly offers discounts.


Available for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS, this private virtual network service has more than 100 servers that are distributed in more than 56 countries and also allows you to use more than 4,000 completely exclusive IP addresses. So, completely hide your real IP address and cheat the Netflix mechanisms that detect certain VPNs.

For its part, it provides truly powerful encryption, known as “2048-bit encryption with AES-256” , which is used even to protect different governments of the world from dangerous hackers . It should be noted that, it allows six connections to be executed at the same time and adds protocols such as OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2 and IPSec .

It is paid : Manage prices ranging from 4 to 7 euros, for each month.


Thanks to its Chameleon technology, this service is capable of overcoming the VPN crashes that Netflix handles and therefore, guarantees fast, secure and reliable streaming . Among other details, VyprVPN contains around 200,000 IP addresses and 700 servers that are distributed in multiple countries worldwide.

For its part, it offers multiple connection protocols and thus, it also contains powerful camouflage systems with which it manages to prevent censorship and location restrictions, both on the Netflix platform and on any web page. . In addition to that, supports up to five simultaneous connections and displays an interface with a minimalist and friendly design

It is paid : You will have to pay around 12.50 euros. Per year, the price is approximately 4.50 euros per month.


It stands out for overcoming geographic blocks and antiVPN function , allowing you to broadcast Netflix United Kingdom and Netflix United States. In addition to this, it makes use of an optimal 256-bit encryption and operates under a policy of not storing any information or data concerning the activity on the network that its clients execute.

Added to this, PureVPN guarantees extremely fast connections for video broadcasts and because of that, it is ideal to enjoy all the series and movies hosted on this streaming platform. On the other hand, it should be noted that it covers more than 750 servers in 140 different regions, adds protection against malware and antivirus, contains an excellent spam filter, etc.

It is paid : It offers a special offer of 70.80 euros for a two-year plan. But, if you want to pay monthly, the price is 10.40 euros.


It has the ability to overcome geographic blocks easily and, therefore, is a great option to unlock and view Netflix catalogs from the United States from its servers in New York and Washington, by Same as from Japan. Taking into account that, is a truly fast solution in reference to its speeds and the limited bandwidth it provides.

In addition to this, StrongVPN offers the possibility of connecting up to five devices simultaneously , in order to make it easier for the whole family to entertain with Netflix or any other website. However, it should be noted that, using this VPN, it is not possible to access the catalogs of the streaming service in the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Canada.

It’s paid : For each month, you’ll have to cancel around 4 euros.


Standing out for its high speeds and limited bandwidth , this alternative of private virtual network is considered one of the most optimal solutions at the moment to access Netflix content and also to enter any streaming site. Since, it offers extremely fast connection speeds for video streaming.

For its part, SaferVPN manages a strict policy of not storing customer records, employs the famous 256-bit encryption , provides automatic protection in WiFi and has an automatic disconnection function . Additionally, it exhibits a simple interface to use and guarantees a quick installation.

It is paid : Generally, the payment per month is approximately 2.25 euros. But it offers several offers to pay for the service for years.


Currently, it is considered one of the most famous and widely used VPN services worldwide. Thanks to that, it has more than a thousand servers that you can select in multiple countries worldwide (around 200). Apart from that, guarantees a completely enviable speed with respect to other similar options and this allows streaming services to present no problem to load the content.

For its part, it exhibits a user interface that is very easy to handle. However, with respect to user privacy and security, it does not provide the best tools. Since this VPN keeps certain user records and as an encryption protocol, it only provides the openVPN.

It’s free .